Listening to Chris Brown's All Back and trying to write hot sex between two guys is way harder than any test I've ever taken.

"Right there," Alec arched his body off the floor. He felt something tickle the stretch of skin over his hip and he laughed. The music was loud enough to chase any coherent and sensible thought from his brain. Everything around him was just one big blur.

Alexander Lightwood woke up with an earsplitting headache that started at the middle of his forehead and traveled all the way to the back. It felt like something you would experience after consuming half your body weight in alcohol, which is exactly what Alec did. He opened his crystal blue eyes and tried not to hiss at the sun, "Shit." He groaned and rubbed his eyes to keep them covered. His skin felt cold against the hardwood flooring of his room. "Wait, I don't have flooring in my room… Why am I even on the floor?" his skin screeched lightly against the polish as he moved to a sitting position. Sheets were tangled up in his legs, half hanging on the bed. Standing up was proving to be a harder task than he had originally thought. When he finally stood up his back knotted fiercely and painfully since his muscles weren't use to sleeping on the floor with no support. He looked at the room he was in and realized that it was his guest room; he also realized that he was completely naked. "What happened last night…" his eyes widened like sauce pans. Thinking back to the night before, Jace had thrown a party at their house. There was music and the whole nine yards. Everybody was invited from their school. Everybody.

"You like that?" the voice spoke in his ear, the whisper almost swallowed by the music.

Alec moaned low and throaty, "Oh, yeah." He felt hot, "Mmm, harder."

He shook his head, unable to remember anything in fine detail, "Why am I naked!" As hard as he was trying to avoid it, his brain raced through every possibility. Of course it touched upon the confusing/horrifying scenario that he had sex, very drunk and probably unprotected sex. He walked less than two feet over to the open door, squinting and peeked into the hallway. Things were tipped over and there was food everywhere. Confetti and glitter coated the floor and the furniture. Typical party aftermath Alec guessed. He stretched his lithe figure against the door frame and groaned at the popping of the joints in his spine.

The pounding in his head increased tenfold causing him to hunch over a little desperately. He stumbled into the hallway, thankful for the darkness and got half way down the hall before he tripped over his own feet and a wave of nausea hit him.

Alec bit the strangers bottom lip, sucking on it lightly. The stranger kissed Alec on the side of his jaw. He felt teeth biting lightly down his neck and hands playing with his belt.

He managed to get to his room, promising to clean up the mess he just made in the hall after he got some clothes on. His legs wouldn't cooperate well with him though, his muscles felt like jelly under his pale skin and the sides of his ass and inner thighs hurt. His hip knocked painfully on the corner of the coffee table giving him a weird sense of déjà vu.

"Ow," said Alec breathlessly, feeling behind himself for the corner of the table had just been backed up into. The stranger had his hands under Alec's shirt at the small of his back.

Alec's mind flashed a quick picture of caramel skin, green eyes, and a husky voice, confusing him.

"You alright?" the stranger asked out of reflex, not really caring about the answer.

Alec nodded and tipped the mixture of vodka and soda he had in a beer bottle to his lips. The stranger in front of him grabbed the bottle and took a big gulp before going to his knees to set the bottle on the floor. Instead of swallowing it and standing up he unbuttoned Alec's jeans and pulled them down along with his boxers. He grabbed Alec's hardened shaft and moved his hand up and down it a couple times before giving him head with a mouth full of alcohol and soda. Alec's fingers found their way into the strangers hair, he tugged lightly. The bubbles felt amazing on his shaft and so did the constant transition between the chill of the alcohol and the heat of the stranger's mouth. The stranger stopped short, much to Alec's dismay and stood up. Before he could protest, the stranger kissed him on the lips, long and hard. Their tongues met and Alec tasted whiskey.

He slumped against his wall not sure what was worse: the naked unknown of last night, or the hangover that resulted from it. He decided it was the earlier. Pain spiked up his back, starting from his tailbone. His phone vibrated from the top of his dresser which from the angle he was at, sitting against his wall, was above him. He inched up the wall and grabbed the phone only to sink back down again. His ass didn't like the contact with the floor but it would have to deal with it. He flipped the phone open, the brightness of the screen made him want to puke so he hit a few buttons, hoping to turn it down.

One new text message(s)


He opened the message and resisted the urge to actually groan in annoyance at his phone screen.

Jace: I just woke up to find out that I Googled the Twilight Breaking dawn trailer. So either drunk me doesn't know I'm straight or sober me doesn't know I'm gay. Reply to this text so that I know you're alive. Bonus if you spell all the words right.

Alec hit the reply button and spent more time than he was use to finding all the right key board keys to lay out his response.

Alec: What do normal people do to handle hangovers? I literally want to eat my own face.

Jace: Did you puke yet?

Alec: Yes.

Jace: Doesn't surprise me since it's your first hangover and all. You were wasted last night. Like, you made me look sober. So, how do you feel other than the hangover?

Alec: I slept on the floor and woke up covered in a blanket of bad decisions. Fill me in on the events of last night before I go throw up in the trashcan of shame. I don't remember anything after… "You have five seconds to down two beers. Go."

Jace: You got drunk after two beers?

Alec: THEY WEREN'T BEERS. They were some other kind of demon alcohol. Why does my ass hurt so much

Jace: Oh yeah, I left after I walked in on you riding a guy's dick.

Alec could hear his own jaw hit the floor. The text stared at him mockingly. He leaned against the dresser, bringing his knees up to his chin. His phone vibrated in his hand again.

Jace: It was weird, I mean you're the older brother and all but it was like walking in on two teachers fucking in a class room or a baby having sex with Jesus.

Alec: No fucking way. No fucking way! I hate you.

Jace: No, you hate you.

Alec: No, I hate you.

Jace: You hate me because that party was so fucking awesome that it was impossible for you to keep up pretending to be straight under all that heat.

Alec: I hate you even more now.

Jace: God, I need to get you drunk way more often. I woke up to three voicemails from you. The first one was just you laughing for three straight minutes and the second one scarred me for life so I deleted it and the third one was you telling me I should wear Church like last year's toga.

Alec: Why did you delete the second one…?

Jace: You dialed me while you were having sex.

Alec: iuytfxcgvhbjiufytdghjk! WHO!

Jace: Who…
Alec: Who. Did. I. Sleep. With?

Jace: Uh, Magnus Bane.

Alec: I had sex with Magnus! Fuck God. He's straight.

Jace: Yeah, way to fuck our neighbor. And no, he's a long time bisexual.

Alec noticed his shades were open. His windows were on the same side of the house that Magnus's room was. He took a deep breath and pushed off the wall and yanked the curtains closed with unnecessary force.

Alec: I can't walk.

Jace: Way too much information. I can't see past Clary's insane red hair to look at the clock.

Alec: Your phone has a clock.

Jace: thanks.

Jace: I think you should text Magnus or call him or limp over there or something so that you can get the rest of your night straightened out. Like, I don't think he was drunk. He doesn't drink.

Alec: I had really slutty drunken sex with my sober male neighbor. Fuck. There is no way I'm going to face him. Ever. I'd rather have sex with a fat woman.

Jace: Oh, I think you did that last night too. You swore she was Adele.

Alec: TELL ME NO MORE. Oh my god. My head, my ass, my liiiiifffeee…

"Tell me what you want me to do," Magnus leaned over Alec, speaking directly in his ear. His hands gripped the fabric of the bedding beside either side of Alec's head. He kissed him slowly, teasing him with his tongue and ran his finger down the front of Alec's chest and down his stomach.

Alec groaned under him and bucked his hips up in rhythm to the roll of Magnus's thrusting. He turned his head and bit lightly on his ear, "Harder."

Alec's breath felt hot on the side of his neck, sending unexpected shivers of lust rolling down his exposed back. As commanded, Magnus thrust into Alec harder than he had before. They started picking up speed and Magnus felt Alec's hands tug on the hairs at the nape of his neck. All of a sudden he stopped his thrusting all together feeling fully content with his shaft buried inside of Alec. On the other hand, having Magnus inside of him and not moving was torture to Alec since he had so much pent up heat and no way to release it all. Magnus started to move out slowly, the tightness mixed with Alec's impatient movements and noises strangely turned him on. He wanted to drag this out as long as he could and enjoy the sight of Alec writhing beneath him. He slammed back in, hilt to tip and cut Alec's cry off with his lips.

Jace: Magnus just texted me, he wants to know if you're alright.

Alec: Tell him I died.

Jace: I told him that you can't find your phone and you want to talk to him and that he should go over to our house to talk to you.

Alec: I hope you get eaten by lions. I hope Clary's father rips off your dick and force feeds it to you. You whore.

Jace: Says you! I haven't seen someone slut around like that since last year's Christmas party where Magnus went home with two girls and woke up with four… and a tranny. At least I had sex with my girlfriend.

Alec: I remember that! That was the day he texted me saying his girlfriend wanted breakfast so he was in the bathroom cooking bacon with her hair straighter. I hate you for not stopping me.

Jace: I tried! I did, and then things started getting gross so I left. Isabelle even tried to stop you but she went in and you guys were already going at it.

Alec: Don't come home. I will end you.

Jace: Good thinking, text me when the cleanup is done. P.S I think you were in a porno last night.

Alec snapped his phone shut and threw it against the floor watching as it bounced lightly off his carpet. He needed to get dressed, if Magnus was going to come over then he needed to be dressed and showered and… coherent. He decided to skip out on breakfast so that if he puked it wouldn't be waffles.

Magnus walked up the steps of Alec's home. The door was still open from last night, slightly ajar. Knowing the door was open the whole night left a slightly unsettling feeling in his stomach. He knocked lightly and grabbed the knob and pushed the door open. The place was a mess, not like the clean and pristine Lightwood house he was use too. He took off his high top worn down sneakers and placed them where he usually did before bounding up the stairs, taking them two at a time. First, he checked the room where he saw Alec last, the guest room. He walked tentatively to the door way and peered around it, seeing no one he walked back down the hall to Alec's room. He mirrored his movements from the guest room and looked cautiously inside. Alec was still very much naked and he was standing near his curtains, texting on his phone. Magnus shot back behind the doorframe he was peeking out from and wracked his brain on the best way to present himself. He heard something thump on the floor, looking over it was Alec's phone. He cussed silently and snuck back downstairs knocking on the side of the wall he called up, "Alec! You alive?"

From upstairs Alec froze in place, "No! I mean yes!" he scrambled around his room for something to throw on. "I legit just woke up, which means I'm still naked. So stay down there."Exasperatedly, he remembered about taking a shower, he was not going to talk to Magnus smelling like vodka and cat piss. "Give me ten minutes. I have to shower. And why the hell is everyone asking if I'm alive?"

"Maybe it's because last night you drank more than any normal drunk person should? You totally gave your liver a beating. I mean, I'm surprised because… you're usually the responsible one."

Alec took a deep breath. Magnus was playing it completely cool, while he on the other hand was having an internal war. For lack of better words, he deadpanned, "We, you… i… us, we. We weren't in a porno right…?"

Magnus's laugh echoed off the walls from the stairwell, "Almost Lightwood, It's a good thing I wasn't drunk or we would've been."

Alec went to the bathroom and slammed the door shut, not out of anger but to let Magnus know he was getting in and wouldn't be able to talk. The steam helped to clear his thoughts but did nothing for his hangover. After he was done cleaning himself he realized how dirty he actually had been. The hard part was figuring out how he was going to talk to Magnus about this and what he was going to say. Alec came to the conclusion that since Magnus has known him for so long and has been over the house countless times to just hang out that he'll tell Alec about last night straight out, no matter how embarrassing it is. Thinking it over now, he wasn't so sure that this was a good thing. He stepped out of the shower and dried himself down and opened the door listening for Magnus down stairs. Alec noticed his own movements were stiff so he tried the best he could to cover up the soreness between his legs. "Jesus Christ, losing your virginity shouldn't be this painful," he said aloud.

Magnus's voice from downstairs startled him, he sounded like he was talking on the phone.

"No, Jace, it could've been worse." He heard Magnus say and rolled his eyes, running the towel through his hair quickly. "Yeah, one time I went to throw my girlfriend on the bed and threw her straight into my bike." Alec couldn't help laughing at that. He threw on some boxers and a tee shirt and kicked around the random stuff on his floor to find pants. He could still hear Magnus on the phone downstairs with his adopted brother on the other line. "Should I tell him that he announced to every one that instead of shaving he was going to start straightening and braiding his pubes or should I leave that part out?" Hearing this, Alec slammed his dresser drawer shut, pulling on a pair of jeans. He heard Magnus say a hurried goodbye and hang up the phone. "I'm coming up there, be not naked." He called up the stairs and loudly stomped up them.

Alec sat down on the edge of his bed and Magnus sat on the floor. The silence that followed was really awkward in Alec's opinion but knowing Magnus, the other boy probably thought it was no big deal. "So," he began. "Lay it on me."

"I already did." Magnus burst out laughing at his own joke. "Just kidding, that was bad. Well, we may or may not have had really hot sex last night," he bit his thumbnail.

"Judging by the soreness of my ass, we did."

Magnus almost laughed, "I was just about to ask if you were sore."… "I'd apologize for slamming you so hard but I'm not sorry."

"Shush! Don't, just like… don't speak."

"I thought you wanted to know the details of last night?"

"I do and I don't."

"Do you do this to all of your one night stands? Indecisively ask them to tell you exactly what happened in bed? Because most people just call it a good night whether they remember it or not."

"All my one night stands?" Alec scoffed, crossing his arms over his chest which did good things for his biceps. "Uh, you're the only one buddy."

"I am? You mean you haven't had sex since you lost your virginity to that girl... what's her face?"

"I never lost my virginity to any girl. You just assumed I had sex with her."

Magnus moved around on Alec's carpet, sliding his socked foot across it. "So, you're a virgin…?"

"Was. Past tense. I was a virgin."

Magnus pondered the thought, "I… don't think I would've done what I did with you last night if I had known that. Or at least, I would've been a little gentler."

"So we had sex."

"Hot sex."

Alec rolled his eyes and tried to fight down his blush, "Why didn't you stop me? You weren't even drunk!" he threw his arms in the air. "Did I do anything else embarrassing?"

"I didn't stop you because I didn't want to. Although, in the back of my mind I knew I should've. Do you really want to know that?"

"No, I really don't but I feel like I have to. Like, did I do anything that sober me would regret?"

"Well, you nailed a chicken wing to your basement door but I'm not sure you would regret that…" when he laughed his Adam's apple bobbed up and down. His black hair a messy crown atop his head had flecks of glitter in it. Alec figured they were from last night and he couldn't get them out in the shower.


Magnus inched forward, "So, we had sex. It's not a big deal and it's not the end of the world. Don't stress out about it too much. It'll give you wrinkles."

Alec got off his bed and sat down in front of Magnus Indian style with his legs folded under him. He took a deep breath, uncertainty in his eyes. "Well, it's kind of a big deal to me. I guess, I just, -uh, I don't know. This is just weird for me. You're my neighbor; I've known you since forever. I wish I could remember. This is why I don't get drunk!"

Magnus creased his brow, half out of not knowing what to say and half out of sympathy. "Maybe there's a way to kick start your memory – though I doubt it'll work…" in one swift movement he closed the space between him and Alec and planted a kiss right on the other boy's lips.

Startled, Alec flinched breaking the brief kiss, "Uh, that didn't do anything."

"That's because you didn't give it enough time." Magnus rolled his green eyes. "Come here." He leaned over and place one of his hands at Alec's jaw and the other supported his weight on the carpet. This time the kiss was slower almost measured. Knowing what was coming, Alec didn't flinch away. Instead he closed his eyes and went with what was happening.

He felt Magnus move closer; their small kisses were gradually gaining force. "This isn't working," Alec hummed against Magnus's lips.

Magnus's kisses strayed from Alec's lips to the side of his mouth, then to his jaw where Magnus lightly bit down on the skin. "Who's to say we won't trigger something eventually?"

Alec moved his face away from Magnus to look him straight in the eye. His face was probably red. Magnus's eyes glimmered under the light making him look like a mischievous teenager. He blinked slowly, his hand still on Alec's neck holding him close. Alec didn't know what pushed him to kiss Magnus in that instant but he guessed it was the same thing that pushed him to have sex with him the other night. He flicked his tongue out and licked Magnus's bottom lip.