Magnus lay in the bed, feeling completely satisfied with himself. If only Alec could remember what happened the night before.

Magnus made a pleased noise in the back of his throat, feeling Alec's fingers knot themselves in his hair. The music pounded through the dark room, it was like a scene you'd find in a nightclub with people grinding on each other and drinking. He hooked his finders in Alec's belt loops and used them as leverage to pull the Lightwood closer to him. They stood chest to chest and toe to toe, Alec swayed on his feet lightly mainly from the alcohol and a little from the music. Magnus smirked, Alec's blue liquid-fire eyes matched his fearless expression.

"What are you smiling at?" Alec leaned forward and kissed him.

The aura in the room was intoxicating, there were way too many people crammed into one space to be comfortable causing the over temperature and lust factor of the room to skyrocket. No one seemed to care though.

"Nothing," Magnus went to kiss him back, his lips brushed lightly across Alec's before moving just out of reach. He looked into Alec's eyes never breaking contact before pushing him backwards lightly until the back of his shins hit the couch. He pushed Alec onto the leather sofa and got on top him. Magnus's smirk returned, "Well, what do we have here?" he reached down between Alec's thighs and groped his hard on through his jeans.

Magnus leaned forward and kissed him and slid his hand under the hem of Alec's shirt. He nipped at Alec's jaw line and down the side of his neck. When Alec moaned Magnus could feel the vibrations from his vocal chords under his lips. Alec bucked his hips upward causing a dull shiver of pleasure in both of them so in return Magnus ground his own hips down too, harder than Alec had. Alec tugged on Magnus's hair getting the boy to look at him before Magnus attacked Alec's collar bone with his mouth, sucking and biting eventually leaving the skin red with irritation.

Alec groaned, the fabric of his jeans rubbed against his hard-on sending waves of heat to his nerves. He rocked his hips against Magnus and felt that he was hard too. The music and the heat was getting to him, he decided that he and Magnus were wearing too many clothes and he needed a release. He pushed Magnus up off of him so that they were both at a sitting position and pulled Magnus by his shirt collar towards him so that their lips met in a sloppy kiss, "We should go somewhere else." His speech slurred.

Magnus took a moment trying to figure out what Alec said over the music. He leaned in close and put his mouth right by Alec's ear and said, "You're drunk."

"No I'm not!" Alec protested, being careful to pronounce his words like a sober person. "Jace always acts trashy, so why can't I?"

"Because, you'll regret it in the morning! Believe me, I know you will!"

"No," Alec dragged the syllable out. "I promise!" he bit down on Magnus's lobe.

They were up and moving towards the hallway. Magnus pushed away all logic from his mind and downed two shots to ease his nerves. The alcohol stung its way down his throat, whatever he had drunk it was strong. Alec grabbed him by his jacket and kissed him shoving his tongue in. Magnus knew Alec was being sloppy and he didn't really mind, adding his own tongue to the dance. The feeling of Alec biting his bottom lip and sucking on it lightly went straight to his groin. His pants were almost unbearably tight. Alec's hands were at the small of his back, under his jacket and under his shirt. Gripping his hip bones to grind himself against Magnus. Their kissing picked up the pace, Magnus grunted into Alec's mouth feeling his back hit the wall. He ran his hands down the front of Alec's tee shirt feeling the outline of his abdominal muscles through the thin fabric. It really turned him on. Alec wasn't an obviously muscular guy and he never wore tight clothing but Magnus had seen him with his shirt off once when they were sixteen and if it was hot then, then it'll be twice as hot now.

Alec looked up at Magnus through his thick black lashes and started walking backwards, his eyes never leaving Magnus's as he led him through the crowd until they reached a closed door. He worked a hickey onto the base of Magnus's neck. He opened the door and they stumbled in the room together. Magnus shed his jacket and tossed it to the side. He ripped off his shoes while Alec took off his shirt, having already been barefoot to begin with since he felt no need to wear shoes- after all it's his house. When their bodies clashed again in the dark room there was no more going slow, just rushed kisses and groping. Alec's eager hands trailed up and down Magnus's back, his cold fingertips heating up immediately.

"Put your hands up," Alec lifted Magnus's shirt up and off.

He licked and bit Magnus's skin on his chest before moving to his lightly toned stomach. Subtly they were moving towards the bed and when they were close enough Alec pushed Magnus's shoulders so that he fell back onto the covers. Alec continued where he left off at Magnus's navel. He could feel the heat radiating off of Magnus wherever his fingertips brushed. He unbuckled his belt and then his pants, sparing a second to look up at Magnus and to see the other boy's eyes clouded over with lust. Magnus kicked his pants off, groaning at the weight finally off his straining cock which was still held back by his boxer briefs. Alec touched Magnus through his underwear and tugged on his sensitive balls. Magnus hissed and arched lightly off the bed. His cock twitched, aching for release under Alec's teasing touch. Alec added his mouth and licked him through his briefs getting them wet. Magnus dug the side of his face into the mattress, biting back a moan. He needed his underwear to be gone so that Alec could take him in full on.

"Blow me," he groaned.

Alec paused with the tip of his tongue tracing the outline of Magnus's cock through his underwear. He reached up and pulled the other boy's underwear off. Magnus lifted his hips from the bed so that Alec could get his underwear fully off. His cock sprung free from its confines and Alec wrapped his hands around the shaft. He began pumping it up and down and it didn't take long for him to add his tongue. Magnus closed his eyes and swore, threading his fingers through Alec's hair. He moaned through his teeth when Alec finally went down on him taking him in until Magnus felt his head hit the back of Alec's throat. He was delightfully surprised at how good Alec's blow job skills were. Hell, he hadn't even known the kid was gay although he had his suspicions, like everyone else. Since Alec himself never confirmed if he was gay or not nobody knew or really cared yet here he was drunk and deep throating his neighbor in his guest room.

"That feels so good."

Alec hummed a reply and laughed, the vibrations from his vocal chords on his hard cock sent waves of pleasure through Magnus. His hands he urged Alec to take him in deeper and so did his hips that thrust up off the bed. Alec put his hands on Magnus's hips, pressing them back down into the bed to keep him still. He worked his tongue along the tip of his cock and down the sides of it and kept his hand at the base twisting upward in a cork-screw motion following his lips. He moved slowly at first until Magnus was moaning for him to go a little faster and to take him deeper.

Alec let go of Magnus's hips which immediately resulted in Magnus thrusting up into Alec's mouth repeatedly until he felt himself hit the back of Alec's throat. Alec took Magnus out of his mouth and ran his tongue along the underside of his cock from base to tip. Then he crawled on top of Magnus and kissed him long and hard.

Magnus's hands went for Alec's belt which was digging into his navel painfully. He kissed Alec back and yanked his pants down, boxers and all. Alec stood and kicked his pants off his ankles. His belt clanked on the hardwood floor loudly. He ran his hand through the front of his black hair causing it to stick up a little. Magnus used his elbows to support him. He lusted for the boy in front of him, currently naked and sweaty standing at the foot of the bed with slightly red cheeks and a head full of "I just got laid" hair. Nothing else mattered. He let his eyes drink up the scene. He leaned up further so that his hands now supported him and met Alec half way as he was moving to crawl back on top of him. He cupped the side of Alec's face with his hands and looked in his eyes. He didn't seem to be as drunk as he was when they had started making out which was a good thing. Magnus kissed him and rolled him over so that they were in a new position. Alec was on the bottom on his back and Magnus was on top of him. Their chests were pressed together. Magnus put his elbows on either side of Alec's head and buried his face in the crook of his neck. Alec bent his legs at Magnus's side. He seemed impatient and he would lift his hips up and grind himself on Magnus who would groan in his ear and return the grind. Alec bit the bottom of Magnus's ear urging him to do something.

"Shit," Magnus groaned against his neck, "Lube."

"Huh?" was Alec's only response before hooking his leg around Magnus's back.

'Guess he's drunker than I thought.' Magnus pushed himself up and looked around the room for anything he could use as lubrication.

Just then the door burst open revealing Jace, "Hey Mag, have you seen Al- holy shit." He flew around, already scarred by the scene in front of him. Behind him Isabelle gasped.

"If you're looking for Alec, he's here." Magnus pointed.

Jace made a bunch of immature noises of disgust only because it is generally disturbing when you walk in on your brother having sex.

"Oh my god, are you guys having sex? Holy shit!" Isabelle screeched. "Go Alec!" she laughed. "Wait, Magnus, is he drunk?"

Magnus looked down at Alec who was surprisingly not grinding up against him like some animal in heat. "Yeah he is."

Isabelle gave Magnus a look of worry.

"Hey, I tried to talk him out of it. He swears he's sober."

Jace turned to leave. "This is way too weird. Fuck, this is weird. I'm scarred."

Magnus called after him, "I need lube!"

"I'm not going to give you lube so you can fuck my brother!"


"Fine, be right back." She turned around and left leaving the door open. When she came back she tossed Magnus a bottle of lubricant. "I took this out of Jace's room." Without another word she closed the door and left.

"Okay Alec," he uncapped the lube, Alec's legs already on either side of him. "This is your last chance to back o-"

Alec kissed him on the mouth, cutting off the rest of his sentence. He rolled his hips up against Magnus rubbing their cocks together. Magnus groaned and took that as a positive sign that he could continue. He shivered against Alec; the lube was cold on his skin. He positioned himself at Alec's entrance and started to push in. To him, Alec felt unbelievably tight he leaned down and bit lightly along Alec's jaw line enjoying the reaction he was getting.
Alec moaned loudly. The feeling of Magnus slowly push himself inside him was too much to bear. He needed friction and he needed it now. He carelessly threw his arms over Magnus's shoulders and experimentally rolled his hips up. He arched his back, not really knowing if what he was feeling was pain or pleasure. Magnus buried his entire shaft inside Alec and kissed him. He started moving; ever so slightly he would move his hips back and forth. Alec's breathing picked up and when Magnus pulled out halfway and thrust back in, he dug his nails into Magnus's back and moaned.

"Ah, fuck!" Alec rolled his hips up wanting more.

Magnus hooked Alec's legs on his forearms and slammed into him. Alec's startled yelp was muffled by Magnus kissing him. He thrust in and out of Alec hard and fast. The heat in the room became suffocating.

Magnus leaned down and bit Alec's jaw, "Touch yourself."

Alec moaned and reached down in between them to touch his own dick that was sandwiched between his and Magnus's abdomens. He swore and squeezed his eyes shut, "Right there." Magnus grunted and pulled all the way out then slamming all the way back in. Alec's fingers found their way to Magnus's hair and pulled. He pulled out again and this time told Alec to get on all fours. Magnus pushed in again and groaned into the back of Alec's neck. He picked up where he left off and started steadily thrusting in and out. Alec could feel every movement Magnus made. He felt every break in their rhythm and his body responded too it. Every time Magnus took his dick out an extra inch or sped up the littlest bit, Alec felt it. Magnus grabbed Alec by his hair and attacked his neck with kisses and bites.

Alec felt Magnus getting sloppy with his rhythm and he too felt the heat swell up inside of him. "Magnus, I, " he moaned.

Magnus cursed feeling Alec tighten around him. He lifted his hips back and thrust them back in. He grabbed Alec's hips and brought the boy back on his cock, meeting his thrusts half way. Alec dug his hands into the pillow case in front of him and groaned out Magnus's name. He arched his back and Magnus lifted him by his shoulders so that he was in a sitting position with Magnus still in him. He kissed Alec long and slow sensing his own release coming on. When Alec came he arched his back off of Magnus's stomach and threw his head back. Magnus grabbed his shoulders and thrust up into him feeling Alec's lower abdominal muscles contract on his dick. He groaned into Alec's neck and resisted the urge to bite down on Alec's hot skin. When he came he pushed Alec forcefully onto his stomach and rammed into him.

When it was all done Magnus rolled off of Alec, both breathing heavily.

'Fuck, that actually just happened.' Magnus thought to himself, wondering idly if his dick was going to be sore in the morning.

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