Seating arrangements always find a way to screw things up. Or maybe it was the lack of a seating arrangement that caused things to get confusing. Whatever, the seating placements, that may or may not of existed, probably wouldn't have made a difference in the American's behavior.

But the seating arrangements, that may or may not of existed, might have played a role in the Russian's behavior. If the Russian wasn't sitting by the younger nation, in the conference, then the American might have grabbed a different hand. Like the Japanese man's hand or the English man's hand.

It wasn't unfortunate that America grabbed Russia's hand. It was just…well as unexpected as a finding a coin of foreign currency in a Wal-Mart parking lot. It just completely caught the older nation by surprise.

It's not like its normal for your rival to suddenly grab your hand. Sure, the conference was observing some security footage from a ghost sighting, not too far away from the conference location. Sure, the rest of the room was a dark as the bottomless pit in Carlsbad. And sure, the volume was turned to "murder the eardrums" mode. But those three reasons didn't seem like enough for America to suddenly grab his hand.

Okay, maybe Russia just didn't know his rival as well as he thought he did. And maybe he didn't know himself as well as he thought he did. The Russian really wasn't sure why he kept holding the hand of his rival.

He really could have just pulled his hand away. That was his first instinct. But something about the younger nation needing comfort stopped that first instinct from happening. And that something just left the older nation as confused as a he would be if he were pondering the meaning of life.

Maybe Russia should just pull his hand away. The longer he held it the more confused he got. He was already so confused that he couldn't process what was happening in the security footage. Why were they watching security footage anyway?

Russia should probably just pull his hand away. If Japan found the security footage important enough to be observed during a world meeting, then it was probably important for him to actually watch the footage. Instead of pondering why he was still letting America hold his hand.

Seriously, why is still letting the younger nation hold his hand? Why is this security footage so long? Whose bright idea was to set the volume to "death by loud noise" mode? Why was he seated next to his rival in the first place? And why does he feel the need to give America's hand a comforting squeeze?

The dark and the "I'll love to be deaf" volume have to be screwing with his brain. You don't just let your enemy hold your hand for comfort. And you don't even consider giving your enemy's hand a comforting squeeze. You're enemies you don't think of or do things like that. You pull your hand away, call your enemy a sissy, and make fun of them for not being able to handle some ghost sighting footage. You don't keep holding your damn enemy's hand.

So why can't the Russian just pull his hand away from his American rival? Did he feel something for the…

The lights in the conference room went back on, and Japan turned off the security footage. And then the conference room erupted with wasteful conversation, like it always does.

"It was all a hoax."

"I thought it looked pretty real."

"Where, actually, was this footage taken from?"

"It came from a surveillance camera in-"

"Why did we watch that?"

"That's thirty minutes of my life, I'll never getting back."

"It's not like this meeting needed you to attend."

"My boss wants us to discuss-"

"I want lunch."

"Do you still have the flash drive I let you borrow?"

"Can somebody please open a window?"

"Liet, put your jealous face on. Cause I'm about to blow your mind!"

Yeah, it probably didn't matter if Russia actually paid close attention to the security footage. The others, obviously, weren't going to stay focused enough to actually have a professional discussion about the footage. They were already letting their conversations drift off into unimportant topics, like lunch and something about ponies. The security footage had already became a thing of the past, and soon everybody will forget that they watched it.

Well, almost everybody. Even though the lights were back on, and the footage was turned off, the American was still clinging the Russian's hand, like a little girl going shopping with her mother. Why didn't Russia just let go of his hand?

Maybe it was because the lights now allowed the older nation to see the look on the younger nation's face. America just kept staring at the blank television, with this strange terrified expression. It was almost like he was waiting for the footage to magically turn back on.

"May I please have my hand back?" the Russian asked the American. Russia was unsure why he asked permission to pull his hand away, and why he didn't really want to let go of America's hand.

"Oh... sorry," the American mumbled, after a pause, staring at the blank television.

Before Russia could point out to America that he was still holding his hand, England stood up. "Well, I think we can all conclude that this meeting was just another bloody, pointless, waste of time."

After England left everybody else left. Continuing their pointless conversations about guns and ponies as they walked out of the room. This left the Russian alone in the room with the American. Why didn't he just leave with everybody else?

"You know that the television is turned off, right?" the Russian asked as the American kept staring at the blank screen.

"Yeah… but I'm not letting my guard down," the American mumbled still staring at the blank screen. "They would… expect that."

"Who are they?"


The Russian man almost laughed. "You actually thought that footage was real?"

"It was real." The younger nation sounded dead serious.

"So are these 'ghosts' going to come out of the television?" Russia asked mockingly.

"Can they do that? Like in 'Poltergeist' where the chick comes out of the TV?" America asked letting go of Russia's hand in panic. "Shit, I got a 42-inch 3D TV at home!"

Russia had to bite back his laughter. "Sure."

"Oh my gosh! I let my house turn into deathtrap without realizing it! I should have gotten a smaller TV! Ghost could be playing poker and munching on Tony's flesh as we speak!"

Wow, the American gets really gullible when he's terrified. This gave the Russian an idea. "I don't think ghosts would do that."

"Why is that?"

"Ghosts have rather large stomachs, your alien friend wouldn't be enough to feed their appetite. They would come after you, and eat you, before they played poker."

The younger nation grabbed his hand again. "I'm too young to die! Why can't Tony be fat? I should have fed him more Oreos!"

"That still wouldn't have been enough," the older nation stated, trying not to laugh at how easy this was.

"What do I do? I can't go home and be eaten alive by ghosts! I'm going to have to stay at Japan's place for awhile."

"The security footage came from Japan."

"Damn, you're right. Japan's house is infested with demons! Oh god, I guess I'm going to have to stay at Canada's place instead."

Who's Canada? Isn't he the lookalike that lives north of America? Yeah, that's him. "That doesn't put much distance between you and the ghosts."

"Shit, I guess I'm going to crash on England's couch for awhile."

"Isn't France staying at England's for the weekend?"

"Yeah, so?"

"It isn't polite to invite yourself over, when England already has a guest over."

"But there's freaking ghosts at my house! When ghosts are involved the laws of politeness don't exist!"

Where did he get these theories? And did the American even know the meaning of the word polite? "You could always stay at my place."

"Why would I do that? You're a commie bastard." America sounded completely disgusted by the idea.

"The Cold War is over. And I just thought you would enjoy going to my house for comfort."

"Why would you think something like that?"

The Russian smiled. "You're holding my hand for comfort, right now."

"I'm…" The younger nation looked down and realized that he was, in fact, holding the older nation's hand. "Shit."

"You're still holding my hand."

"No, you're holding my hand."

"Then why don't you just let go?"

"I…" America looked down at his hand then looked right back up.


"I… don't really want…"

"I can't really understand you when you're mumbling. Do speak up."

"It's not because I like holding your stupid communist hand!"

Russia smiled. "If you don't like holding my hand, then why are you still holding it?"

"You're holding my hand!"

"Then why haven't you pulled your hand away?"

"I… uh… Shut up!"

"You still haven't pulled you hand away."

"I said shut up."

"Do you enjoy holding my hand?"

"I'm not answering that."

"So, you do enjoy holding my hand?"

"I'm not talking to you."

"Is that why you're still holding my hand?"

"Still not talking to you."

"You know you could always let go of my hand."

The American turned to face the Russian. "No."

"I thought you weren't talking to me." Russia laughed.

"I'm not. You're talking to me." The American turned back to face the blank TV.

"You're talking to me right now."

"No. You're just talking to me."

"And you're responding back, therefore you're talking to me."

"Shut up."

Although it was amusing to argue with the younger nation, it wasn't getting the older nation anywhere. Russia pulled his hand away.

This caused America to grab his hand right back. "I thought you weren't holding my hand."

"I'm not. You're just holding my hand."

"You grabbed my hand back, right after I pulled it away from you."

The American blushed. "Uh…"

"Is it the 'ghosts' that are scaring you?" Maybe the Russian teased him too far earlier.

"I'm the hero, and the hero isn't afraid of anything."

"Then may I have my hand back? Since you're not afraid of anything."


Russia turned his head to look at the clock. Goodness, he's been holding the hand of his formal rival for a longer time than he thought. "America, I would like to go home. May I please have my hand back?"


"I'm sorry, but I have to go home," the older nation said standing up and letting go of the younger nation's hand. The American stayed seated and grabbed the Russian's hand again. "America, unless you want to go home with me, you better let go of my hand."

The younger nation stood up. "Okay."

"You're still holding my hand."

"I want to go to your house."

The older nation couldn't believe it. "Really?"

"Its only because my house is infested with ghosts!"


"And if you tell anybody that I let you hold my hand, I'll kill you."

Russia smiled. Things between them haven't changed much, but his plan was working. "As long as you don't tell anybody that we cuddled."

The tease made the American blush. "We didn't… That's not going to happen!"

"I was joking with you, and your face is turning a lovely shade of red."

"Stupid commie bastard!"

Russia smiled. It's going to take awhile to crack his rival's hard shell. But, on the bright side, he was making some progress.


Well, I don't know if this is going to be an oneshot, or if I'm going to actually commit to this and make a chapter story.

Please point out any dyslexic mistakes.