America frowned. "That's just stupid."

"Well we need a hotel room for the night, and I don't think that the employees just hand out keycards to-"

"Yeah, but do we seriously have to come across as lovers?" the younger nation asked cutting the older nation off. "I mean seriously you have to be joking. Nobody not even a demon will believe that someone this awesome would settle down with somebody not as awesome. Hell, nobody would believe that somebody like me would settle down at all."

Russia gave a small laugh. "I think some people would find it believable. Didn't your people believe that hiding under a desk would protect them during a-"

"Dude, don't make a stab at the desk logic! Everybody knows that hiding under a desk will protect you in the most dangerous of situations!"

"Whatever." The Russian rolled his eyes then continued with his teasing. "The point is there is stupid people in this world. And these people would easily believe that someone like you would feel comfort settling down with somebody like me."

"Those stupid people are just stupid," the American spat clearly not picking up the tease. "Dude, be realistic. Can't we just pretend that I'm out of my mind with a wondering problem, and can't be left alone? I'm sure that would come across as more believable."

"I really don't think so," the older nation said continuing his tease. "You really don't seem like the out of mind type-"

"Bull crap! That Rufus freak and his friend freak already think I'm out of my mind. Just let me continue playing the roll that I'm out of my mind-"

"Alfred, you weren't playing the roll you really are out of your mind-"

"Then let me continue being out of my mind! I'm seriously really good at it. Oh, and don't call me Alfred," the younger nation said.

"I don't believe that you have a talent for acting, Alfred," Russia stated.

"I do too! And stop calling me Alfred! You haven't earned the right to call me that."

The Russian sighed. "Oh yeah that's right, I have to be considered one of your friends-"


"But you did kiss me in front of some witnesses, so I guess that makes me more than a friend-"

"For the last time I was tricked!"

"Yeah, yeah, sure you were-"

"Do you want me to repeat that tongue twister?"

"Not really-"

"Then let me come across as a person who's out of their mind!"

The older nation playfully sighed. "Okay, okay, you can still be to be out of your mind. Because I'm positive that you never really needed to pretend that you were out of your mind-"


"However, you must refer to me as Ivan. No calling me Russia. Humans aren't supposed to know-"

"But calling you Russia is part of my out of my mind cover!"

"Not anymore."


"Do you want a hotel room or not?"

The younger nation huffed. "I want a hotel room."

"Then stop calling me Russia and call me Ivan."

"What if I don't?"

"Then I'll tell Rufus and Wesley and anybody else we run into that we're lovers."

America crossed his arms in disappointment. "Fine... Braginski."

Russia sighed and opened the door that lend to the hallway. "I guess that's close enough for now, Alfred."

"You still can't call me that," the American restated following the Russian into the hallway.

"Whatever you say, Alfred. Just be sure to come across as out of your mind."

"Dude, you are totally going to be unprepared for my awesome performance."

Rufus's boss approached them before the older nation could say anything else to the younger nation.

"Is there anything else you guys need help with before-"

"Yo y mi novio no necesitamos ayudar," America told Rufus's boss in Spanish cutting him off.

Rufus's boss blinked not understanding any of this. "Uh..."

Russia also blinked. "He said that we don't need anymore help. Thank you goodbye."

"Are you sure?"

"Positive," the Russian quickly answered before the American could say anything else incorrect in Spanish. "I just need a moment to speak with Alfred-"

"No es mi nombre!"

"Didn't you guys just have a moment to speak-"

"Well I need another moment," the older nation said rudely cutting Rufus's boss off. "Please disappear."

"Okay..." Rufus's boss frowned but walked off as instructed to.

"Adios!" America waved goodbye watching Rufus's boss disappear into another hallway. "Dude, wasn't my performance just awesome?"

"No. I thought you were going to continue with the ghost are after me performance; because you made it really clear that you don't want us pretending that we're lovers. What the hell are you thinking calling me your-"

"I bet you didn't know that I could speak Spanish," the younger nation said cutting him off.

"Do you have any idea what you just said?"

"Yeah, I told the boss man that we didn't need anymore help," the American said smiling. "Wasn't I great? Mexico's been teaching me the language. Well not really teaching me. Me and Mexico just have been hanging out more, and I started picking up the language."

The Russian shook his head. "You called me your boyfriend-"

America laughed. "No I didn't. You totally must have misheard."

"The word novio means boyfriend-"

"No it means enemy," the young nation corrected. "I picked that word up all on my own-"

"Oh dear-"

"Why are you 'oh dearing'? The word novio totally means enemy. I picked that word up when Mexico would introduce me to her friends in Center America. You know those countries that have really good coffee."

The older nation shook his head. "Enemy es enemigo in Spanish."

"No its totally novio," the American corrected. "And if a really big enemy you use the word esposo."

"I'm glad you didn't call me a esposo-"

"Yeah, you may be a jerk, but you ain't all that bad-"

The Russian looked up at the ceiling. "You know the word esposo means husband in Spanish-"

America chuckled. "You're really silly." He took out his Blackberry. "I'm going to prove ya wrong with my buddy Google Translate."

"Hey what happened to your iPhone?"

"The demons on the plane ate it," the younger nation said as if he was discussing the weather. "Okay, Google Translate open..." he mumbled as he typed. "What the hell Mexico?"

"I take if you realized why you shouldn't speak Spanish," the older nation said.

"I can't believe that Mexico's been-"

"Yeah, yeah, you learn from your mistakes. Let's just go get a hotel room, and stop trying to speak in Spanish. You're clearly not very good at it."


I think I'm going to turn this story into more of a bromance. The whole love story thing isn't really working, because I can't get myself to buy it.

Anyway, I'm back from Costa Rica. Oh, and I went to Mexico. So I'm back from Mexico too. If anybody wants info on Costa Rica I'll send you a list I wrote.

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