Hi this is my first fanfic ever, so please go easy on me. I've never been a great writer, but this little "plot bunny" as I've heard them called, has been driving me crazy. So I present this to you, people of the internet that are also obsessed with Danny Phantom. I hope you enjoy!

This is from Danny's POV ok?

Also, Disclaimer! I do not own Danny Phantom, nor can I contact Mr. Hartman. So this is made from my imagination, computer, and of course his characters!


Chapter 1

I ran through the hallways not caring just how late I was this time, I just needed to get… somewhere… anywhere really, this just seemed to be the best option of someplace to go. Usually I dreaded this place not unlike any normal teenager. But at the moment school sounded good if it meant I could get to Sam and Tucker.

I wasn't really sure who else I could go to, and I didn't have much time. I certainly wouldn't be staying for any lessons. The day was already at least half over anyway, and there was no way I could stay. No, I suppose the real reason I was running down this hall was to say goodbye to Sam and Tuck, rather than get their help. As if they could anyway.

Just a couple more lockers, a turn to the left and here it is. I didn't have time to hesitate. They'd find me too quickly if I stayed in one place too long, and I didn't want to know how long too long was. I burst into the classroom quickly turning to lock the door behind me and checking out the little window. After making sure no one was following me yet, I turned to the class.

Mr. Lancer, along with every student in the room was staring at me, mouth agape like a fish. In any other situation it might have been funny. There were two reasons why they would be staring at me like that. The first was how I looked, as I hadn't seen a mirror for a long time but I could tell me hair was messed up, and the couple of glimpses I had caught of my clothes were gruesome with blood, ectoplasm, and burn marks covering almost every spot. The other reason would be that I was actually there, I didn't know exactly how long I'd been gone but I did know it was a long time. I also noticed that Sam and Tucker were not there. I turned around unlocking the door about to dash out of there to look for them somewhere else, but before I could make it…

"…Daniel?" I turned to look at Mr. Lancer.

All I could do was stay as close to the door as possible, in case I needed to get out. I was breathing quickly, probably too quickly. And I knew my whole body was trembling. I stared at him with a look on my face very similar to his own.

"W-… what," I replied. Well tried to anyway, my voice was incredibly hoarse, and weak. I hadn't even tried to talk for what seemed like forever, all I could remember was screaming. Whatever came out of my mouth just now I had even barely understood.

"Danny? Are you alright? Where have you been the last two weeks?", Mr. Lancer tried to ask me. Do I LOOK alright? But then my mind came to a halt. Two weeks? TWO WEEKS? I was there for two weeks?

"I- I- I-…" I tried to say something, but that was all I could choke out.

Everyone in the room just stared, not knowing what to say. Myself included. I wasn't sure what to do, I wanted to run back out, but there would be too many questions. It was so quiet in there you would probably be able to hear a pin drop.

Well would have, I suddenly became panicky as I heard footsteps running down the hallway. I quickly got on the hinged side of the door, grabbing the flag-pole next to the door and throwing the flag itself to the closest student. I crouched down into a fighting stance, flagpole in my hands, ready to strike if needed.

The class watched me, shocked until they heard the noise too. I looked at everyone begging them with my eyes to act as though everything were completely normal. But they didn't seem to get the idea I looked at Lancer hopeing he would at least say something that would get the classes eyes off of me. but I held my breath as I heard the sounds coming closer. It's too late! It's too late! Stupid ghost tracking machines! Stupid people disabling my ghost powers!

Since Mr. Lancer was too out of it to blink, I was ready to just give up there on the spot. But I had to thank God and ask him to bless Valerie, when she pointed to the flag. "So the 13 stripes were for the 13 colonies, right?" Good thinking Val! The rest of the class seemed to catch on, and just in time too.

Because then the door burst open again.

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