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Chapter 3

The class was pretty much dismissed, and everyone stated going their own ways. Some people stayed in the classroom to see if they could help me. Others began to pack up their bags and leave. And then a few people who were still in shock just sat there trying to figure things out.

After Mr. Lancer helped me back up, he and small group of students escorted me to the Nurse's Office. The nurse, once seeing my condition, immediately started treating wounds. Lancer had seen this and walked off, no doubt going to get Jazz for me.

After asking me some questions and treating everything to the best of her ability, Ms. McFadden had one of the students get me some of the extra gym clothes. They were a little big, but they looked, smelled, and felt better than what I had been wearing. The next thing I knew the door flew open and before I had time to react, Jazz tackled me in a hug.

"DANNY! Oh my goodness, we were so worried! Where did you go? Are you alright? Was it a ghost? We- we couldn't find you! Anywhere! N- Not even the boomerang could find you!" Jazz of course, being the wonderful, yet overprotective big sister she was attacked me with questions before breaking down into tears.

I squeezed her tightly, she was the best thing I had seen in two weeks and I wasn't about to let her go. Before I knew it I was in tears with her. I didn't mean to scare her, or anyone! It was just so horrible, and I couldn't do a thing about it! "Jazz…"

She looked at me as best she could, without breaking the hug. Neither one of us wanted to let go yet.

"Jazz, I'm so sorry! There wasn't anything I could do about it! Jazz… I got caught! And- and I didn't want to hurt anyone!"

"Danny… slow down… what exactly happened? Where were you?"

"I- I don't want to try to explain it twice… can we go get Sam and Tuck first?"

"Well… not exactly…"

"Why not? Where are they? Are they hurt?" I was getting scared. Please, oh please, oh please let them be alright!

"Well, a few days ago, they kind of… well they kind of sort of, went to look for you… you know, in the Ghost Zone?"

"WHAT! NO!" I instantly regretted doing that. While my voice was better, it still wasn't great. I had to cough a few times, and Mrs. McFadden ended up having to get me some water. I had forgotten she was in here. I guess I was just trying not to think about the current situation I was in. It was too complicated for a fourteen year old with no good sleep in ever and blood loss that would usually kill a person to try to understand. My ghost powers wouldn't help with that even if they were working.

Which left me with another problem, should I try to explain to Jazz now? Or should I wait until after I've figured out a way to try and get Sam and Tucker back? And what should I do about my parents?

Gosh, all I really wanted to do was sleep! But could even that be too risky? I had probably stayed in one spot too long already. Of course I had turned off the couple of ghost tracking devices the first couple of guys had, but that didn't mean that the others wouldn't be coming for me soon afterwards. I don't even know how they could use ghost tracking devices on me if my powers weren't working in the first place!

"…ny you alright?" I was pulled out of my thoughts by Jazz's worried voice.

"Um… yeah… I mean, I guess so, I'm fine…"

"... You stated coughing, and then you got all spacey… like you couldn't hear anything. It almost, looked like you might pass out." Apparently she wasn't convinced. I don't blame her though, I wasn't convincing myself either. But I attempted to lighten the mood anyway.

"Well, I've got to be spacey, if I'm going to be an astronaut, right?" I gave her a small smile. It must've been obvious to her just how tired I was though.

"Well even future astronauts need sleep, especially when their poor little mind has been through something traumatic!" I rolled my eyes at that one; at least she was still her psychological loving self. I could tell she wanted to know more about what happened, but it was clear she knew she should wait.

Nurse McFadden turned out the lights and I was instantly asleep when I hit my pillow. And the last thing I saw was Jazz smiling at me, talking to the nurse about calling my parents. "No!" But I don't know if I ever got it out, because I fell into the world of my subconscious mind.

Just in case you were confused, Mrs. McFadden is the nurse. I guess she's kind of an OC, but I don't plan on her playing a huge role in this. Although I might use her in other stories, like Sickday. I just figured that the school should have a nurse who could help Danny. And I decided to name her.

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