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Song: The Dutch Courage by the Spill Canvas

The Dutch Courage

It's time, Sherlock thinks as he pulls out his phone and dials his friend. John steps out from his cab and picks up on the second ring.

Sherlock can see him from the rooftop, his friend searching for him, he can hear the terror in his voice when his eyes finally find the detective, stories up on the ledge of the hospital's roof. Sherlock's heart is pounding, he feels sick to his stomach. It's a fear he hasn't experienced before, but he tries to keep calm, for John.

Sherlock is talking to John, trying to fit in all that he needs to say into these last few precious minutes. It is in these minutes that he begins to feel the fear, the panic, the anguish at what he's about to do. He's lying to John, telling him that he's faked everything, that everything Moriarty claims is true. His voice is shaking so hard he can barely control it, it's all welling up inside him. He wants to tell John everything, but he keeps lying.

"Who could be that clever?" Sherlock bitterly spits.

"You could," John says evenly. A quick laugh bursts from Sherlock, in the midst of his panic, his heart swells. He can almost see the defiance in John's eyes from his place up on St. Bart's. That's his John. Loyal to the end. Sherlock's stomach lurches, to the end.

As John tries to move towards the hospital, Sherlock stops him, "No, stay exactly where you are. Don't move."

Sherlock stares down at John, who raises his hand slightly up towards Sherlock, and he reaches out to him, so desperately wishing that he could fly. Fly down and swoop John up in his arms and take him away to a place that is safe and far, far from all the horror that is around them.

He knows that there is a sniper, watching John, aimed on his heart. Sherlock feels the calm come over him, he can do this. He can save John. He can save everyone.

"Keep your eyes fixed on me," Sherlock says, "please will you do this for me?" He begs of his friend.

"Goodbye, John." My John.

And with all the courage he can hold onto, he closes his eyes, and falls.

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