I slowly turn the key unlocking the door to the place I once called home

I step inside breathing in the familiar scent of those who once loved me

Those who I still love…

I take the stairs one at a time being careful not to make a sound

Once I reach the top of the stairs I take a left

I can see the light from the television radiating from under our bedroom door

I reach the door and carefully turn the knob making sure to not make a sound

And there they are. My life…

She is turned on her side with Masen snuggled up behind her

They have somehow kicked the covers off throughout the night

I take a step into the room and pause

My hand coming to rest on my chest as I try to hold in the emotions

Bella and Masen aren't alone. He's there.

I close my eyes to make sure I'm not dreaming

I open my eyes and realize I am no longer the only person awake.

Bella's staring right at me.