Terror of the Metal Batman

Chapter 1: Eggman's Latest Experiment

Eggman was fed up in trying to get a crack at the blue hedgehog, so his latest design of a robot was based upon none other than the Dark Knight himself. The real Dark Knight could take down criminals and outsmart villainous masterminds that were a thousand times smarter than he was. So why not create a robotic version of the Dark Knight to take down the blue hedgehog.

"This is pure genius!" laughed Eggman as he gazed upon the robotic Dark Knight, "I'll use one of the world's best superheroes to tackle Sonic the Hedgehog and get rid of the blue pest for good!"

As Eggman continued to input the right script for the robotic Dark Knight, an alarm went off feeling that someone was intruding at his work.

"Hmm, maybe this might be the best way to see if you'll do your job right" said Eggman to the robotic Dark Knight as he then activated the robot.

The intruders of the Eggman base were not typically the blue hedgehog and his friends, but instead it was none other than Baby Face whom was raiding Eggman's base so that he could acquire high tech technology so that he could sell on the black market at a higher price.

"This will do very nicely even when the Batman shows up" laughed Baby Face as some of his thugs were carrying the equipment toward a truck.

"You sure that nasty Eggman won't be sending in his forces against us?" asked Ms. Manface to Baby Face.

"Don't worry, the boys would make sure nothing bad will happen" continued Baby Face.

But suddenly a familiar shadow appeared right over Baby Face and his gang, Baby Face thought it was the Dark Knight.

"Batman, when the heck did you started to defend someone like Eggman?" asked Baby Face to which the Dark Knight was rather oddly silent, "No witty comebacks? You two, take care of him."

As Baby Face sent two large members of his gang to tackle the Dark Knight, with one punch each of them went flying crashing into the crates nearby. Suddenly the so-called Dark Knight had glaring red eyes as if it was quite the obvious he wasn't the Dark Knight at all.

"Quickly, we have to get out of here!" cried Baby Face.

"But what about the expensive technology you promised that you were going to sell on the street?" asked Ms. Manface.

"Forget about it for now, let's just roll while we still have our lives at stake" said Baby Face as he hopped right into the get away vehicle.

As Baby Face and his gang fled from Eggman's base, Eggman was quite impressed with how the robotic Dark Knight handled things quite easily. He summoned the robotic Dark Knight back to the main area of his base to give a review of the performance.

"Hmm, very impressive" said Eggman to which he then began to upload data on Sonic the Hedgehog to the robotic Dark Knight, "your next assignment should be quite simple, take down that pesky blue hedgehog known as Sonic!"

As for the blue hedgehog, the scene changes to where Sonic was at the park with Tails whom were enjoying a nice chilidog lunch.

"Ah, life is good Tails" said Sonic as he scarfed down the chilidog.

"You said it Sonic" added Tails.

But as the two-tailed fox was eating his chilidog, a large shadow crept right up behind the two, Sonic thought it was the Dark Knight himself but Tails was frighten by the shadow.

"Such a large shadow!" cried Tails.

"Relax Tails, it's Batman" continued Sonic, "between you and me, he has just as many fans as I do."

But instead, it was the robotic Dark Knight whom managed to simply grab the blue hedgehog and slam his face down in some mud.

"Hey, what's the big idea, you can't do that to Sonic!" cried Tails.

"Yea man, what's the deal sneaking up on someone like that who's not even a crook" added Sonic.

But as the blue hedgehog turned around, he realized it wasn't the Dark Knight at all, but rather a robotic version of him, and the blue hedgehog himself was his prime target.

"Step down" said the robotic Batman to the blue hedgehog.

"You're going to have to catch me first" laughed Sonic.

As the blue hedgehog dashed right off, the blue hedgehog himself was shocked that the robotic Dark Knight could match the same speed. The robot attempted to deliver a punch toward the blue hedgehog hoping to knock the blue hedgehog out, but Sonic was able to dodge the metal Dark Knight. As for Tails, he was desperately calling for help from the real Dark Knight whom was arriving shortly.

"Don't panic" said Batman as he was in his Batmobile, "I'm on my way."

"Hurry, the robotic version of you is just as fast as Sonic!" cried Tails as he was using his communicator.

As the real Dark Knight was rushing toward the scene, his robotic counterpart was indeed trying to do its best to target the blue hedgehog, from firing rockets at the blue hedgehog to various lasers and other hi-tech technology gadgets, but the blue hedgehog was always one step ahead of the robotic menace.

"Ha, that the best you could do?" laughed Sonic.

"It seems that my actions will not deter you" said the robotic Batman, "but however I do know you may have a weakness somewhere and that weakness I'll exploit it."