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In an unknown location not too far from Konoha, Naruto and Sakura as well as Kiba and Akamaru arrived at the small burning debris a huge crater had left behind. They had been sent on a recon mission by the Hokage herself, to investigate and report what had happen. The team being lead by Sakura arrived to the scene of burning of trees and the destruction the unidentified object had left behind. At first, Naruto was thought it was Shinobi from other villages causing mayhem since Kiba was tagging along but was later informed by Sakura that it was unlikely due to the recent Alliance the villages had taken. The team split as they went to investigate further, Naruto being more eager to get this mission wrapped up rushed towards the center of the crater ignoring Sakura's orders.

"Naruto!" She sighed as the blonde blindly down towards the crater.

"Idiot, still charging straight without a plan" Kiba grinned as he crossed his arms.

As Naruto ran down, he saw a small metal container at the core of the crater. It seemed like something had broken out of it as a strange liquid substance. He wondered what the container was for as he crouched down to examine it better. As Naruto reached out to touch the mysterious piece of metal, a crushing grip on his arm stopped his motions making him wince in pain.

"Don't even think about it!" Sakura eyed him with a scary look.

"Hahaha, almost Naruto... Almost" The Dog owner taunted his comrade as he just looked away and pouted.

"Whatever was inside must be long gone now" The pink-haired girl examined the container with caution using tools at her disposal. Kiba had a hard time tolerating the smell the thing emitted, while Akamaru whined at him.

"Huh? What's wrong boy?" Kiba's eyes widen and took a defensive stance at Akamaru's message, startling his other two teammates.

"What is it?" The team leader stood up from her observation as she noticed Kiba's alarm.

"It seems we're not alone"

They all looked around for any signs of an incoming attack. Sakura reached for her kunai, as she heard a rustling in the trees and threw it towards it. For a second everything was quiet when a shadow flew out quickly towards them.

"What is that?" Kiba yelled as it flew past him and Sakura in a flash.

"Where did it go? Ask the blond as he looked around nervously. As they all looked around the area, Naruto saw something move out in the wilderness. "There!" Moving out without the need of his teammates Naruto separated from the group in pursuit of the unidentified shadow.

"Naruto, wait!" The medic-nin yelled out but fail to catch his attention as he was to fast. "Kiba, can you trace Naruto's scent and get him back?" She still had to examine at the area some more.

"Can't say, this strange scent seems to be covering Naruto's" He stuck his nose out to try and catch a whiff of Naruto's scent. "I'll see what I can do, let's go Akamaru" With one bark they both went on the look for the blond.

In another part of the wilderness, Bounty Hunter Samus Aran had just landed in this peaceful looking planet in search of a lost Metroid. This planet was far from the Galactic Federation's governing and Samus knew that she shouldn't be here in the first place but her sole mission to destroy as many Metroids wouldn't allow it to escape. Turning her camouflage on her ship so it wouldn't fall into the eyes of those who inhabit this planet and with her Varia suit, she set out to explore the area for the impact where the Metroid had crash landed.

As she spied on the pink-haired girl at the crash site, she noticed that there was no sign of the creature. The girl seemed to be examining the remains the thing had left behind. Samus began scanning the area and quietly avoiding the girl, she found traces of the Metroid and another going deep into the wilderness. She noticed two others join the pink-haired girl, a dog and a man.

"Did you find him?" She heard the girl speak to the two, specifically the man.

"No, the trail went cold" he sighed, clearly bothered by something "I'm sure well find him...sooner or later" Samus saw as the pretty girl sigh in frustration making her face a bit sour, not a good look for her.

"After I'm finished here, we'll both go looking for him"

Samus quickly fled after the trail in search for her target. She ran quickly, hopping from tree to tree as she followed the trails of faint liquid substances. As she neared the end of the trail, she heard a series a loud screams of annoyance and pain. She jumped to a tree branch and saw the opening that showed a blond man struggling to what seemed him removing his orange jacket. Samus smiled a bit as she found it a bit humorous that the blond was wrestling with himself. Her smile dropped when he fell to the ground and she noticed the thing that was attached to his back. With quick agility she rush towards the blond's side and pulled the parasite that was on his back. She looked at the man that was unconscious and stared back at the parasite in her hand.

"Why was this thing...?" She lost the grip of the Metroid as it fled away. She cursed herself for being so careless. The bounty hunter was about to get on its trail, when she felt something tug at her foot.

"He's still alive?"

She asked herself as she witness the half-dead blonde man struggle with life. Samus looked back towards the direction where the Metroid had fled and then back to the man at her feet.

"Do-Don't y-you r-run a-aw-away..." He breathed out, looking terribly ill, he fell unconscious.

Samus contemplated whether to go after the Metroid or save the dying blond man. As an unusual decision she decided to pick the blond man and take her back to her ship to give him medical attention and try to save him. She jumped tree to tree trying to quickly get to her ship to treat him. When she arrived, she quickly placed him on to the infirmary bed and began working on him as fast as she could.

Moments later, after a lot of complicated work she had successfully stabilized him though she was very certain he wouldn't of made it. She was glad she was wrong, saving him made her feel relief she had saved someone's life and it felt strangely good to her. She examined the blond's facial features and wondered why he had three scars on each cheek. It made him look like some sort of feline, she wondered if they were real. The woman shook the thoughts away and remembered she still had a mission to accomplish. With her Varia suit activated, she exited the ship and went to finish off that Metroid. Wondering if it was alright to leave a stranger stay on her ship she sighed, she knew she was eventually going to regret this. She ran through the forest looking for a trail when she heard familiar voices.

" I can't believe that idiot managed to get lost!" Screamed the pink-haired girl from back then looking a bit more grouchy than last time, she also saw the man and the dog with her as well.

"It's strange that his scent was totally gone" the brunette man said as he petted his dog "It was like he was covered by that nasty stench we found"

The pink-haired girl exhaled, "Let's head back, I need to get these back to Lady Tsunade" the girl held a few vials of the substance the Metroid left behind.

"Are you sure? I mean leaving him behind is kinda harsh isn't it? For all we know he could be in trouble."

"I know its a bit harsh, but we'll return back with reinforcements" the girl waved off "Besides, the village isn't too far... for all we know he could be sitting down at Ichiraku's waiting for us" Kiba question her motives before looking back at the forest where Naruto had fled, he frowned.

"The is sun still up..."

Samus saw them go the opposite way her ship was, it seemed they were going back for help. Maybe she should of just handed them the blond but that would just compromise her identity. She continued her search for that parasite for all she knew it was probably feeding off some other poor living thing.

Naruto groaned, he felt terrible like some sort of parasite tried to suck the life out of him. As he rubbed his head he peaked out and took in his surroundings. This place was strange to him, he saw strange glowing lights and a lot of shiny buttons.

"Where am I? Ughh!" the pain on his back had not faded "What... was that thing?" he wondered and then remembered the last thing he saw before he was out.

"There was something... or someone?"he stood up from his bed and looked around for anyone in the small ship.

"Helloooo?" His voiced echoed as he call out.

"Did that person save me?" The wondered as he began to explore the ship. He stumbled upon a blue suit display, in the bottom it had a digital description.

"Samus... Aran?" He raised his brow "Some kind of armor maybe?"

Naruto then felt his stomach growl, "Hungry..." and began looking for some sort of food. As he reached what he assumed was the kitchen he looked for anything that he could eat. He looked through the small storage and soon something caught his attention. His eyes widen and a toothy mischievous grin grew on his face, he looked around as if seeing if the coast was clear. With swift moves he grabbed the item in the storage cabinets and looked for some water and some heat.

"Whoever lives here, definitely has a great taste in food!" he smiled as he started preparing a cup of ramen.

Meanwhile Samus tried hard to stay conscious, she couldn't believe how quickly the Metroid had mutated. When she tried to destroy it but she found it difficult just trying to fight it. It had a strange red glow to it that acted as a shield when she had attacked it only fired back twice as strong damaging her suit severely, she had no choice but to retreat. The blonde woman needed to get back to her ship, she was so close but her vision was fading.

"Almost... there"

She saw the ship coming into view as she reached out to her arm, she pressed a few buttons to open the ships entrance. When she entered the ship she made her way towards her recharge system but when she got there she saw the blonde man staring at her with his mouth wide open as he was about to eat the last cup of ramen.

"T-That's... m-mine..." With a loud thud, she fell to the ground startling Naruto.

"Ah? Oi! Are you okay?" he panicked with cup in hand "Hey!"

Naruto placed the cup on the floor and went towards the giant suit of armor's help. With no idea to remove the armor he began to panic even more. The thing completely cover the person from head to toe, with no sign of removing it.

"Oh man, Oh man! What do I do, -ttebayo!"

Naruto saw the pod next to him and thought that maybe that's where this person was heading towards. Proving it was too heavy, Naruto thought up of an idea.

"Kage Bunshin no Jutsu!"

As five Narutos stood around the person in armor, they bent down and began to pull but even with that many clones it proved to a bit of a challenge.

"Gah! This is harder that helping Shizune-neechan pull baa-chan when she's drunk and knocked out!"

With one push of a button the pod opened and the group push the heavy half a ton machine inside. Once inside, Naruto pressed the button again closing the glass surface. Seeing the pod starting to repair the suit of armor relieved Naruto, hoping the person inside was recovering.

"Maybe I should get Sakura-chan to take a look" he then remembered that he had left his team "Crap, they must be looking for me right now!" with no idea on how to exit the ship Naruto sighed. "I'll accept my beating later..." he picked the cup of ramen off the floor and walked towards the pod.

"Right now I'll look after you" He grinned as he tried to peek inside the Samus vizor trying to get a view of the person's face but was unable to due to the glare.

For a moment, Samus open her eyes to see someone staring at her with a big smile. The smile made her feel warm inside, something that she didn't feel often it was comforting. Her eyes became very heavy again and slipped into a deep sleep.

Meanwhile in the Hokage's office...

"You what!" The Hokage's voice boomed.

"We-We'll you see M-Master, Naruto ran off and we tried looking for him but we couldn't find h-him" Sakura said sweating bullets and Kiba was just scared shitless.

"Is this what Naruto deal's with everyday?"

Kiba though, Tsunade rubbed her temples, thinking thoughts of the worst, "Had the Akatsuki manage to capture him? No, they wouldn't, not now at least." she shot a glare to both of them.

"I want Naruto here! NOW!"

And with that she literally kicked both chunnin out of her office. Looking through her drawers she grabbed a fresh bottle of sake and began to chug it.

"That kid is all I got left..." She stared out of the window somberly.

Sakura felt guilty for abandoning her fellow teammate, she wasn't thinking about them and now she regretted leaving Naruto behind. She wasn't going to be useless again, she turned towards Kiba with a mean look of determination.

"Kiba! I need you to round up either Hinata or Neji. We are going to need their Byakugan for this, I'll meet up with you at the gate in ten."

Kiba just slowly nodded as he stared at the medic-nin before leaving in searching for a Byakugan user.

"No way can I tell Hinata about this! I'll have to go with Neji"

After a few a hours of waiting for something to happen Naruto was starting to get agitated. There was hardly any where to sit besides the driver's seat and there was nothing to do in this small ship. Naruto went up to the pod once more and knocked on the glass.

"Oi, Mister are you gonna be okay?" he paused and waited for some kind of answer before knocking once again "Hello?"

Samus felt something hitting against the window glass but she couldn't quite quess what. Was she dreaming she asked herself? Or was this the afterlife calling for her?

"Who's... Knocking?"

She opened her green eyes to come face to face with pair of blue eyes, which she thought were much more beautiful than hers.

"Who's... eyes... are those?"

Naruto stopped tapping the glass as he was the head of the armor move a bit. The person was alive if the suit moved.

"Hello?" he called out again hoping for a reply as Samus' hand slowly moved up to the glass. Naruto smiled as her hand was on the glass and he too placed his hand where her's was. He then noticed that the hand was now pointing at something now.

"Huh?" Naruto looked at the direction it was pointing to. "The button?"

She slowly nodded enough for Naruto to notice. As he pressed the button the glass window soon began to open. He immediately saw the giant suit of armor standing about a foot taller than him making him sweat nervously. He stared at it when it didn't seem to make any movements, the thing then began to move putting one foot forward and then the other.

"Uhh, Hi-ya!" the blonde's enthusiasm seemed contagious as it got even Samus to raise a smile.

"Hel-" She was unable to finish as she fell to the ground still feeling weak. "I'm still not strong enough to stand"

She failed to notice the blonde below her getting crushed by her heavy Varia suit. "Please... get off" the blonde mumbled catching her attention. Samus eyes widen in embarrassment as she rolled off him and leaned up against a wall.

"I'm sorry"

Naruto rubbing his rib cage as he felt like he might of broken a bone. Shaking the pain away he once again stared at the person in front of him with a smile.

"Hey, thanks for taking care of me back then. I felt like that thing was gonna drain the life outta me!"

The woman stared the blonde before her, he was somehow making her heart race. She shook away her hesitation and spoke out loud.

"You are welcome..." She said with some sense of formality. "And thank you for treating my wounds as well, I am very grateful"

Naruto just scratched the back of his head smiling at her, "I really didn't do anything but put you in that tube thing"

"In any case, I am still grateful"

Naruto was flattered that he was being thanked by some kind of strange person in a weird metal suit. "Oh!" He realised he hadn't introduced himself yet and thought now was the best time to.

"My name is Naruto Uzumaki, please to meet you"

Naruto stuck his hand out for a friendly shake as he smiled on. Samus hesitated, should she get involved with people in this planet? She might as well if they saved her life and ate the last cup of ramen she had left. With a press of a nonexistant button she released her Varia suit and revealed herself in her Zero suit form stunning Naruto, he couldn't help but to gape at her form.

"Samus Aran"

She took his hand and shook it with a small smile. Naruto still shocked, he stared with widening eyes at the fact that the person inside was actually a female rather than what he suspect to be a male. She was very pretty too.

"You're a-a girl?"

Samus didn't know it was that much of a surprise as she saw the blonde gaping at her. Probably it wasn't that cleared to him before.

"Yes... is that a problem?"

Naruto furiously shook his head and secretly eyed the girl up and down. Not only was she smoking hot but she was so beautiful, she put Sakura's looks to shame. He did what most boys did when they saw a pretty girl, he blushed.

After they got the introductions over with, Samus needed to explain what she was doing here, where they were and what that thing was doing to him when it was attacking him. She had to explain that she was from outer space which made Naruto think she was an alien ready to invade their planet but was later convinced that was just silly.

"So you're a bounty hunter, right?" Samus nodded "And that thing that attacked me is what your after?" she then again nodded. "Could it be possible that it would attack again?" Samus nodded once more, "Any life force could be in danger. The one that attacked you was merely an infant" Naruto cringed as she told him that the flying bug thing was barely in its baby form. He wasn't going to let that thing harm anyone else, he decided to help.

"Well let me help you then!" Samus shook her head, there was no way she was going to let an outsider interfere "Well why not? I know the area pretty well and I can help you get through place quicker" She had to admit he had a point but working with someone wasn't something she liked to do.

"I'm sorry the answer is still no" Naruto pouted which made Samus smile a bit she thought he was a bit childish. "This mission is too dangerous, I can not worry about the safety of others it will only slow me down"

"Well I can't let you go alone, after that beating you took I won't allow you to go alone"

It was true, she was still recovering from her last encounter with the evolved Metroid but that didn't mean she'd take help from a civilian.

"The answer is still no"

Naruto frowned for a moment but then came back with a smile. "You know that ramen I ate was your last cup... What if after we destroy this thing I take you out for some of the best ramen you'll have in your life! Huh? How bout it?"

The blonde woman was getting annoyed by his constant offers, she had to just telling that no was the answer and that was final.

"I am shinobi and I can look after myself, trust me." Samus opened her mouth to speak but was unable to as she was lost in his eyes.

She closed her mouth, the look on his face showed that he meant it, she had nothing else to say. "Fine you win, You can tag along but you are under my command, you will only do what I say when I say it. You got that?"

"Yes, Ma'am" Naruto saluted, making the blonde woman sigh. "What have I just done?" And with that the new formed team of two had set out to find that growing parasite.

Hours later both Naruto and Samus find themselves right outside the parasite's nest. A giant tree that stood tall as its root make it stand up and it created a small underground passage. With Samus back in her Power suit she was able to scan the surroundings. Finding many traces of the Metroid, she was sure that the thing would be hiding here.

"It's definitely in here"

As Samus scouted the area Naruto was getting impatient, this wasn't his style and he disliked waiting. He pouted as Samus continued looking around and then that's when he thought of something.

"Hey, what's your favorite food?" catching the woman of guard, she raised a eyebrow under her helmet.

"We're on a hunt. Be quiet." she said sternly causing the blonde ninja to pout and moan "C'mon, tell me!"

She sighed, "I don't know, Noodles I guess"

"Really?" Naruto jumped to her side, making her jump in her suit a bit "What kind? What kind?"

"There's other kinds?" Naruto was surprised as she didn't know that there were more than plain ramen. Samus had only had cup ramen since she didn't really tried new things when she traveled so she was surprised there were different kinds of ramen.

"That's it! After we're done here I'm taking you to Ichiraku!" Naruto yelled gripping the woman's metal hands with great strength. Both Naruto and Samus did not notice the big creature that stood behind them. It was the Metroid but it was much more different and much larger. Naruto slowly turned to the creeping monster he screamed as it growled, this thing was completely different than when he last saw it. It was a giant beast that stood on its four legs and had a large mouth much like crocodile. It snarled at them as it had spotted its next meal.

"Im-possible" Samus eyes widen, she couldn't believe how quickly the Metroid had gotten to its final stage, "How?"

The creature lashed out at them and both Naruto and Samus were barely able to avoid her attack. Samus fired a few shots at the Mother Metroid but it proved to be ineffective. Naruto formed a familiar hand sign as he jumped towards the monster.

"Tajuu Kage Bunshin no Jutsu!"

The fifty-something clones all threw their explosive kunai at the creature only have it bounce off its hard shell skin and explode barely scratching it. The Metroid opened its mouth and took a bite at the clones destroying their existence.

"Damn, that thing is tough!" Naruto said as he landed next to Samus.

"Aim for its stomach. That's it's weak spot but keep your distance!" She warned him while configuring her arm cannon. "I'll slow it down"

Samus switched her normal missile weapon to Ice missiles as she strafed to the opposite direction of Naruto's. The Mother Metroid shifted its attention towards Samus as she fired missiles at its mouth angering it. As Samus jumped away from the Metroid's attack she saw Naruto charging a glowing ball of light in the palm of his hand much like her energy beam.

"Here take this!" Naruto charged with his ninjutsu towards the monster's belly as it was occupied with Samus.


The Mother Metroid howled in pain before attempting to attack the blond, "Naruto!" he stared with wide eyes at the creature as it was about to body slam him. Samus in the air, bounced off the wall and used her grappled beam to pull Naruto away from the Metroid. Although Samus pulled a bit to hard, the blonde slammed against the wall.

"That... hurt." Naruto mumbled as he slowly slid down. "I told you to keep your distance!" Samus scolded, they had to deal with the monster and recklessness would not be tolerated. She knew having him tag along would only make things harder. Naruto rubbed his nose as he came to Samus' side, both of them staring down the Metroid.

"I have an idea..." Samus glanced at Naruto, she wasn't going to have him mess this up "I told you, we're doing this my way if we-"

"Please... just trust me" She saw as the blonde step forward with a load of determination and confidence, "I'll take this thing out with one blow!" His hands formed the familiar cross as his blue eyes turned into slits, "I know I may not look like it but trust me... I AM strong!"

"Kage Bunshin no Jutsu!"

He summoned a couple of clones and with the help of two, they began to form another ball of light, this one would be much bigger. "This thing will attack anything in its way, that means the village would be in danger. I cannot allow that to happen!" the orb in his hand began to make a loud screeching noise. "I'll finish it off and get you the best ramen you'll ever taste!" Samus stared at Naruto, something seemed different about him, his words made her feel... "Safe" she blushed as he talked about food in such dire moments like this.

"Fuuton: RasenShuriken!"

The big Shuriken-like ball hovered over Naruto's hand, "Wait for my signal"

Naruto charged towards the roaring monster as he held the giant Rasengan, "Wait! I told you not to charge it straight on!" As the Mother Metroid saw Naruto running towards her, she opened her mouth and crushed the blonde and the ground he stood on.


Samus eyes widen as she cried out, she felt her heart sink, the beast swallowed the piece of land taking Naruto along with it. The creature lifted its giant maw up swallowing everything up. For a moment, Samus saw flashbacks of her past as it pained her to see another person lose their life. She fell to her knees as she was overwhelmed, did everyone around her just end up dying?

"Don't underestimate me!" the blonde in the suit quickly looked up in the air to see Naruto, alive and well, he thrust his palm with the Rasenshuriken planted it onto its eyes before quickly escaping the explosion. The crocodile like creature thrashed around in pain as it was blinded, it tossed and fell on its back exposing his belly.

"Samus! Now!"

With a great push the clones launched Samus into the air giving her a clear shot of the Metroid's weak spot. With one accurate charged shot, Samus managed place one good plasma beam on the belly of the beast. The creature cried out as it hit directly on its weak point.

"Not done yet!" following the Samus' beam, Naruto fired one of his own projectiles while in his Sage mode. "Rasenshuriken!"

The Mother Metroid howled loudly once more before dropping dead. Naruto huffed as he smiled at the stunned girl in armor, she couldn't believe how he had managed to defeat a Metroid in this level. She saw Naruto winced in pain as he held his hand which was all burnt, Samus rushed towards his side to check on his condition.

"Your hand... Are you ok?" she worried as his hand and arm were practically charcoal.

"Hehehe, I'm fine. This is nothing" He winced in pain which didn't go unnoticed by Samus "No your not, we need to get you medical treatment!" Naruto knew he was forbidden to use the Rasenshuriken up close, at the moment he wasn't thinking and just wanted to impress Samus by acting cool and reckless. "Damn, Obaa-chan is gonna kill me for sure"


Said blonde saw Sakura, Kiba, and Hanabi running towards him. The blond turned to see his friends run towards him, "Oh you guys already missed all the action!"He noticed them all got into a defensive stance as they saw Samus stand over the limping blonde assuming she was an enemy.

"Its okay, she's a friend"

Carefully nodding they took the blond's word and relaxed, Sakura went to Naruto's side and saw the condition of his arm, she had definitely seen this before. Kiba and Akamaru stared at the dead gigantic monster and whistled at its size. "What the hell is this thing?"

"That's that thing from the crater" Naruto answered as Sakura started healing his wounds, "No way! This thing?"

Naruto's eyes wandered to the Hyuuga girl quietly standing next to Samus, her eyes narrowed as he stared at her. "What?"

"Uhh, who are you again?"

"Idiot, that's Hinata's little sister, Hanabi!" Kiba yelled before pointing at Samus, "More importantly, What is that?"

"I told you, she's a friend and I was helping her take that monster out" Naruto pointed out as everyone but him stared at the armored woman.

"So there's a person under there?" Kiba asked, trying to find any human resemblance he look at her, Hanabi activated her Byakugan and saw the woman behind the armor. "It seems like there is" Sakura completed her treatment but advised Naruto he would need a full examination when he gets back to the village. Samus took this chance to introduce herself properly.

"Yes my name is Samus Aran, please to meet you, friends of Naruto"

"It talks!" Kiba stared at her with wide eyes while Naruto frowned and slapped himself, dragging his hand across face "Of course, she talks!"

"Please to meet you, Samus-san I'm Sakura Haruno" She smiled and pointed towards her other companions. "That's Kiba and his dog Akamaru. The girl with the white eyes over there is Hanabi"

Naruto smiled as he went up to them, "Well me and Samus gotta get going now" catching her off guard he grabbed her arm and pulled her away as they made their way towards the leaf village.

"Wait what about this thing!" Kiba pointed at the huge monster behind them.

"What about it? It's dead"

Naruto said without looking back, "Well We'll meet up back with you guys in the village, I'm sure Obaa-chan must be pretty mad"

As Sakura stared at the two disappearing into the forest, Hanabi couldn't help but frown. The only reason she decided to tag along was to see the "Hero of Konoha" everybody had been talking about in action. In the end she only got to see the aftermath of his power, "Why is Hinata so hung up on this guy any ways? Oh well, wait till she gets the news that he is hanging out with some armored chick" Hanabi grinned at the thoughts of the blond falling for a girl who hid in armor. "Yeah, like that'll happen"

With Naruto & Samus.

"Wait Naruto! I have to return to my ship and recharge my shields"

Samus pulled away from the blonde's hold then deactivated her armor and decided to travel in her zero suit. Naruto understood and began to follow Samus but was stopped by her. "I'm sorry but this is where we part ways" Naruto raised a brow, "But you don't know where the village is at..."

"What I meant was that, this is where you and I return to our ordinary lives. It was an honor working with you Naruto Uzumaki" She stuck out her hand for him to shake but Naruto just stared at it.

"Wait you can seriously be leaving now! We're just getting to know each other!"

"My mission is complete and I have no other reason to stay on this planet"

Samus didn't realize how her words managed to hurt the Uzumaki boy until she heard them out loud. He had just made a new friend and now she already wanted to leave just like that. "Oh..."

"What I meant is that- I mean I'm very busy and I-"

She stopped as she noticed the blonde boy eyes, they were hurting and she was the one who had caused them pain. Like a hurt puppy, the sight was unbearable to her to see those eyes in pain made her feel horrible and guilty.

"Bu-But I guess I can hang out here for a while..." She said hoping he would smile and as if nothing had happened, he smiled a white toothy grin.

"Alright!" He jumped, "Then let's go! I'll show you every good part the village has- uhh well what's left over, hehehe!" He pulled her hand causing her to blush a bit, she felt like that's all she had been doing since she was with him; they both made their way towards the gates of Konoha.

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