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Being back as the Hokage, Tsunade didn't imagine her job being any less tedious after wearing herself out during Pain's invasion. She cursed at the amount of paper work that had stacked up when she had awoken, oh how right the blond woman was. Tsunade carefully read the papers Shizune had presented to her, these were especially of an urgent matter. She had read it over and over just to understand clearly, she found it strange as she kept on racing her eye over every piece of information. Tsunade then eyed over to Shizune where she stood with a bit of an uncertain expression, it seemed that even Shizune was puzzled by this. The blonde woman looked back to the papers in hand before giving a long exhausted sigh, it was late and she didn't expect any more news coming to her desk at this time but then again she was the Hokage so it was her duty, no her right to know these things first. Still, Tsunade wished it didn't involve the blond. She was relieved that nothing was wrong with Naruto's health, that certainly took a load off her shoulders but what was still bugging her was the other blonde's condition.

"Some how..." Tsunade mumbled and flipped the pages of papers giving each a quick scan, "Her chakra signatures are mixed with Naruto's...?"

"I believe that when she activates her power, she is able to use her own chakra unknowingly but how she managed to share the same signature as Naruto is a mystery to me. I believe her encounter with the Kyuubi might be the cause of it but I would of expected to see her chakra mixed with the Kyubbi not Naruto's." Shizune said, she had been the one who treated Samus' wounds when the two blonde's had returned from their mission. Shizune couldn't understand how parasites manage to bring the Kyuubi out of Naruto and how Samus was able to absorb his chakra. When Shizune had done a quick scan of the girl's body and her chakra system, she found trace's of Naruto's chakra.

Removing her suit was a bit difficult at first but somehow it had disappeared like it had mind of it's own when Shizune had placed a hospital gown on top of it. Shizune liked the blond bounty hunter, she remembered when Samus was unconscious the blonde girl would be mumbling her sleep, mostly about food. She would drool and snore a bit, Shizune thought it was a hilarious but a cute scene coming from a serious and stern woman like Samus. Eventually Shizune didn't discover how her chakra system was looming with Naruto's.

Tsunade sighed and rested her chin on the palm of her hand. Just when she thought they were out of the woods they get this news. Tsunade smiled at the irony, it seemed that the blonde was getting attached to the blond by literally taking Naruto's chakra into her system.

"Samus Aran... Interesting"

Tsunade looked at the small clock at her desk, since her old office had been destroyed she had lost her windows to see outside and as well as her old clock. It was already past midnight and she was certain that the blonde girl was sound asleep. She would have to put her plan on hold till the sun was up, for now it was time for Shizune and herself to get some much needed rest. After all they still had a war on their hands. "The Fourth Shinobi war..." Tsunade thought to herself before giving a tiresome sigh. "You've kept me busy..." she said before giving a smile. "Naruto"

The next day Samus cursed herself for being too weak, all she had to do was ask Naruto if he wanted to go on a date simple, nothing too hard. Heck, she could of said she wanted to 'hang out' but no, Samus had instead asked Naruto to train. She couldn't do it because it wasn't in her nature to do these kinds of things, Samus didn't know anything about liking someone, she didn't know anything about love. She frowned at the memory, although the female blonde wanted to know how to utilize chakra Samus wished she could spend her time with Naruto some more without any threat to their lives. Then again it would be just the two of them training so maybe after they could go out and grab a bite to eat. "I still have to repay that girl" Samus referring to Ino and the debt she owed to the flower girl.

Sensing a threat, Samus quickly drew her side arm on instinct and aimed it at the direction behind her where the trees stood. "Show yourself" Samus shouted with her usual impassive expression. It took a few seconds before the figure calmly stepped out of the shadows. Samus raised a brow, it was the purple headed woman that hid her face behind a mask. So she had been following them even now, Samus could understand after all that's happen, they wanted to protect Naruto from the enemy. She lowered her weapon before holstering back to her side but didn't lower her guard.

"I may be stuck baby sitting you but if I see you endangering him again, I won't hesitate to putting an end to your partnership" her words contained nothing but spite, Samus was surprised that the masked woman had actually said more than a few words and not only that but also threaten her. She narrowed her eyes at the suspicious woman, what was her deal? Did she have a grudge against her? And was she close to Naruto? No, he hadn't recognized her before but then again she was wearing a mask. Samus stepped forward as a sign that she wasn't afraid of her threats and wasn't backing down but that didn't mean she was picking a fight.

"I do not intent to put Naruto's life in danger nor do I wish for it to happen. Rest assure I have no bad intentions."

The purple headed woman stood quiet, Samus could feel her staring at her as if she was looking for any deceit but Samus stood her ground. She had nothing to hide.

"We'll see" and with that said the masked woman vanished from Samus sight. She sighed, things were getting really complicated around that blond, Samus wondered just how much more harder things were now that she knew his secret. But she knew that it was all worth it, every struggle they had been through didn't scare her from being with Naruto.

Speaking of the Naruto, the blond had yet to arrive. Even though he had been released from the medical care, Naruto was in no condition to physically strain himself maybe it would of been better to come together rather than meet up. Naruto wasn't allowed to leave the village so they had picked a place where they could be alone. Naruto had chosen the Hokage mountain specifically so he could teach her about using Chakra. Samus had been waiting for half an hour now only because she had arrived earlier than the actual time they were suppose to meet up.

"Oi! Samus!" speak of the devil, Naruto ran up to the blonde but with both his arms in a cast that were under a sling they gave him trouble to actually run normally. Once Naruto arrived he panted as he was out of breath, trying to run up hill while both your arms were practically constricted in bandages was rather difficult.

"Naruto, you shouldn't be pushing yourself too hard..." she held him by the shoulders giving him a bit of support. Samus was unaware how comfortable she had gotten with him that touching him wasn't a problem for her now or at least it wasn't at the moment. "I shouldn't have asked you to train me while you're still recovering"

Naruto shook his head and gave her a goofy smile, "Nonsense Samus, this is nothing. I can use my arms it's just these cast are annoying, Nee-chan told me that I had to wear them so I wouldn't hurt myself" Samus sighed and then smiled, it was nice to see him wake. When he was hospitalized, Samus found the village a bit gloomy without his presence. She was glad he was up and about just as before.

"Now why don't we get started?" Naruto said, sure he couldn't physically train but that didn't mean he couldn't show Samus what she needed to do. He just wished he could at least form a clone to help them out.

After a while Naruto got comfortable and was able to explain his basic knowledge of chakra to Samus. The female blond was quick to understand from Naruto's words, "So both spiritual and physical energy huh?" she said to herself, Naruto had also given her some examples of chakra and how to control it. Samus never realized it but she was able to use some of her untamed chakra when she would activate her special power. If she was able to learn more about it then maybe Samus could learn a few new tricks just like Naruto's ninjutsu. She was curious about one specifically, it was one of Naruto's signature jutsu.

"Hey Naruto..." Samus called out to him as he was sitting on the grassy plains, "Yeah? You having a problem with something?" Samus shook her head before she asked, "It's about one of your techniques I've seen you use"

Naruto raised an eyebrow and leaned a bit closer, "Which one?"

"Well I'm just curious how you are able to make multiple copies of yourself"

"You mean Shadow clones?" Naruto said, receiving a nod from the blonde. Naruto thought about it and wondered why Samus would want to know about that. Maybe she wanted to clone herself as well? More Samus wasn't a bad idea, in Naruto's fantasies he could be surrounded by different types of Samus'. There'd be a shy and timid Samus who would only find comfort in Naruto's arms or maybe a kinky one that would tease him and whisper naughty things into his ear, or-

"Crap, what the hell is wrong with me!" As Naruto started to glow red, Samus tilted her head at the blond and wondered why he had gone all quiet all of a sudden.

"Is there something wrong Naruto? You're red, do you have a fever?" Samus pressed her forehead against his to take his temperature only to increase his heat level. Samus was oblivious to Naruto's nervous state, she was too busy staring at the blue orbs in front of her. The spiky haired blond looked to the side, he blushed madly as he could feel Samus close presence. He didn't know why there was loud beating or why it had gotten hot all of a sudden. What was this feeling he was going through? With caution, Naruto slowly draped his eye sight to her feet then they went up to her legs, they continued going up and made a brief stop on her chest. Naruto saw how she was breathing heavily, Naruto blushed even more before his eyes finally landed on Samus' blue eyes.

Samus was captivated by his cerulean colored eyes, she backed up a little so her forehead wasn't touching his no more and continued to admire his blue orbs. She then glanced at his lips, Samus wondered how they would feel pressed up against hers. Samus had dreamed countless times where she was about to kiss him while he was hospitalized but every time she was about to kiss him, her eyes would open in the middle of the night interrupting the best part. She cursed before giving a girly squeal that was in an uncharacteristic manner of her. " I want to kiss him..." Samus told herself as she slowly leaned in.

Naruto's eyes widen as he didn't back off, he saw as Samus slowly closed her eyes and started to lean in closer to him. Naruto didn't know why but he didn't stop her, in fact the blond leaned in as well to meet her halfway. For some reason Naruto's heart was telling him to kiss her and he didn't deny it. Both blondes were inches away from each other's lips, it wasn't until a small rock that landed between them that stopped their actions. "What the?" Naruto questioned as he and Samus stared at the rock between them. Samus cursed the bad timing as she screamed loudly in her head about another missed opportunity.

Yugao had watched as the two blondes were enjoying their time together but she kept her eyes specifically at the female blond. She didn't trust her yet, women like her only got people around them killed and she wasn't about to let Naruto die. It was her mission and one she wasn't going to fail. When she watched on as the two blondes got comfortably close to each other, Yugao was on the edge of her seat or in her case the tree branch she was standing on top of. She saw as the blonde girl was leaning to kiss Naruto. She guess that Naruto would deny her the kiss but boy, was she wrong when Naruto also went for her lips. Yugao was not going to have any of that, quickly looking around Yugao jumped down and picked up a small rock. She looked as the blondes were about to lock lips and then aimed at their direction before launching it in the air.

She smirked behind her mask as she managed to stop the kiss from happening. "I'm sorry Naruto but I can't allow that" she said to herself, Yugao's smirk grew when she got a look at the blonde girl's face. The purple headed ANBU then took notice of the flying messenger bird in the sky. The Hokage was calling for her. Yugao cursed, she didn't want to leave Samus alone with the blond shinobi but duty called and Yugao couldn't just ignore the Hokage after all she was the one who let her watch over them.

With no other choice left, Yugao took one last look at the two blondes before making her way to the Hokage's chambers.

After their training session was done with and their awkward moment where they almost kissed, the blond duo decided to grab a bite to eat and what better place to eat than Ichiraku's? Naruto and Samus both entered the small ramen stand and were both greeted by a smiling Ayame. "Naruto! Your arms!" Ayame exclaimed in an unconvincing tone, she knew already about the blond's condition as Samus had passed the information to her.

"How ever are you going to eat now?" She then turned to Samus with a smirk that was up too no good. Samus' eyes widen when she realized what she was up to. The blonde girl blushed and turned slightly in her seat to get a glance at the blond next to her. Naruto was oblivious to whatever Ayame was planning, he was too occupied with his current dilemma.

"How the hell am I going to eat?!" He asked himself, during his time at the hospital he had the nurse feed him because Shizune didn't want him to strain his arms but now... Well at least he could put his clothes on so he'll have to try his best.

"Here we are" Ayame said as she placed the usual orders for Naruto and Samus. Naruto noticed the special order Ayame had given Samus, he hadn't even seen the blonde girl order.

"Wait Nee-chan, how did you know what Samus wanted?" Ayame smiled before replying. "Because while you were out, Samus started coming here often" she turned to Samus and saw that she was hiding her face from Naruto, Ayame thought it was cute and also an opportunity. "Samus and I have become very good friends"

Naruto raised both brows in surprise, he didn't expect Samus and Ayame becoming good friends. He turned to Samus and saw her give him a nod, confirming Ayame's words. "Wow! That's awesome! Who else have you friended?!" Naruto was excited that he had forgotten about his food.

"I've met your friend Ino Yamanaka. She is more or less... Helpful." it was the best Samus could describe, even if Ino had tricked Samus, she still thought the flower girl meant well.

"Ah yeah Ino is pretty nice sometimes!" Naruto grinned at Samus as Ayame watched them from behind the counter. She then decided to also help Samus in a manner that'd get her a glare from the said blond girl.

"Now now you guys, your food is going to get cold." Naruto looked at his bowl and fidgeted in his seat trying to loosen his as from the cast. "Samus, why don't you feed Naruto?"

Naruto froze before letting out a nervous chuckle, "N-No there's no need for that-Mmph" was all he could say as suddenly food was suddenly shoved in his mouth. He turned to Samus who held her chopsticks with the next helping of noodles.

"Say 'Ahhn'" she said with a stoic face.

Naruto looked at her carefully before doing so, "A-Ahhn" he opened his mouth and ate the serving before blushing, why was Samus feeding him all of a sudden? This was what couples do!

Inside Samus head, the poor girl was nervous, she didn't know why she went with the idea. With her chopsticks Samus went for the next serving of noodles except this time she noticed that they were steaming hot. The blond bounty hunter then did something that even she didn't expect from herself. With her lips pressed closely together she leaned in and blew on the noodles.

Naruto's heart was beating quick, he couldn't believe how attractive Samus looked the moment she blew into the ramen noodles. "Why... Why am I feeling this way?" He asked himself in a dazed, it was the second time today he was feeling strange. He was so confused about his current situation that he didn't realize Samus was waiting for him to open up.

"This is just too much fun..." Ayame thought to herself as she had her arms propped up on the table and her hands cupping her face while watching the two blonds like it was one of her father's romance soap operas. Ayame had listen to Samus through out the past week about how worried she was for the blond, she knew that Samus had fallen for him even if she didn't know it herself.

Tsunade stood at the edge of her desk, she was quiet while she took the time to think. Yugao quietly knelt at the center of the Hokage's room while she awaited for her orders. Tsunade then looked at the purple headed ANBU, she was going to give her a new mission."About the blonde woman. Give me your thoughts about her" Tsunade could tell that Yugao was confused when she titled her head. For Yugao it was an unexpected question indeed but nevertheless she answered, "I find her careless and arrogant"

Tsunade smiled at the Kunoichi's response, "Is that so?" In way Samus and Yugao were alike.\ so it was kind of funny to the busty blonde "Well I guess you'll get to know more about her" Tsunade handed her a folder that contained all the information about Samus, the Metroids and everything Tsunade knew so far. "Your next mission is to accompany Samus Aran in the search for a dangerous parasite"

"Metroid?" Yugao read the different files and questioned.

"Yes that is what she calls them. Tomorrow your mission begins. Please get some rest, you more than deserve it"

"Wait, what about Uzumaki, Naruto?" Yugao asked as she closed the file and stood up.

"Naruto will not be aware of any of this so it'll be a perfect opportunity to move him to our secured location." Yugao nodded, if this was to protect the blond then she would be more than willing to accept this mission. "Even if I have to work with her, I will do this to protect Naruto no matter what!"

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