Samus wanted to understand why this woman, Yugao Uzuki was tormenting her with glares and nothing but harsh words. Was it because of all the time she was spending with Naruto was too much for her?

As far as she knew, Naruto had no knowledge of this purple headed woman. Maybe the next time Samus is around Naruto she'll ask and get to the bottom of it but for now she'll have to deal with it.

Samus jumped from tree to tree and was nearing closer to Yugao, Samus wanted to tell the ANBU nin to slow down but Samus went against the thought because it'd be a weak move in front of the person who dislikes her the most at the moment.

"If you can't keep up then maybe you should turn around and go back. I've got no use for dead weight"

And with those words as cold as ice sent Samus ticked off.

"Tch" Samus scoffed at her words and took it as a challenge.

Jumping to the next tree, Samus grabbed onto the branch and quickly swung before flipping to the next branch up ahead. She made quick haste and eventually caught up to the mask woman and passed her.

Yugao was caught off guard when the blonde girl had passed her and soon enough she was speeding up till they were shoulder to shoulder. Both females felt threaten by each other's presence. Yugao decided to break their tension by throwing a low kick while in mid air but Samus was quick to avoid it, she jumped back before landing and took a guarded stance. Samus knew this was going to happen eventually.

Yugao landed opposite from her, ready for a fight. Yugao didn't say anything but Samus could tell that she had been itching for this even if she couldn't see her face.

For a few seconds neither said anything, both stood completely still, waiting for the other to make the first move. A cold breeze flew in between the both of them, like a standoff. Yugao felt like the blonde was ready to make the first move but she beat her to it and charged forward throwing three shuriken at Samus as a distraction before jumping high in the air.

Samus was quick on her reflexes as she had ran towards the slew of shuriken but slid on the ground, avoiding anything contact with them. She then looked for the purple headed woman and noticed she had disappeared.

"Over here" Before Samus could registered where she was, the girl was sent flying across the forest by a powerful thrust kick to her back. Her body was slammed against a tree, Samus didn't have much time to recover as Yugao came at her with a combination of kicks and punches.

However the blonde girl was lucky enough to block her attacks and counter her with a flip kick to Yugao's chin.

Yugao flew back and her mask came off, the ANBU Kunoichi avoided her face from being seen by the blonde. She landed on her feet with her back turned against the blonde, Yugao then proceeded to walk casually to where her mask had fallen.

"So you do got some bite on you. Good. Now I know you're not much of an anchor" she said as she picked up her mask and putting it back on.

This ticked the blonde bounty hunter, they were wasting time by picking a fight and she had the nerve to treat it as some kind of test. Well she wasn't going to let it end so easily.

"Is that what you say every time you get your ass kicked?"

Yugao was easily set off by her words. Samus was surprised and couldn't believe what had come out of her mouth, it wasn't like her, she just wanted to get to her mission already but something was burning inside her and wanted to shut this woman up once and for all.

"You bitch!" Yugao was furious, she was done with this, to hell with the mission she was going to cut this woman up and send her back to wherever the hell she came from. The Kunoichi had her katana ready to unsheath as she charged at her enemy. Samus also had her weapon ready as well and ran towards the purple headed woman. Both were about to finish each other off right in the middle of the forest.

"Yo!" Suddenly a silver haired man said casually as he had his cyclops eye smile while having his hand up in the air as a greeting.

Yugao and Samus stopped right when they were about to clash and looked at the masked shinobi standing in the middle of their battle ground.

This was their intel?

It had been quite a long while since anyone had a decent conversation, the trip had dragged and now Naruto was starting to get irritated. Something was definitely up and he wasn't going to wait any longer. Coming to a halt, this caught everyone's attention. Yamato, Gai, and Aoba turned to the blond who had his arms crossed and looked rather unpleasant.

"Naruto, what's wrong?" Gai asked but the blond stood quiet, he only scanned his surroundings. The place they were was looking like to be a harbor but before they were going any further Naruto wanted some answers.

"Yamato-sensei" he said before turning his head sternly towards the wood specialist shinobi. "What exactly is going on?"

Yamato was surprised at Naruto. He had caught on and knew something wasn't right. Yamato quietly prepared his jutsu.

"I'm sorry Naruto but..." he raised his palm and activated his wood barriers. "This is for your own good"

Before Naruto could act he was surrounded by bars of trees and branches, imprisoning him. The blond grunted and cursed at his elder ninja. "Why?!"

"It's Tsunade-sama's orders" Aoba answered before sighing. He had hoped to avoid Naruto fighting back but even he knew that was inevitable.

"That's right. If you were to continue to stay at the village then you would present danger to the people. Especially with it's current state." Yamato said as he crossed his arms. "Your Kyuubi chakra has become number one food source for those nasty bugs"

Naruto's eyes widen at the mention of the Metroids.

"Your new friend has teamed up with Yugao to inflitrated any more Metroids surrounding the area and clear it from danger" Aoba summarized the plan to the captive blond.

"Wait, wait wait!" Naruto repeated "The two of them isn't enough" Suddenly Naruto could feel his heart beat, a sharp pain went through him as he remembered something. He saw a vision of tiny red dots surrounding a giant red one, the tiny red dots had all but blinded him till he could only see red. Back them he had not thought of it that much but that red light was the Kyuubi's.

"It's fine. They are not alone, Kakashi was also assigned to the mission."

Even if his sensei was there Naruto still didn't feel good knowing that, something in his stomach made him worry. "You guys have to let me go! They need my help!"

"I'm sorry but this is from the Hokage herself" Yamato said, not looking like he'll ever consider freeing him. "besides this is for your own good. If you run into the enemy then they'll stop at nothing to obtain the Nine tails chakra" It seemed these days everyone or everything was after the Jinchuuriki for their power. Yamato was getting tired of it.

"Don't worry Naruto-kun, Kakashi can take care of himself and from what I've heard is that your new friend is capable of taking care of herself as well." Gai said with a strong thumbs up.

"And Yugao is strong too, she isn't in the ANBU for no reason after all" the glasses wearing Jounin said.

Naruto let out a breath out, he knew they wouldn't free him no matter what he said to them. "Well I knew you'd all say that and, well, it's time to stop with this joke..." Naruto then let out a mischievous grin.

"Joke...?" Yamato questioned but before he could get any kind of answer Naruto turned into a puff of smoke.

"Well he isn't called unpredictable for nothing..." Aoba said with a sheepish smile while Yamato stared into the spot Naruto was at just a few seconds ago. His eyebrow twitched in rising frustration.


Naruto's eyes opened revealing his yellow iris colored eyes. He rose from his meditation stance as the memories from his clone came to him. "So if Samus is heading towards the Metroids nest then she isn't aware that there is more than the last time!"

Naruto had been wise to send a clone off with his Sensei and the rest while he took the time to gain natural energy he could wait till they were far enough so they wouldn't catch him so quickly. "Now that I have enough chakra I can search up for her"

And without wasting anymore little time he had left Naruto blasted off to the opposite direction his clone had gone and tried to find Samus' chakra. Instead he was sensing something familiar but not very welcoming. Far away and no where close to him he could sense the Metroids signatures but not only that he could count hundreds of them.

"I definitely have to find her!"

Samus felt something strange. She had joined up with their designated rendezvous which ended up to be none other than Naruto's mentor and teacher. To say she was surprise was the last thing Samus thought, she could feel like everything was connecting her to her precious new friend Naruto Uzumaki. But this wasn't what was making her feel strange, no she was feeling something at the bottom of her stomach. Something sickening.

Kakashi had explained to Yugao and Samus his mission and what he had found out so far. Details were small or info both girls already knew.

"There's one more thing I left out and only because I wanted to make very clear to you ladies" Kakashi held serious and stern expression through his mask as he turned to the trees behind him.

"As I grew closer to enemy I noticed they became very hostile to any moving living thing around them. I was careless but managed to escape before they could gather in numbers. It seems they are very territorial creatures"

Samus nodded him to continue while Yugao raised a question to Kakashi.

"Then how far we from them?"

Kakashi turned his head to the purple headed girl before motioning her to the wilderness in front of him. Yugao took a few steps but that was all when Kakashi raised his arm for her to stop. He then performed a clone jutsu and had his self walk a few steps. Kakashi's clone was barely able to dodge underground assualt by a hiding Metroid buried in the ground.

He jumped away and then quickly evaded another Metroid going for him from behind. His foot was caught in a trap by another hiding Metroid, Kakashi's clone was unable to move and that's when the flying Metroid came to his view before lighting up blood red. Samus' eyes widen in disbelief. The creature lit a small light infront of itself and that's when it shot a bright red beam at Kakashi's clone, destroying it's existence. The small organisms then retreated to the forest back to hiding leaving small bewildered.

"I believe these creatures have evolved since your arrival Samus-san" Kakashi stated and dragging his foot on the dirt making a line. "This is the perimeter. I sense they have something planned further ahead but they won't let anyone come to this point"

Samus knew they were changing ever since they took up Naruto's power but she didn't imagined them to be this intelligent this quick even when they still have their infant forms.

"We should retreat" Samus was alarmed all of a sudden. "This place is too dangerous!"

"Who made you leader all of a sudden? Our mission is still not over." Yugao said as she readjusted her mask.

"You don't understand, this place is not safe. Even if our mission is to destroy every single one, it just isn't possible right now!" Samus and Yugao were bumping heads once more and Kakashi didn't want to get involved he just stared from the sidelines.

"You want to see who decides takes up that leader position?" Yugao said as she slowly unsheathe her weapon.

"I'm going to put you down to sleep and drag you back to the village if that's what it takes!" Samus said as she was ready to pick up the hand gun.

With another stand off happening Kakashi was still lost and felt out of place. Both girls glared at each other coldly, their hatred towards each other was growing by the minute.

However a third presence made itself aware to the both girls. Samus and Yugao's eyes widen when they felt it and without hesitation they acted. Yugao quickly unsheathe her katana and slashed towards Samus but she ducked to the ground and charged her weapon before firing it at Yugao's direction. She dodged as well before rolling to the side. Both of the girls then got back to back.

Kakashi saw as the two bickering girls attacked each other only to hit the Metroids coming from behind them. The one behind Samus had been split in half and the one behind Yugao had a hole through it. Both had been killed but the one eyed Jounin couldn't tell if they were actually going for the enemy or at each other.

"Not bad, maybe after we're all done with this mission I'll take you up on a friendly spar"

Samus couldn't help but to smirk at her words, "Define 'spar' for me 'cause I doubt you know the meaning of it"

The blonde and purple headed girls were to busy with their own conversation that they didn't care about the growing number of Metroids at the moment.

Kakashi also had his own problem to deal with. Metroids surrounded him which left him no choice but to fight back. He jumped to the trees and placed a paper bomb onto the branch before fleeing away as several parasites chased him. The detonation was able to take out a few number of them but still left Kakashi enough to deal with.

"Oh boy, this doesn't look to good for me.." he said with a dull tone.

Samus had her Varia suit activated. She couldn't take any chances, right at this moment they were unpredictable which made them extremely dangerous but then again when weren't they dangerous?

Yugao had no trouble slicing them up in pieces. She jumped high and skipped from tree to tree sand was able he deliver a lethal cut to a group of Metroids each time. Once she reached the top of the tree's height she gracefully fell back down to the ground. She smirked before she whipped the substance off her katana. Yugao motioned back to her team but was suddenly restrained by her foot.

"Dammit!" She cursed, she had been caught in the same trap as Kakashi's clone. The buried Metroid had it's fangs clenched deep into Yugao's foot.

Samus noticed Yugao's predicament. She quickly finished off a Metroid before running off to her teammate's aid. However she was intercepted by more Metroids. This time they snarled at her and their movement started to tremble as they flew. Then they all lit up blood red like a match on fire their flames surrounded their small body.

"Gahh!" Yugao cried in pain. All of them had changed into blood red Metroids and they were treating Yugao like an animal caught in bear trap. A dozen of them surrounded her and each one flew with their fangs out, just enough to cut her skin.

Samus charged her beam and fire it at one but it proved to be ineffective as it bounced away. Kakashi had his Raikiri but it only disrupted their flames.

"Nothings working" He said with the Sharigan activated.

"We have to get to her!" Samus couldn't take it anymore. Her pained screams reminded her of when Naruto was mauled by them. "They're just playing with her! Like she's just a-" It was then that Samus noticed the familiar scene. Yugao had used her sword to cut the Metroids up and now they were doing the same with her except they just torturing her.


Yugao was in a critical condition, first they gave her small cuts that compared to a paper cut but then they got much more sever. She was getting covered in her own blood. The pain her leg didn't help, it only made things worse as she couldn't stand. She was on her knees and the Metroids continued to slice her up. Yugao knew they were enjoying her pain.

With a launch of a missile, Samus was able to clear a path. However that didn't stop the Metroids it only slowed them down. Kakashi was able to help when he used his bombs once more. He threw a Kunai with a paper bomb attached to it and aim it to the center of the flock. They were sent flying and scattered to the trees.

"Just maybe... I can use my Kamui to help"

Samus came to Yugao's aid but was blocked by the Metroids that had her captive. She didn't know their weakness, so far they seemed immune to everything. Samus shot missiles at every red flame she could see and ran towards the girl's side.

"Hey! Yugao..." Samus called her for the first time but the girl was weak, she had lost to much blood. The blonde grabbed her arm and placed it over her head so she could carry her put Yugao screamed out in agony. Her foot was still trapped.

"Shit!" She had forgotten about the trap. "I can't fire without hitting her too!"

"Hey..." Yugao said weakly. "Don't forget... our spar"

Samus' heart was beating rapidly. She was dying, she had lost too much blood.

"You girls can fight all you want when we get back" Kakashi said as he landed behind Yugao and took her katana. "I'm sorry Yugao-san" the silver haired nin then activated his raikiri and fused it's electric current with the blade. The electricity disrupted the Metroid's flames which gave Kakashi the chance to strike with Yugao's sword. The buried Metriod released Yugao's foot.

"Yes!" Samus celebrated as she pulled her out. Yugao's eyes turned to her and stared at her, Samus couldn't see her face but she could feel something was wrong. Suddenly something had poked her from behind and a fang had erupted from her abdomen.

"Gahhh" Yugao cried out as blood came from her mouth.

"Dammit" Kakashi cursed as he grabbed the Metroid and used all his strength to pull it out of his teammate. "We have to get out of here! Now!"

Kakashi made a motion her Samus to follow. Samus hesitated to move but once she snapped out of it she scooped Yugao in her arms and followed Kakashi. The metroids were hot on their trail but the silver haired Jounin led them to a place where he had placed more paper bomb traps. As they passed the blast zone Kakashi threw a single Kunai onto a branch that was covered in paper bombs.

Samus ignored the explosion and shielded Yugao from it. She only worried about the dying girl in her arms and thought how beautiful she was behind the mask.

"Don't tell... Naruto"

Naruto felt the Kyuubi's chakra, it was strangely different. "Come on! I gotta go faster!" Even in Sage mode Naruto was still far from Samus position. He also sensed two other chakra signatures with her. One of them he could easily tell it was Kakashi's but the other was hard to tell. He had felt it before but couldn't quite point out whose it was. Whoever the person was their chakra was fading.