yaaaaa! Anouther story!

please n joy

"Dr. Elric! please she's dying" the man to the left yelled

"Leave, I need to concentrate. Your yelling is annoying" Ed snapped back. All the people in the small room nodded and left, the last one being a old man

"Please doctor" his already wrinkling face fell as he asked this in clear worry

"Don't worry" Edward smiled up at him. he then walked out of the room and shut the door with a soft click.

Finally Ed turned around and looked at the wreathing form in front of him.

so you might be wondering how i got here, well you all know that I traded myself for my brother, well I did! And the gate sent me to this place called Earth.

He examined the wound, it was just a scrape but still, the inky black pentagrams have started to show.

This place was as corrupted as central, I sure as hell wasn't going to join their army! So I found another way to help. I became a doctor.

This was his specialty, Ed had never seen the monster's that give his patients these wounds but he has grown to know them well, most of the time Edwards patients are dust by the time he get there but acationaly Ed got to the few who are able to resist the poison for more than a couple minutes.

I realized though after my 3rd year here that...i wasn't ageing, and well that sucked. So I've been traveling the world saving people's lives with the knowledge of my multiple years of training.

Ed clapped his hands and placed them on the girls stomach, green lighting sparked over her body, soon a black sustenance oozed out of her wound and into the vile he held in his hand, slowly the pentagrams faded away into nothing and the girl was still...she was asleep

Oh, and well i kind of still have my Alchemy...Don't ask me! i don't know why. But i became better at alkahestry and started healing people with these kind of wounds but….there is a slight side affect for when I do this, but only when it comes to healing the people with pentagrams you see…

There was a knock at the door "Sir? Is she okay?" it was the old man. Ed kept his back to the door

"yes, she is fine, just wait a little longer and you can see her" there was a soft okay and then Ed rushed to pack his bag's..The people call him Dr. Elric, the phantom Doctor, because he heals them and then disappears without a trace.

Ed ran to the window grabbing his traveling bag with him only to pause at the mirror, his skin was the color of ash, with star's around his head….it always happens when he save's a pentagram patient. He stopped in his observation of him self when he heard the door open, and quick as a wink he was out the window with his hood up and heading to the train.

Within 5 minutes his appearance was back to normal and he could finally put down his hood. He looked around the station, it wasn't that busy yet which was good for him because he always sleep's on the train.

Finding a comfortable seat, he sat down looking at the other passenger's in the train cart he was in. only one group caught his eye, there were 2 girls one with brown wavy hair and HUGE bag's under her eye's the other had short green/black hair tied in two pony tails, there was also 8 guy's, one had red hair and a face half covered by a mask a cigarette was hanging from his lips and his glasses on the end of his nose, the next one two the right was an elderly looking man with fizzy hair and kind eye's he seemed to be teasing the other male, this one with long midnight blue hair that had a scowl on his face that sat across from him, next to mister grumpy was a teen with blinding red hair and a green bandana to hold it up, this one had an eye patch on. Ed's attention was drawn to an old man who suddenly kicked the flaming fruit tart…..he looked like a old panda. The last 2 male's where pretty silent, one had what looked like head phones on the other one was a teen with snow Wight hair.

Ed sighed and leaned his head agenset the window, 'this group is so loud' Ed thought to himself. Soon seconds ticked by then minutes, Ed could feel himself slowly drifting to sleep.

"HI!" a load voice yelled in his ear. Ed's eye's popped open in surprise and he swung his arm out, it soon finding contact with something soft.

"OMG! YOU BROKE MY JAW!" Ed finally calmed down and looked at the person he just decked, it was the flaming fruit tart.

"You shouldn't yell in people's ear's when there sleeping" Ed stated soon the fruit tarts friends came and helped him up, dragging him to his seat again sending glares at Ed.

"Oh, Lavi your bleeding!" said the girl with pig tails..sighing once again Ed grabbed his traveling bag and walked up to the group, most of them glared at him. Some shrunk back in fear he would hit them next. Ed dropped down on his knees and looked at the red head kid

"move your hand" he ordered grabbing the fruit tarts hand and pulling it away from his face.

"y-your not going to punch me again are you? You already broke my jaw!" the tart said

"No, and it isn't your jaw, your jaw cant bleed" Ed opened his bag and grabbed his wipe's. The other people just stared at him till the elderly one spoke

"Soooo, are you a doctor?"

"yes," Ed dabbed at the tarts face only to have him wince "suck it up fruit tart, it's only a broken nose!" the group laft at that

"It's Lavi" Lavi pouted Ed smirked and grabbed his nose and giving a quick pull to the left straitening his nose "OWWWWW!" yelled Lavi

"Now your nose won't be crocked when it heals" with that Ed reached back into his bag and pulled out a vile. Taking a needle out of his pocket Ed stuck it in the vile and measured the exact amount, then swiftly stabbed it in Lavi's neck producing another yelp from him, Then all of the group looked at Ed, (even Kanda) who was seating a drug induced sleeping Lavi back in the chair.

Ed looked at the group and crossed his arm's "now who is this kids garden?" All hand's pointed to the panda "Ok then," Ed sat next the man and grabbed a couple more needle's and handing them to him "I didn't brake his nose just fractured it, I already realigned it so it should heal strait," he then pointed to the needle's in Bookman's hand "these are for the pain, and this one….. that one I just threw in there in case you want him to shut up" And then he collected his stuff and walked out of the compartment.

"He seemed vary nice didn't he mari?" mari nodded to Allen, kanda just che'd and shut his eye's again

"I don't know, what kind of teen has a doctor degree?" questioned Miranda

"Or punches you out of reflex?" Added Lenallee

Suddenly there was a loud crash and the ceiling blew of the cart revealing 3 level fours and Tiki.

so yes, this is just something i did when i got bord, so it's not that good...not sure if i will continue it but mabby... whell BYE!