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He was sitting, just sitting. Not really thinking about anything, or anybody. The room he was in was silent and had a calming dark veil around it….

But this isn't right. His brain is always working, and he despised the dark.


Sound, for some reason that unsettled him more than the endless darkness around him, or the blankness in his mind. It wasn't right, that sound….no, sound itself didn't belong here.


There it was again, sending ripples down his self consciousness, slowly arousing him from his dazed state. He could see it now, the slumped form of another in the far corner.


Molten gold eye's zeroed in on the figure. A grotesque smile was stretching its face, blood trickling down from the sides of its mouth. Slowly it rolled down soft skin, curved past a round chin, only to build up at the bottom forming a drop. And down, down it fell. Past a crimson clad shoulder, past white pristine gloves that clutched a burnt piece of paper, and past black covered legs.




He reeled back falling off his chair, scrambling desperately on cold concrete floor until his back hit the unyielding wall.

It's not possible, no way plausible!

Tanned hands tore at his face desperately trying to tear the image away from his eyes.

That was him! No! He can't die, not yet! Not YET!

Jerking up, Ed flailed his bound limbs around, only to fall off the short seat of the carriage he was currently in.

"Wow, man! Calm down." Came a loud voice from his left.

His chest hurt from breathing so fast, and condensation was building up on his forehead.


How pathetic, my voice just broke.

Slowly his vision came too, and his breathing slowed.

''Well you'll be glad to know, that we gust arrived at our secret head quarters!" chirped the same voice.

"And where's that at?" Ed inquired, trying to sit up only to now realize that his limbs were bound by rope.

"I can't tell you stupid! What's the point of it being called secret then?"

Ed rolled his eyes and finally glanced at the only other occupant in the carriage sides from himself.

"'s you. The Pirate. Want me to break your nose again?"

"Don't call me that!" Lavi insisted while his hand flew over to protect his still soar nose "Why not something less bloodthirsty like..One eyed flower?!"

Ed scoffed but then suddenly started to glare at the red headed teen when he remembered what happened before he woke up. "Why did you drug me?" Lavi flinched then started fidgeting with the hammer strapped onto his side.

"W-Well you see- um it like- aaaaaa…-"

"He didn't. I did" both boys looked at the opened door of the carriage to barely see bookman standing there. (hehehe because he's sooooo short)

Ed tried to sit up straight to see him fully but instead his vision suddenly blurred again only to clear up to a vision full of red.

A frown pulled at Ed's lips. Red…what am I forgetting?

And then it dawned on him.

"Hay stop squirming brat, or I may or may not just accidently drop your insufferable ass." Drawled the voice of Cross Marine, who had Ed thrown across his shoulder's.

"I have a better idea! How about you let me go so I can shove my shiny boot up your ass!" Ed hissed pounding on his back with his head. A pleased smirk crossed his face when he heard a chocking sound come from the man, fallowed by quite mumbling. The sound of hooves alerted Ed to more carriages arriving before they turned a corner and Ed was dumped unceremoniously onto the floor.

"Here's the brat" cross said folding his arms in front of his chest. "Now I'm leaving."

Ed looked at the man before him, blue hair and a hat on top. Gray stormy eyes were hiding behind wire rimmed glasses, that seemed to sing 'lalalalalalala'

Yep a total creep.

Suddenly Ed found himself going cross-eyed as a gloved hand was thrust into his face.

"Yes?" He asked drawled uninterested.

"Hello and welcome! My name is Kamoe and if you touch my darling lenallee I will kill you" the tall man said with a sickening sweet smile plastered on his face.

"If you expect me to shake your hand, let alone touch you, you my good friend are poorly mistaken."

Confusion crossed the china man's face. Edward sighed "Your cronies tied me up" as if to prove his point Ed rolled around sticking his butt in the air and waved his hands.

''oh!" kamoe exclaimed "In that case-"

Someone please! Help me!

Ed was currently being dragged to the basement of the facility he was currently in. Trying to slow down enough to get behind far as much as he could maybe he can escape down a corridor. Glancing at the eccentric man flapping his mouth Ed rubbed his sore unbound wrist.

"Allen said you were a Doctor. Oh goodie! What kind of Doctor? Your hair is strange, did you know that? Ugg if on-" Now was his chance!

Ed sharply made a left turn down a random hallway and sprinted through it and taking random turns as if his life depended on it. Suddenly he burst through two double doors into a large room with a railing in front of him.

"-And there's this doctor who's been healing-" Kamoe walked through an open doorway on the other side of the room. "Oh! Ed….I thought you were right behind me?" He frowned and glanced behind him.

Ed started backing up, something about not just this room but place didn't seem right. And now that he thought about it, neither did the people he new lived in it. He also noted that on the train he was kinda uncomfortable being that close to them when he was fixing Lavi's nose. But in this room….

"So shall we begin then?" Ed focused on Kamoe again. When did he get a clipboard?

"For what?" and no sooner did those words leave his mouth that his feet were lifting up and something green and glowing wrapped around his waist.


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