Harry Potter: Bloodline

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Chapter 1: Prologue

Tri-Wizard Tournament.

Harry Potter was sitting in the far end of the Slytherin table. It was always this way. He looked towards the Gryffindor table and sighed. He hated how his brother always gets the good stuff in life. Yes.

Harvey Potter was the Boy-Who-Lived.

They all think that the boy with the crescent shaped scar on his temple was the Slayer of Voldemort. They never really knew what happened.


It was a stormy night. Thunder and lightning crashed outside in the nights sky. Well, it was almost always like this these days. It was like the weather and nature itself was angry. Maybe this was the result of the rumoured rituals that the self styled Dark Lord had done. Maybe nature herself was protesting and showing her anger at the man.

Lily Potter walked towards the living room and sighed. She and her husband were invited to the ministry Hallow's Eve party. They couldn't deny the request since her husband was one of the more active Wizengamot members. Being Lord and Lady Potter was really a hard life for the couple.

James ran down the stairs and asked his wife

"Has Peter arrived yet, Lily?"

Lily looked at her husband and smiled. It was rare to see James in a suit like he was wearing now and it made him more handsome in her eyes.

"Not yet, Prongs. Although he should be arriving soon."

Just then, knock on the door was heard and both Lily and James walked towards it and opened it for their expected guest.

Peter or more commonly known as Wormtail in their group of friends, was a little man. Dirty in nature and small in stature. He was the Potter's secret keeper. Although no one knew this since Sirius was announced to be their keeper. It had been Albus Dumbledore's plan to make the change secretly so that they can throw off the scent. You see, Voldemort was trying to find a child. More specifically, the prophecy child.

Since the fateful day that Sybill Trelawney had uttered these cursed words

"The one with the power to vanquish the Dark Lord approaches

born to those who have thrice defied him, born as the seventh month dies

and the Dark Lord will mark him as his equal,

but he will have power the Dark Lord knows not

and either must die at the hand of the other

for neither can live while the other survives

the one with the power to vanquish the Dark Lord will be born as the seventh month dies"

The Potter family had been in forced into hiding.

Although the Prophecy could have been one of three children whose names were Harry and Harvey Potter and Neville Longbottom, the Potter's were the ideal target.

Harry Potter, who was born three years before his brother, Harvey, had the birthdate of July 31st. Harvey, who was the younger son, was born July 30th alongside Neville Longbottom.

Since the joining of Serverus Snape into the resistance, they had come to the intelligence of Voldemort targeting the so-called half-blood brothers of the Potters. No one really knows why but Albus Dumbledore speculated that since Riddle was a half-blood himself, he felt that only a person like himself could ever challenge him.

Well, now that they knew who the Dark Lord was targeting, they have put the whole Potter family into hiding outside the main island into Wales. This is where we find the family now.

"Wormtail! Good to see you, old friend."

Peter then smiled rather shakily before answering

"Y-yes it is g-good to see you too Prongs, Lily"

Just then a green coloured boy jump towards the small man and said in a happy tone

"Unca Wormy! Will yous be baby sitting us while Mommy and Popa are going to their party?"

Peter smiled at the kid. He really liked the boy and was saddened on what his intentions were towards him and this family tonight.

"Why yes Harry, I would be taking care of you tonight while you mom and dad go to the Ministry. Go now, brush your teeth and get ready for bed."

The green eyed, black haired bot smiled and replied

"Yes Unca Wormy."

The boy quickly took off towards the washroom to get ready for bedtime. James smiled at his eldest boy while Lily looked proud. Harry had been only a year old when he did his first accidental magic. It was the youngest recorded in history which made both his parents proud. Then James got his coat and said to Peter

"We'll leave you now Wormtail. Take care of the kids. Send your Patronus if you need anything okay?"

Wormtail replied

"No need to worry about them Prongs, Lily. I'll take good care of both of them. Run along and have fun! You both deserve it!"

Lily smiled and kissed his cheek before James patted him on the back. Both left in peace, not knowing that this day will change them forever.

-An hour later

Voldemort or the self styled Dark Lord was silently cheering. He had done it! His spy had successfully infiltrated the house of his would be destroyer. And now, after tonight, no one will doubt his power anymore. Everyone will once again bow before his might.

He slowly walked towards the gate of the average sized house which was slowly becoming visible to him. Wormtail had once again proven his worth. He had been placed as the secret keeper of the Potter's in hopes of throwing their scent but they were wrong. Now, he would see them punished for their foolishness in defying him.

He slowly walked up towards the door which was opened. Wormtail stood there kneeling before his Lord before saying

"My Lord, the Potter's have been away for an hour and the boys are now sleeping."

Voldemort smiled before saying

"Well done, Wormtail. You shall be rewarded greatly for this!"

Wormtail smiled and moved aside for his master. Voldemort walked in, strutting like he owned the place. He walked up the stairs which was lined with photos of the two boys. the older boy was around four years old. He had beautiful emerald green eyes and messy black hair. The other boy had hazel eyes with red hair.

Voldemort walked up towards the kids room and opened the door. He was shocked to see the older boy standing guard by the his siblings crib with an air of defiance. The boy then asked him

"Are you the bad man that mommy and daddy were hiding from?"

The Dark Lord took pity on the child. The boy will die but he still is protecting his brother. What a hero's death he will have.

"Yes child. Now, step aside so I can deal with you and your brother."

The kid looked at him with fear that soon changed into anger. The boy looked at him and answered in a clear tone that the Dark Lord had only heard from one other person

"You will not harm my bwother!"

The Dark Lord laughed. The boy got guts for trying to stop him but it wasn't enough to stop him. He then raised his wand and said the words that would spell doom to most people

"Avada Kedavra!"

The green spell shot towards the boy. Then everything went wrong. Harry, in his panic, raised his hands in defence. The green spell, instead of hitting him head on, was now in the boys palm. Floating in an orb like shape.

The Dark Lord was so shocked that he did not even have enough time to move as the orb was blasted back to him. In the span of fifty years, no one has ever landed a curse at him save Dumbledore but now, his own curse was rebounded to him by a four year old boy. Voldemort was struck with his own curse.

At first nothing happened. And then pandemonium started. His body began to shake and emit a dark light. The light exploded and both boys were hit by it. The younger one was stuck on his temple which woke the child. The older boy was struck on his forehead.

The house began to shake and collapse on itself just as both parents with a hoard of reporters and Ministry Officials arrived.

James and Lily were frantic. The wards of their home went down and when they got here, the house itself was destroyed. They frantically excavated both boys. They found the siblings in an orb of white light. The younger one wailing and the older one collapsed. They went and hugged the baby and saw the mark on the child's temple.

Albus Dumbledore went towards the young couple and saw the mark. He quickly said to both parents

"He is the one. James, Lily, we must tell the reporters of this! It would seem that the Tom came here tonight in hopes of murdering your child. He was unsuccessful and by the looks of this mark, Harvey was the one who stopped him. He is the Prophecy Child!"

Both Lily and James obliged and quickly gave The unconscious Harry to Sirius. They both went towards the reporters and Dumbledore announced

"The Dark Lord has been defeated! Harvey Potter has destroyed him! Here is our saviour, Harvey Potter!"

Nobody even looked twice at the other boy who had the lightning bolt scar on his forehead and resting in the arms of his Godfather, Sirius Black. Sadly, No one noticed the rat scurrying away from the site shaking in fear of what would happen if he was caught.

-End Flashback

After that day, Harry was basically ignored by both parents. They would celebrate his birthday but would only give him a cake. The presents were always for Harvey. His godfather, Sirius, and his Uncle Remus would always bring him their gifts but after the fight between his father and his Uncle Sirius, they have lost communication.

So here he was now, at the end of the Slytherin table. He was shunned by both his housemates and his family. For one, no Potter has ever been in Slytherin before. Two, the brother of the Boy-Who-Lived was never welcome in Slytherin. Although his housemates will cheer for him when he was playing Quidditch and winning the game but after that, they would shun him once more. He was already used to this for the last six years of his life so it was no problem for him. He always had his books for company.

Speaking of his brother, the fat boy was now trying to look his best beside Dumbledore. He had been called up to welcome the visiting schools with the headmaster. People always viewed his brother as the Saviour or as the Boy-Who-Lived. He always viewed his brother a fat pig who can't stop strutting around showing everyone his scar. He himself also had a scar, although he always hid it from sight. Last thing he wanted to happen was people thinking he was trying to take his brother's limelight.

Just then, the light in the hall dimmed a little as the doors opened. Girls aged sixteen to seventeen started marching towards the Staff Table gracefully. They all wore a blue dress with matching blue cap. Harry quickly deduced that they were French since only Beaubaxtons had blue uniforms. After all the girls were lined up perfectly on each side of the room, a tall woman walked in. Beside her were two girls whose beauty was incomparable to any he had ever seen. The taller one looked about his age. The smaller one was about fourteen to fifteen. Both had shining blonde hair and stunning blue eyes. He could see every boy except him staring hungrily at both girls.

The three women arrived at the Staff Table and bowed. He could see his brother trying to impress both women while his mouth was opened. Both women ignored his brother and gave him a snotty look which was unnoticed by his stupid brother.

Dumbledore then gestured for the Beaubaxtons to choose where to sit which they chose Ravenclaw table. Just then, pounding can be heard outside the hall. Everyone looked as men with thick cloaks stormed into the Hall with staffs pounding the ground which produced sparks. The men all arrived in front of the Hall while two men blew from their staffs to produce a Dragon and an Phoenix mad out of fire. Their Headmaster strode in with a guy he knew only from his magazines. Viktor Krum.

The people from Durmstrang, which he discovered later, seated in the Slytherin table much to the dismay of his brother and his red headed friend, Ronald Weasley.

-An Hour Later

Harry was quietly eating his dinner. It had been almost an hour since the arrival of both schools. The dishes that were prepared by the elves were bow varying from Russian, German to French and English. He had been enjoying a quiet meal when he heard a conversation between Draco Malfoy and Viktor Krum.

"Who was the boy with glasses who was with your Headmaster to greet us?"

Malfoy snorted and replied

"Oh that kid? He's Harvey Potter, Boy-Who-Lived. He has a brother here in Slytherin. There, the one with messy black hair and green eyes. We usually just ignore him since he doesn't belong in our house."

He saw Viktor nod and look at him before asking

"Why does he not belong to your house?"

Malfoy looked at him and answered

"He's a Potter, Potters don't get sorted into Slytherin. I heard he was dropped as an heir because of that."

Viktor nodded and continued eating. Harry sighed as he continued with his dinner, not knowing that two beautiful ladies were looking in his direction. The older of the two stood up and walked towards him and asked

"Are you finished with this dish?"

Harry looked up and saw the face of the older of the two ladies that accompanied the Beaubaxton Headmistress. He then took the said dish and replied

"Here take it."

The girl looked surprised and replied

"Thank you."

Harry looked up one more time and caught a faint pink aura surrounding the girl. He looked more closely and willed his magic to his eyes and saw that the pink aura was constantly flowing out of the two lady's body. That could only mean one thing.

-Ravenclaw table

Fleur Delacour sighed as she reached for the dish she wanted the most. It was all gone. Looking towards her sister and saw she was staring at the young man who had black messy hair and green eyes. She looked towards his table and saw her favourite dish still untouched in front of him.

She got up and walked towards him and asked

"Are you finished with this dish?"

He looked at her with a neutral expression and answered

"Here take it."

Fleur stared at him with surprise. No one has ever been able to resist her Veela charm! She took the dish and went to her sister and said to her

"Do you see the boy you were staring at moments ago?"

Gabrielle blushed and answered shyly


Fleur smiled at her sister's predicament. If she told her this, she would be ecstatic. No one save her father had been able to ignore the Veela charm. Now, this boy had also ignored it like it wasn't there in the first place.

"He completely ignore my charm. He is immune!"

Gabrielle looked at her sister with shock and said

"We must try to meet him!"

Fleur agreed. It would only be once in a lifetime for a Veela to meet a man who is immune to their allure. Jus like her mother who got married a year after she met with her father. She feared she would never meet the man fated for her since a man who is immune to their allure was so uncommon. It was not just uncommon but it was nearly impossible to find one. That was why the Veela population has slowly been diminishing.

Both Fleur looked back at Harry and was shocked to see him staring at them. What surprised them the most was his eyes. No longer were they emerald green but they were red with three comma's surrounding the eye. Both of the girls looked at each other before Fleur asked one of the girls whose name was Cho.

"Cho, who is that man with black messy hair in the other table?"

Cho looked at the direction she gazed and smiled

"Oh that sexy beast? His name's Harry Potter. Brother of that fat boy there, Harvey Potter. He is the seeker in the Slytherin Quidditch team and has ever lost a match since he joined in his second year. He mostly keeps himself to himself and has not dated anyone as far as I know. Although, he might have a go with you."

Fleur blushed as she finished. Then her sister asked

"Why is he all alone there?"

Cho answered sadly

"It is because he is shunned by everyone in his house. Technically, he should belong to Gryffindor since every Potter that has passed these halls was a Gryff but sadly he was placed where people do not like the Potter name. So he is basically an outcast. Last I heard, his father had ousted his position as heir and gave it to Harvey."

Fleur was shocked. How could a father outcast his son from the family just because of him being in a different house! Since the only way to oust a persons' right of being an heir is being outcasted from his family. What kind of parent would do such a horrible thing.

Just then, Albus Dumbledore stood up and spoke

"As you all know, the Tri-Wizard tournament is being held here at Hogwarts. The rules are as follows.

1. A person may only be able to drop his or her name once into the Goblet.

2. The said person, if entered, must take responsibility to every injury he or she takes even death.

3. Only people seventeen or above may enter.-"

At this, several of the lower years started banging and protesting. Dumbledore banged his hand on the table and shouted


Everyone stopped protesting and sat back down. Dumbledore sighed before continuing

"4. Once chosen, there is no turning back.

5. The chosen competitors may not ask for help from the Professors and Staff of the school. Although friends helping friends is allowed.

That is all."

Dumbledore sat down as Barty Crouch stood up and presented the Goblet. It was pure gold with a blue flames inside. It basically looked like a torch but with a cup. Then Barty spoke

"The Goblet of Fire! Those who wish to enter may do so starting tomorrow morning until the afternoon of Hallow's Eve. The drawing of the champions will occur on the thirty-first of October after dinner time."

Barty sat down once more as Dumbledore spoke up

"Now off too bed."

The shuffling began and everyone hurried out of the Hall. Fleur saw Harry being the first to exit and sighed. In a whisper she said

"I will have to meet him."

Unfortunately, her sister heard and replied

"We must meet him."

Fleur smiled at her sister before nodding. They then were ushered out of the hall by Madame Maxime towards their carriage where they will be staying for the duration of the year.


Harry looked back at the Entrance Hall and saw the two ladies who had the pink aura. He smiled and whispered to himself

"We will meet soon."

Little did they know that the events that follow will change their lives forever.