Harry Potter: Bloodline

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"Skythreader" - French

Chapter Sixteen: All Was Well

Harry Uchiha-Black.

Yes, that was who he was. Harry Uchiha-Black.

Sitting up, he looked towards the sides and saw the familiar setting of the Delacour home. How had he come here? The last thing he remembered was-

"Harry!" A feminine voice that he would guess was Gabrielle's.

He looked towards the running woman before being engulfed in a titanic hug that only Gabrielle could have done. He smiled before asking her, "What happened?"

Fleur walked in at that moment. Harry looked towards her indifferent face before receiving a slap.

Harry, confused by the gesture, asked, "Why?"

Before he knew it, he was engulfed in a tight hug courtesy of Fleur Delacour. She sobbed into his shoulder before murmuring, "Don't do that again, Mon Amour."

Harry looked at Gabrielle questioningly before receiving a confused look. This prompted Harry to ask, "What happened?"

Fleur pushed herself off of him and replied, "After the battle, we have to cast a stasis charm on you. You have received extensive damage to your arm and torso. Also, you were leaking magic from your core."

Harry painfully got up before asking, "Leaking? How?"

Fleur shook her head before replying, "We don't know yet. But after an hour, you magic seemed to have stabilized. It was a mystery as to how it stopped but we feared that it might start again."


Fleur smacked him again before asking incredulously, "Oh? Is that all you can say? Oh? You almost died! You promised! You promised!"

She then hugged him again, much tighter this time before whispering, "Don't do that again, oui?"

Harry smiled into her hair before replying, "Never. I promise."

Harry gestured for Gabrielle to join them as he kissed his fiancée on the lips and his wife on the forehead. He was at peace. At least before he was disturbed by a loud cough.


Harry looked up from his wife's silvery hair before asking, "What is it, Draco?"

Draco Malfoy smiled at his Emperor before replying, "The Unified Magical Empire is waiting for its Emperor's news about his well being. Also, the country representatives are waiting to commence a meeting to crown you as their monarch and sign the treaties that will bind every Magical Community under one banner."

Gabrielle sighed before asking, "But it's our Harry time!"

Harry smirked before getting up, "Lead the way, Draco. Let's get this running the world business under way!"

Fleur supported his left side while Draco his right, with Gabrielle clinging onto Fleur's side.

"Surely you could wait until tomorrow, Mon Amour?" Gabriele asked innocently.

"There are no breaks for World Rulers, Mon Amour!"

-Twelve Years Later

"Hurry up, slowpoke! Or else I wont be able to get a seat!"

Harry sighed as his daughter pulled him towards Platform Nine and Three Quarters. It had been a grueling twelve years after he was able to unify the whole Magical World under one banner and had successfully established England as one of the leading nations under his banner.

"Daddy! Can't I go yet?" Asked a cute blonde haired girl that looked about seven.

Harry smiled at his daughter before replying, "Not yet, Lily Isabelle Uchiha! You know that."

His daughter whined before pulling him towards his two wives, who were each holding the twins.

"Where's Itachi?" Harry asked as he kissed both his wives.

Gabrielle smiled at her husband before replying, "I think he already went into the train! He seems to be overly excited this year!"

Lily looked at her mom before replying, "It's his first year! You can't blame him mommy! I bet I'll be like that when I start as well!"

Fleur smiled at her sister's child before addressing Harry, "Is Draco here?"

Harry looked around before spying Draco, with his son, Scorpius. Draco saw them and waved before greeting them, "My Liege, Majesties."

Harry smiled before bowing in return, "Minister."

Draco looked at his friend before sharing a laugh. Hey had struck up a steady friendship after the war and had seemingly had the same interest in politics and butterbeer.

"Hello, Scorpius."

Young Scorpius looked towards the man that ruled the Magical World before curtsying, "My Liege."

Harry smiled before ruffling the boy's hair before saying, "You should go, Pius. Itachi is already on board."

Scorpius smiled before running towards the train, with his trunk in tow.

Astoria Malfoy smiled at her child before stating, "They grow so fast, don't they?"

The adults nodded as the train started to leave the station. All adults waved goodbye at the two boys as they opened their windows and waved towards their parents.

Itachi smiled at his dad before mouthing, "I'll try sending a toilet seat!"

Harry laughed as he saluted his son before walking back towards the portal, with Draco in step while his wives and Astoria behind them, gossiping as usual.

"How is everything?" Draco asked tentatively.

Harry sighed before replying, "Fine. We have some insurgence in South America but it has been dealt with. With the popular support of the masses, we don't have any problems that are foreseeable."

Draco nodded and stopped before asking, "Ever wonder what would have happened if you did not get the Sharingan?"

Harry stopped as well before musing, "Well, I would have been a lost boy that would have died when I transferred my magic to my brother."

Shuddering they started walking once more. Harry looked towards the car that was followed by an escort before saying, "I must take my leave, Draco. How about tea tomorrow afternoon in France?"

"Your place?"

"Why not."

Harry got into the car with his family before snatching Lily and tickling her. She soon started tickling her father and the tickle fight seemed to amuse both his wives.

He looked around the passing buildings. The tall skyscrapers full of people that never even wondered why there was a drop in produce from the farms near Hadrian's Wall. Why, for some, reason, they could not approach the Wall itself.

Fleur saw his husband musing once more before asking, "What's wrong?"

Harry smiled and glanced at his wives, Fleur and Gabby, who both smiled at him. He then watched as the twins suckled on the baby bottles with their angelic expressions. Finally, at his daughter who was sleeping innocently on his lap, free of worldly cares.


All was well.