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"NORGE!" Denmark cried.

"What do you want?" Norway replied, sounding quite irritated.

"Well... I dared Iceland to go into the cellar for $1,000... Now he's gone but the door was locked from the outside and there's no other doors or windows!" Denmark was freaking out because he thought it was a harmless dare, but now his "little brother" was missing.

"What the hell were you thinking?" Norway demanded. Norway was so protective of Iceland, and now Denmark screwed up and he was missing.

"It was a harmless dare! I'm sorry! Lets just try to find him!" Denmark hated it when Norway got mad.

"Okay, but we'll need help from Sweden and Finland..." Norway said trying to calm down.

"Okay Norge!" cried Mattias.

I woke up in a strange place. Last I remembered, I was locked in the cellar, when the walls crumbled and the floor caved in and I fell. This land was strange and didn't look like any country I knew... I saw so many strange things, cows with bird wings flying about, and plenty of flowers, and domino steps, and bridges. It was a beautiful land but I needed to get back to Norway and the others. Norway, my older brother, my best friend and the only one of my "family" I could truly rely on. I needed to explore, and possibly find civilization... As I wandered around this place got stranger and stranger... There were more creatures and things... Then I saw a cat resting, nearly invisible, under a giant mushroom. He looked under fed and injured. I tried to creep by but he woke up as I passed.

"Hello. Who are you and how did you get into Wonderland?" said the cat mysteriously. I jumped, not expecting it to speak.

"I am Eyjolfur, but I don't quite know how I ended up in this 'Wonderland', I replied hesitantly, "Who, may I ask, are you?"

"I am the Cheshire Cat, known to the Hatter and Alice as Chesh... Have you met Alice yet, and do you have a weapon?" He sounded unsure of me, but he seemed kind enough, though he was really creepy.

"Who is Alice? And why would I need a weapon in a beautiful place like this?"

"This place is beautiful, now but it won't be when you meet the Ruins and the Red Queen." he said it with a wicked smile on his face, to then vanish. I kept wandering, trying to find any sign of a human. I came across a nasty-looking puddle of black slime. Suddenly a blob like creature with a doll head and flaming pipes on its back rose from the puddle and started to come at me. My first instinct was to run, but I stood there, deciding it was nothing but a dream. It burned when the slime-ball first hit me, and I realized this was real. Then a beautiful, though pissed off-looking, woman came running out of seemingly nowhere with a giant-ass knife and killed it with one swift move. I was stunned. 'What... the hell is this place and what the hell just happened...?' I thought.

"Who are you, and how did you get to Wonderland?" She asked me the same question the demented cat asked me, though she sounded weary.

"I am Eyjolfur, but I dont quite know how I ended up in this 'Wonderland'. Who are you?" I returned the last question carefully, not one-hundred percent sure I wanted to know.

"I am Alice Liddel." the girl replied bitterly, "You should have a weapon." She added, glancing at my empty hands. She handed me a giant pepper grinder. "Just turn the crank and it'll shoot. If it gets jammed, don't force the handle, it just needs a second."

"Okay... Ah, what were those things?"

"Insidious Ruins. They're not that bad compared to the things you could run into here."

I looked at the weird pepper grinder in my hands. What had I gotten myself into?

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