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Katniss POV
I trudged to my next class having no clue what to expect. It was the class I dreaded most... Panem Studies. You see, it isn't a very set subject and we do something different each time so you couldn't just remember what you learned the previous year and just not study. No... they wanted us to do WORK. As if I didn't do enough by taking care of my family.

When I got there, the PS teacher (Mr. Daffodil) was just telling the class that our district had just been sent computers by the Capitol. Wait a second... COMPUTERS? AWESOME! I have wanted to use those ever since Mr. Daffodil had shown us his laptop that the school had given him. We had studied what they were supposed to be last week and they actually seemed pretty interesting.

"You will be assigned a partner and you will both search the internet. The purpose of this assignment will be explained later," Mr Daffodil said.

Right on cue Smoke, our districts resident idiot raised his hand,"What is the internet?"

Mr Daffodil's eyebrows furrowed, "I believe I explained that last week Mr. Smoke."

"Oh," Smoke sunk low into his seat. "Can I use the bathroom?" The class burst out laughing because he had asked the same thing in our last class. The kid lived in the bathroom or something.

"Okay then Smoke. But you will have to do the assignment on your own," Mr. Daffodil began to assign partners.

I turned around and looked at Gale. We both hoped that we would be partners. But knowing our teacher, that was unlikely.

"...Gale is with Madge and Peeta is with Katniss."

I sighed and went to the computer that Peeta was already sitting at. I hardly knew Peeta and I wasn't the type that went around making friends every day. That was Prims job.

"Hey," he said looking away.

"Um..." I responded. It's not my fault that I don't warm up to people instantly!

"Uhh..." Peeta said, clearly trying to stall. "Madge wrote a book about us being in the Hunger Games."

"Really?" I was surprised. I never knew that Madge was good at writing!

That was about the end of our conversation for the next little while. Peeta opened up the internet and googled fan. I think that he was trying to find instructions to fix a fan because his family's fan broke and they really needed that for the upcoming summer months. He scrolled down the page until he reached something that said 'Unleash Your Imagination - '. He looked at me and I knew what he was trying to ask. I shrugged and he clicked on it. The first thing that came up was a screen with some boxes. The first box said Browse Fanfiction and showed some options such as books. He clicked on it, probably trying to find Madge's book.

"What do you think this website is about?" I asked him, unable to handle the silence.

"I think my older brother told me about it once, it is a website where people write stories about their favourite books," he answered.

"Why in Panem would they do that?" I questioned, "the book has already been written, they can't change it!"

Peeta just rolled his eyes in amusement and looked back at the screen as if the answer was obvious. But still, the answer eluded me.

He clicked on a button that said popularity and the names of the books became sorted from most to least popular. Among the most popular was The Hunger Games. That must have been Madge's book, who else would title their book The Hunger Games? He clicked on it and the first thing that stood out to me was that a lot of the stories were about Peeta and I. I looked to see what genre one of them was and groaned. Romance? ROMANCE? Today was the first time I have ever talked to him. ROMANCE? Luckily, Peeta didn't click on that one and instead clicked on one labeled SYOT. What did that stand for anyway? We read it and it turned out to be a story where the readers submit their own tribute to the games and read about them fighting to the death. Who would send a tribute to potential death? I felt sorry for the tributes that were being submitted into the games. In the second chapter the author apologized for not using some tributes. I bet you that the tributes who weren't accepted are throwing a party somewhere...

"Okay class, time is up. See you tomorrow!" Daffodil dismissed us. I wanted tomorrow to come as slowly as possible.


In the hallway on our way to math class everyone chatted about what they did on the computers.

"I found a Finnick Odair fan club and became a member!" Delly said to every girl she could find, which included me.

"Gale and I found a website called YouTube. Best. Class. Ever!" Madge squealed.

I looked at Gale, "What did you do on YouTube?"

"Well, we found this awesome show called My Little Pony and watched episode after episode..." he stared off into the distance dreaming of ponies.

"You do realize that it's a show for little girls, right?" I asked him.

"It is? Wow, I couldn't tell..." he gazed off again.

"Gale, Prim used to watch that show when she was little," I stifled a laugh, this was too funny to bear! My Little Pony was pink and little girly. Prim did like them a bit, but Prim was Prim so she had an excuse.

I wondered what had gone wrong with the human race.

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