Sunlight filtered through the pane windows, tracing patterns, as dust swirled off the oak chests and tables in the library in Ravenswood Manor. Two teens, one dark haired the other red, were busily occupied with sweeping, dusting, and vaccuming the immense room. 'Adriane, d'you know when Kara will be here?', Emily, the bright red-haired one asked as she sat down onto the shaggy carpet, exhausted. 'Nope, she was supposed to be here an hour ago. Obviously she's late!', Adriane said throwing her hands into the air and sinking into one of the soft leather chairs.

A magnificent wolf sat beside her and rested its head between its banded paws. She's always late! Dreamer, her bonded said with a wolfish grin. Adriane smiled, 'So true!' Suddenly a distinctive popping noise could be heard as the air filled with brightly colored miniature dragons. D-flies as Kara called them. 'Emmeee!', one exclaimed and flew over to land on Emily's shoulder. 'Hey Goldie! Where's Kara?' she asked as the golden D-fly squeaked and covered her eyes. Adriane shot Emily a confused expression and she shrugged in response.

Suddenly a loud bang caused both girls to jump as the blazing star materialized in front of them. But the fact she had suddenly appeared wasn't what caused the girls to continue to stare at Kara. It was the fact, she was dripping from head to toe in . . . purple paint. The blonde teen stood frozen in anger and annoyance as her fingers twitched itching to get a hold on something or someone. Emily noticed that Adriane was straining not to laugh as she clapped a hand over her mouth. But when the blazing star whipped around and paint splattered all over, she burst out laughing along with the D-flies. 'Kara w-what happened to you?' she exclaimed as she struggled to contain her laughter.

Kara's icy glare was enough to silence the warrior. 'My magic is . . . all flooie! One minute I'm in my room painting, next paint spills all over me, and then I suddenly pop up here! I don't kno- . . . Aaahhh!' Kara screeched realizing just how much paint had been spilled on her. 'This is my brand new DK shirt! No way am I buying another one just because . . .' As she babbled on and on, Adriane ran upstairs and brought down a change of clothes and a towel for the raving blonde. Kara calmed down and graciously took the items and went to change in the bathroom. Well, that was interesting. I think she had a little difficulty with the paint . . . Dreamer said telepathically.

'You think?' Adriane said wryly. Kara walked back into the room in a fresh pair of clothes, most of the purple stains vanished. 'So Barbie, how come you were late?' Adriane prompted. Kara rolled her eyes and took a seat on a wooden backed chair embellished with decorative swirls. 'Well I was redecorating my room and I decided to paint it. So I was standing on this ladder with the paint can so I could reach the ceiling and suddenly Kyle bursts into the room. That little . . .!' Kara said, looking as if she wanted to get her hands around her brother's neck. 'So he totally surprised me and I got really angry with him and suddenly . . .' Kara trailed off rubbing the scalloped jewel hanging around her neck. The others all waited in anticipation.

'Then suddenly all the paint cans in the room exploded! I don't know how! All I thought was that I wanted to get out of there! Anywhere. Then I thought of how late I was going to be to Ravenswood and when I thought that, suddenly I was here! Something is going on with my magic and I don't know . . .' Kara said nervously. Emily put a comforting arm around Kara's shoulder. 'Look we'll figure it out 'kay?' Kara nodded. Adriane was pacing the room thoughtfully. 'Okay, we know you've had trouble with you're magic before, but this is different. I think it has to do something with the root of your power . . .' Adriane halted her speech as a beautiful turquoise and gold owl soared into the room, a small figure on its back. 'Ariel!' Emily called and the owl came to rest on her arm, nuzzling her face. 'Hey Tweek', Kara said. 'O me twig! What happened to you?', the experimental fairimental exclaimed looking at the remains of paint on her face and arms. 'Paint accident . . .' she said.

'Well I couldn't help but overhear your talk and have some interesting news to share.' The three girls stood and walked over to the twiggy figure as he searched though the jewel containing the HORAFF guide. 'Here it is! Well you all know your elements, correct?' They nodded. 'Well it seems during different seasons and planetary alignments, your element and magic is incredibly stronger while another's may be weaker.' 'Wait, wait. So you mean Kara's magic goes crazy just because it's the summer? Is she supercharged?' Adriane exclaimed. 'In a way, yes. Your element is at its peak during the spring because its earth. This will end up working to your advantage . . . as long as you can control your powers of course.'

The girls stood still as they tried to absorb this information. "So Tweek . . . I'd be strongest during . . . winter right?' Emily said slowly. Tweek nodded. 'Hey wait! So my magic is going to be flooie all summer? How come this didn't happen when we were level one mages?' Kara said sounding annoyed with a tinge of unsettlement in her voice. 'Your element was dormant then, but now it's stronger and your magic is also', Tweek said knowingly. 'No!' Kara said moaning. Adriane ignored the blond girl and tried firing a band of gold and silver fire but only a thin, weak stream of light came from her jewel. 'What?' Adriane said shocked. "What's wrong with my magic?' Dreamer growled and whined uneasily from her side. 'If you train hard, it is likely you can be just as strong as you were, even if it's not the peak of your element', Tweek assured her.

'I guess your power isn't just as strong during summer than in spring 'cause their opposites', Kara said smugly. Adriane glared at her, the tigerseye gem set in her bracelet glinting dangerously. 'Watch it Barbie!' she hissed. Kara took a step back, uncertain. 'Guys . . . lets not fight right now!' Emily said nervously as soft aqua light pulsed from her jewel. 'Er . . . there's more', Tweek said meekly trying to get the girls attention. Two heads whipped around and said, 'Yes?' at the same time. 'Well . . . you see . . .' Tweek fiddled with his leaf encrusted body. 'It may be best if you followed me' With that he jumped onto Ariel's back and she soared overhead and out the window. Adriane turned to Kara.

'Okay Kara, you're up. Do some teleporting.' Adriane said, concentrating. Kara nodded nervously and the jewel around her neck pulsed with diamond and pink light. Emily and Adriane added soft turquoise and bright amber and silver in rings around Kara. In her mind Kara pictured the glade. Suddenly her jewel erupted with a burst of light. The girls vanished.