Adriane remembered very little. She thought she heard muffled voices above her and was that Gran's face? Her eyes fluttered open and closed. Eventually she let her body go limp as she succumbed to the darkness. When she woke, she was in her room propped up on pillows her hands and forearms bound tightly in fresh white bandages. The first thing Adriane noticed was the searing pain underneath the bandages. Frantically she unwound the bandages half way until a voice in the doorway said, 'I wouldn't do that if I were you.'

Adriane slowly looked up. She knew those blue eyes, tha crinkly smile, and the sandy blonde hair. 'Zach! What are you doing here?' Adriane cried out happily. 'What?' said Zach trying his best to look offended. 'You don't want me here?' he laughed. 'No!' Adriane said a bit too quickly and then blushed. Zach smiled and entered the room. He took the whole setting in, the posters lined up neatly on the wall, the shining red guitar sitting in the corner, and the beautiful and intricate designs of the dreamcatchers that hung on the bedposts.

'They catch bad dreams you know.' Adriane said nodding towards them. 'The stones in the middle power them . . . like a web of protection . . .' Adriane trailed off remembering that she had told Emily the same thing when she first met her. 'They actually remind me of the webs that Aldenmor natives make. There's a story to go with it you know . . .' Zach said scooting onto the bed.

'Long, long ago when Aldenmor was young there were the original Three. The original mages . . . the Healer, Warrior, and Blazing Star . . . This story focuses on the Warrior, Erinia. She was beautiful and strong as an oak with long lean legs and flowing brown hair the color of fresh earth. Erinia often smelled of lily flowers but oddly enough there was always a kind of static in the air around her and she often would dart nervously like a snake.'

'Though, many said that Erinia possessed snake-like qualities it wasn't strange that she bonded with a lepress. And – 'Wait, wait. What's a lepress?' 'It's a snake-like creature except it's covered in fur. They're always female and generally live in bogs and moors. What's really dangerous about them though is their ability to mesmerize their prey . . . draw it in . . . and then . . .' Both shivered.