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Ouran Academy of all boys, a perfect school to teach boy how to be gentlemen; but apparently that saying didn't apply to one boy.

A boy with huge massive body of a football player, eyes of the molten liquid emerald swimming with coldness and hate, hair dark as ebony that gleamed in the moonlight giving it a dark blue affect, his hair reached down and caressed his strong jaw.

Derek Souza gazed out beyond the gates with a cigarette clenched between his teeth. The green eyes wondering what's really out there in the world, he had only seen pictures of the real world.

Derek had been in this school since he could remember so he always wondering what going out there. Was it really as awesome as the teachers said or as scary as the school head master said? He sighed and leaned against the tree and tucked his hands in his pockets.

He was in his casual uniform which was black slacks, white dress up shirt with crescent of an owl and a snake in his claws. On the bottom is said Ouran Academy in beautiful cursive gothic letters, a loose blue tie around his neck.

It was a weekend so there was no school today but there was an announcement today at 8pm sharp in the auditorium which was weird they never had this during the boy's day off.

His thoughts however came to a stop when soccer ball over and hit the side of his foot. Derek looked down at his foot then up from where the direction it came from.

He raised an eyebrow at the 4th years playing soccer and too afraid to come here and grab the ball. From here he could sense their fear it was so intense he was surprised he didn't gag yet.

He saw the hesitation in the 14 year olds blue eyes. Derek grunted and kicked the ball back to the kid who smiled gratefully at Derek who just nodded in his direction looked back at the black spiked gate that was at the entrance of the school.

Derek shrugged off the tree and walked back towards the school. People moved out of the way to let him. Yes it's true everyone in the school was afraid of him, even some teachers. It stung a bit but he shrugged it off and gotten so used to it that it didn't even matter anymore.

You see Derek was accused of killing a police officer when he was 13. Derek had been fighting with the police because he wanted to run away. Some thing happened and as quick as a flash, the police guy had shot Derek in the arm.

Derek who had a short temper was enraged and reached forward and punched the 40 year old cop in the stomach. Derek kept on punched until blood tainted his hands, arms, and clothes, even his face.

At least 3 teachers had to pull him off to restrain him. From that day forward everyone was too scared to step in the Derek's path. But this way Derek saw as earning their respect in fear.

Derek walked up the steps of the building, he was about to open the door when a hand stopped him.

A feminine hand the hand he hated the most out of all this school. He looked at the owner of the hand scowled.

"What" he spat harshly a bit too less than he attended to.

"Spit out that disgusting filth in your mouth" she sneered.

Derek sighed and took out the cig and stomped beneath his feet.

"Happy" Derek said, his voice oozing with sarcasm.

"Much" Lauren said and walked off.

Derek spat in where she was standing, the only disgusting filth in here was her. Dr. Fellows
He despised her, she was always so happy and leaving the school with ease, hell every teacher was but this one was just on his top of his hit list.

She was the school nurse and treated Derek like dirt and he respected her the same way. He rolled his shoulders and walk in the school.

"Derek bro what's up" Derek looked towards the left and saw Simon standing there with a silly grin on his face. Simon was wearing his basket ball jersey. Looks like they had another game today, Derek nodded to Simon and walked off.

Simon Bae is what you call a model student, average grades, sociable, charming and mostly just fun to hang out with.

Simon had his spiked blonde hair with his almond shaped almond eyes, tall lean body and mostly the worst thing was that they were foster brothers.

Derek had nothing against his foster brother but Derek didn't want people to think badly of Simon because of him. So that's why he didn't hang out with Simon as much. He never wanted people to think that they were foster brothers or they'll treat Simon with fear as they did to him.

He walked around until he saw the headmaster walked towards him. He was young around 26 with an easy going grin, dimples, and straight perfect teeth. Tousled light brown hair and pale green eyes

Headmaster Gallo was wearing his usual attire which was jeans and a v neck sweater. Derek respected him the most out all of the school. Because Headmaster Gallo was the only who treated Derek as one human being not some dirty filth that killed a police man.

"Afternoon Mr. Souza" Headmaster Gallo said, Derek gave him a nod. "Oh and please be here at the announcement we're having a new student" he said.

Derek raised an eyebrow a new student at this time of year. That's unusual he thought. "I know what you're thinking that it's weird for a new student to come this time of year" he said ruffling Derek's hair.

He growled slightly and fixed his hair again "okay I'll be there" he mumbled turning away looking at a little boy about the age of 5. He was wearing a black boy shorts with knee high boots with knee high socks, with a short sleeves shirt and vest over it. He was holding his hands with his older brother who looked like to be in my year.

The boy laughed as his brother ruffled his hair; I didn't see the color of his eyes cause they were closed as he was laughing. The boy's blonde hair was swirling around the wind. They both looked so happy and that's what Derek craved. Someone or something to make him happy, Derek sighed "good boy" Headmaster Gallo said and walked off.

Derek's green eyes watched Headmaster Gallo then narrowed when Dr. Fellows suddenly attached her skinny bony arms around his bulky arm.

He sneered in disgust and kept on walking toward his dorm. Which was on the highest tower of the boarding school, after taking the thousands of flights up the stairs, Derek was thankful he was fit or he would have never made it.

The school was too cheap to add elevators in plus it was pretty old school. Vine leaves were almost covering the tan stoned castle like school.

He passed by a window and looked down…there was a huge sparkly clean lake and next to the lake was a large gazebo. Boys would hang out there or sometimes even teacher. But right now he saw was Simon talking to Headmaster Gallo.

Derek leaned in closer towards the glass window; it really looked like an intense conversation. Suddenly a smile lit up Simon's face and Derek relaxed he thought Simon was in trouble or something.

Shrugging it off he walked up the last flight of the stairs. His dress shoes clacked against the stone steps echoing the stair way.

Finally he reached the top of the stairs and walked forward until he reached room 7383. Derek took out his ancient looking key and clicked open the lock and walked in his room.

He looses his tie more and took it off and kicked off his shoes. He looked at the clock hanging on top of his bed. It read 6:30 he had time for a nap. Derek quickly changed into his sleeping attire which was only boxers.

He slipped into the nice cool crisp sheets and shut his eyes, and finally after a few minuets sleep took over him.


Derek eyes slowly opened. He sat up and yawned, rubbing the sleep from his eyes. His eyes looked towards his clock and eyes widened at the time.

Derek muttered a curse and stood up taking putting on his clean clothes. He grabbed a comb and yanked it through his hair as he was brushing his teeth with his other hand.

He spat out the paste and wiped his mouth than ran a hand though his hairs making it look unruly but a bit stylish. Derek slipped on his shoes. He grabbed his key and ran down the stairs.

Thank god they had turned the AC on or he would have sweated up a storm badly. He looked at the clock that was hanging near by. It was 7:59. Cursing even more he ran towards the auditorium.

Before he opened the door, he fixed his hair and straightened up his clothes and fixed his tie.

The time clicked exactly 8 and a huge dong rang signaling that everyone should be here at the auditorium and Derek pushed open the door and walked in.

Headmaster stopped what he was saying, he looked at Derek then continued he speech. "– okay now for the real reason we're here. Is that we have a new student. He's very special to one of the teacher here so please give a warm welcome to Cody Saunders"

Derek looked at the boy who walked up towards the stage with curiosity who was this boy related to which teacher was it

Cody Saunders looked to be a 4th year with blond hair that reached his porcelain jaw. He was thin but he didn't look disgustingly thin. There was some meat on his bones. Cody still had the baby face giving him an innocent aurora including those huge blue eyes.

He was wearing, black shorts to his knees, with knee high combat boots. Cody's top section was a baggy Ouran Academy dress shirt. There was a black cap tied around his neck that was attached with a hood, the cap's

"Hi" he said quietly waving at the group. Everyone waved back and Cody blushed having all the attention on him.

"He's Dr. Fellows nephew so please treat him as one of your brothers" Derek froze as there was a round of 'yes sir's'

He was Dr. Fellows nephew a bile of disgust clogged his throat and he knew that this boy was defiantly going to treat Derek the same way as his aunt did.

"Derek Souza would you please walk to the front" Everyone stilled as their attention went to a very angry looking Derek Souza.

Headmaster held back a smug smirk as Derek walked towards to the front of the auditorium.

He had purposely chose Derek as the Cody's tour guide of the school. Derek was a like a son to him and he wanted Derek to have friends.

So Gallo had the perfect idea it was his chance to help Derek.

"Yes sir" Derek said between clenched teeth. Headmaster Gallo smirked "You are to be Cody's tour guide show him around the school and his dorm is right next to yours"

The guys in the school gaped at the headmaster as if he had walked around in a cheetah print Speedo.

"Yes sir" he said again. "Well now everyone is dismissed you may go back to your dorms!" Headmaster announced.

They all scampered out but not before seeing an eyeful of Cody Saunders. Simon was the only who stayed behind for his brother "Uh Derek I'm going to go" he said patting Derek's shoulder.

"Yeah sure bye" Derek said still glaring at the Headmaster who was now whistling innocently looking around.

Cody stepped down the three steps of the stage and was now standing in front of Derek. Truth to be told, Cody was actually terrified of Derek from all the rumors the kids have been whispering about or the teachers had been saying

Simon turned and left but not after giving Cody a warm smile who returned his smile back.

"Come on 4th year" Derek said turning around. "Um e-excuse me" a timid small voice said.

"What" Derek snapped harshly turning back around to stare at Cody.

"I um actually in 7th year, I'm 17" Chloe said confidently. Derek raised an eyebrow and smirked evilly "well you looked like a 14 year old or am I giving a bit too much credit"

Cody blushed and huffed stomping up to Derek and poked his chest "just because I'm not as good looking or as fit as these guys are doesn't make me different than them" he finished and kept on poking his chest with each word.

Derek stared at the little boy in shock, wasn't his glare hard enough to scare him. "Come on stupid" he said and kept on walking.

"I'm not stupid!" Cody's shrill voice followed his

"Uh-huh sure come on stupid" Derek's cocky response was. Headmaster watched them both go with a smile on his face "this is will definitely be good for Derek"

"How is this going to be good for Derek?" A voice shrilled, Gallo turned his head and frowned at Lauren.

"He'll have someone to talk to" Gallo said to her.

Lauren fumed "Why couldn't you put someone else for him" she shrilled.

Gallo frowned at her "shut up and I will choose who goes with him not you" he growled at her.

She huffed and stomped off, Gallo stared at her. "I hope this works" he said to himself and walked off.


"This is our hallway" Derek said coming up the 700 stairs. He heard harsh gasping behind him. He turned around to see Cody crawling up the steps panting heavily.
"Oh god I need to work out" he gasped. Derek raised his eyebrow at him amused. "Aren't you tired?" Cody gasped standing up on his shaky legs.

"No I got used to it" Derek rumbled then he fished a key out of his pocket and tossed it to Cody who caught it easily in his hand.

"What's this" he answered with a confused look on his cute face.

Derek sighed and rubbed hand through his "an elephant tooth" he said bluntly.

"Whaaaaa?" Cody said tilting his head his eyebrow raised in confusion. "No it's not, it's a key" he said.

"Then why'd you ask" Derek muttered. Cody blushed and mumbled "I don't know" he mumbling rocking back and forth on his heels his hands behind his back.

"I'm going to be bed…tomorrow's school and it's almost 8:30" Derek said going into his room.

Cody watched as the door closed, he walked to him room which was right next door next to Derek's.

The room contained of a twin sized bed, a small window and a door that led to the bathroom, near the bed was a dresser and drawer.

Cody found his suitcase already on his bed; he quickly set up his closed in his closet that was next to the bathroom door.

He took off his shirt, shorts, and boots. Cody locked the door and went to the small window and shut the curtains closed.

When he knew there was nobody could be looking he took off the bandages around his chest.

He took a deep breath and grabbed a bra putting it on. There was a knock on the door and he panicked until he heard "Chloe it's me your aunt" her voice said in a hush whisper.

Chloe put on her night shirt quickly and opened the door a crack and Aunt Lauren walked in the room quickly.

"Oh your okay I thought he might have done something to you" she whispered stroking Chloe's newly cut short hair.

"I'm fine Aunt Lauren besides what's wrong with him" She asked. "Nothing dear just forget I said anything" Aunt Lauren said.

"I'm just glad you here with me" she said hugging Chloe to her chest. Chloe pulled away "does um anyone know that I'm a…" she trailed off clearing her throat.

Dr. Fellows shook her head sharply "No, only Headmaster Gallo and I know that you're a girl" She said.

"Okay it's time for bed" Dr. Fellows said pushing Chloe towards the bed. "Good night" She murmured shutting the lamp that was on the dresser.

"Night" Chloe muttered pulling the cold comforters over her body and shut her eyes. Dr. Fellows shut the door and walked down the stairs with heels clacking against the stone steps as it faded away.

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