I sat there in despair my arms wrapped around my knees. My throat ached from all the yelling I was doing just a few moments before. My hand reached out, and I ran my fingers along the bars of the dog crate they kept me in. I sneered with disgust drew my hand back in, holding it in front of my face remembering what Finitevus had told me. I sighed, the last thing I could remember before waking up and finding myself in this crate was, waking up and finding myself strapped down onto a cold examination table.

I remember it vividly, my eyes cracked open and the first thing that I was greeted to was the blurry image of a dimly lit room around me, although as my vision cleared I was able to see everything. A heart rate machine that beeped rhythmically with every beat of my own heart, a small work bench, at the end of my bed, that had many medical supplies scattered all over it, and two IV drips on either side of me.

I wearily looked at my own body, my skin was magenta, and half my now very loose fitting cloths, were gone. The only thing that remained, was my shorts and my tank top, which was rolled up to reveal my midriff and the small electrodes attached to it, and speaking of electrodes, they were everywhere. On my arms, legs, stomach, and I wasn't quite sure but I thought I felt a few on my face. The only patches of revealed skin that didn't have electrodes on them were my two hands, which were occupied by the IV's.

Waking up to this, and remembering what had happened in New Mobotropolis, you think I would have had a panic attack, but every ounce of emotion I tried to feel just washed away as quickly as it came, I couldn't even move any of my limbs either. I looked to one of the IV drips concluding that one must have been a sedative. I tried my best to feel something, anything, but the only result I had was a louder beep on the heart monitor.

After a while I just gave up and watched the celling until I heard a muffled noise. My eyes lazily drifted over to the side to see Dr. Finitevus himself coming into the room. Finally, The closest thing I felt to emotion since I had woken up sparked in me, and just for a moment I felt hatred, however that quickly washed away to and I was back to feeling nothing.

Finitevus looked over in my direction and smirked when he noticed I was aware of his presence "Welcome back my dear Nicki." he said in a mocking tone.

I looked over my now magenta body and forced all my willpower and strength into saying a single word "H…o…..w?"

Finitevus narrowed his eyes "How?" he repeated. He stayed silent for a moment and then smiled as if he finally understood what I was asking. He chuckled "Very well." Said the white echidna as he proceeded to the work bench pulling out a pencil paper and a small clipboard. After that he walked over to the side of my bed his pencil busily scratching on the paper "Pay attention child for I will only tell you this once." He turned the clip board revealing a well-drawn outline of a human body to me, with lines going through it that reminded me of veins. After giving me a brief second to look over it he started "Basic chaos energy is actually quite simple. It runs through the body and appears when the user summons it, however yours worked quite differently. From the body scan I collected from our last meeting, I was able to see that only twenty five percent of your energy was available for actual use. The rest well was, well dedicated to a… different cause."

To my surprise I felt my eyes narrow. What did he mean by 'different cause' why was he telling me all this?

Almost like he could sense my concern he smiled evilly at me, continuing "Yes, I was quite surprised too." He then reached out and pinched my cheek, so hard that it hurt, and leaned into wisper "Yes, I must admit for a brief moment I was considering disposing of you." I felt an involentary bead of sweat trickle down the side of my face as he let go "But, soon after, I figured out that that problem was easily fixed." He drew on his paper once again and turned it back toward me. On the human outline was now a hastily drawn pendent, my pendent, "Aurora seems to have interfered with your life more than you or I may have thought." I would have laughed if I could have, Aurora never really made a point of 'being there for me', yet I couldn't help but latch onto every word the mad doctor said. "I created a theory that she was using that pendent to regulate the other seventy five percent of your power to maintaining your human disguise, isolating you to the twenty five percent of useable power. I was planning on testing that theory, however you so rudely escaped before I could even try, so I did the next best thing, I tested you while you had your pendent off when we were fighting." He smiled once more "The results were better than I could have hoped! You even saved me the trouble of ripping that cursed artifact off your neck. You're chaos energy naturally merged together when you summoned it and without anything to stop it! ….." He ripped the paper from the clipboard, and lit it ablaze with negative chaos energy. The paper eerily danced with flames, and soon ebbed away to nothing "Your outer shell burned away!"

My mind, surprisingly sharp now, danced with what he had just told me, I was scared, confused, and angry all at once. Why was he telling me all of this? Was it to phyc me out or for something else entirely? For once I was glad I had the sedative, so Finitevus couldn't see the inner turmoil I was going through. My eyes just stared emotionlessly at him as his smile disappeared and he walked over to his workbench and fiddled around with a few things saying dully "However all ashes must land somewhere….."

All ashes must land somewhere? The gears in my head turned trying to figure out what that meant, but before I could get anywhere Finitevus walked over with a syringe full of clear liquid. Even with the sedative I felt my heart beat slightly increase at the sight of the needle Finitevus smiled evilly "I've enjoyed our little chat." He reached down and caressed my cheek as his smile grew "But its time for you to go back to sleep… sweet dreams!" With that he plunged the needle into my shoulder and the world around me went black.

And here I was now, locked in a dog crate in some sort of dimly lit oversized storage closet. I know that because there are machines, hiding me from view that look like they haven't been used in ages. I was dressed in some sort of baggy brown cotton like material that felt very large on me.

I reached my hand out in front of my face. It was magenta…. Of course. Once again I thought about what Finitevus had said "Ashes must land somewhere". I cautiously looked up but saw no cameras, however I was sure they were monitoring me some way. I looked back to my hand, and focused, imagining a protective glove around it. I opened my eyes and saw the tips of my magenta fingers turning to the familiar cream colored skin that I was so accustomed to. A small smile appeared on my lips, suddenly I heard the door nob jiggle from across the room. I looked over in alarm and reluctantly replaced my old skin color with the new magenta. Later, but not now.

I forced a cocky smile to my lips as Scourge rounded one of the machines that was obscuring my view. "My there pickles!" I said with forced sarcasm "Here to take me to the doctor?"

The green hedgehog looked at me with distaste, like I was some kind of freak, and honestly, who could blame him, I was a freak. He sighed and unlocked the door "Let's go echidna..."