Even though it's been over a year since its completion, 'Across The Stars' continues to be a popular story, with more hits than all of my other stories combined. So to commemorate my third anniversary on the Kim Possible site, I submit for your approval its first sequel, 'Between The Stars,' in the same epic spirit of sci-fi adventure and romance as the original. I hope that you will all enjoy it every bit as much as the first. And leave a review, I promise a reply.

There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy.

Shakespeare's Hamlet: Act 1, Scene V


The three comet aliens hovered just beyond the interdimensional portal through which they were currently observing our universe. Their coruscating colors intensified as their incorporeal forms focused in more closely on the Earth, and specifically the humans named Kim and Ron.

The first one spoke. "The one called Kim Possible appears to have adjusted quite well to her new powers."

The second one agreed. "Yes, and she has used them wisely. Unusual for one so young, and much unlike those who had received their own singular powers many years before."

The third one added, "True, but even they have matured as time has advanced. Particularly the one called Shego."

The first seemed hesitant. "Indeed. She has turned from her evil path to one of decency and uprightness. However..."

The second picked up on the subtle implication. "Yes, I sense it as well. There still exists a degree of emotional tension and instability within her. Unless she is able to resolve that tension, it could lead to severe conflict, or worse."

The third remained upbeat, however. "Of course we know that has always been the case with these humans. But as a whole, they have remained remarkably resilient and adaptable. And now there is peace again in their galaxy, thanks particularly to Kim and Shego, as well as to their mates Ron Stoppable, and the one called Drakken."

The first corrected him. "I believe he now prefers his earlier appellation, Drew Lipsky. But he also remains fond of his peculiar doctoral title."

The second let out a chuckle. "True. But it is ironic that the female's names imply strength and confidence, while those of the two males imply... something else."

The first swirled in humorous agreement. "Hmm. Stoppable and Lipsky... Yes, I see what you mean. The names suggest weakness and ineffectiveness, but in truth they acquitted themselves quite well. In point of fact, they acted nearly as bravely as their female counterparts did during their most notable adventures, now almost one standard earth year ago. And the prophecies concerning the Great Blue and the Great Red were likewise fulfilled, although perhaps not quite as expected."

The third glowed brightly in accord, his scintillating colors implying his steadfast opinion. "Yes! And I have complete confidence that they will all rise to their upcoming challenges as well."

The second hesitated before replying, his now muted colors telegraphing his concerns. "I can only hope that the faith you are placing in the two males will be ultimately justified. Unfortunately, by my latest calculations I estimate their chances of success in the upcoming challenge as little better than 50 percent."

The third scoffed, "Indeed! I've certainly heard that line from you before. Didn't you predict last year that there existed only a 60.14159265 percent chance of a successful conclusion?"

The second glowed red in annoyance. "My calculations were correct based on the data available at the time, especially considering the enormous amount of friction that existed between the two females at that particular moment. And although it is true that they all eventually succeeded far beyond our expectations, that does not necessarily imply that success is assured now. Do not forget that our first comet was a failure in delivering all its powers to the Chosen One, in spite of our most careful calculations."

He began to calm down. "And this time, the farther into the future I extrapolate, the more my calculations are clouded by each individual's personality quirks, not to mention how those quirks affect their closest relationships. As you well know, humans are notoriously emotional, which only adds to my difficulty. And very soon, much more will depend on the two males."

The first concurred. "This is true, of course. But we are fortunate that the incredible randomness of the one called Stoppable has been mitigated somewhat by his command of the Mystical Monkey Power, and the one called Lipsky has likewise gained some stability after his accidental botanical mishap."

If the third had had a corporeal body, he would have smiled. "And we cannot underestimate the positive effect of the friendships they all now enjoy, not to mention their romantic pledges to each other, now that the males and females are mated."

The colors of the first now began to dim as he turned to the second. "However, the males still suffer from many random quirks and foibles, and the female's powers may have bred overconfidence. Have you taken that into consideration?"

"Yes, as well as their most peculiar emotion."

"Ah, yes, the emotion that they call love. Not very logical, but still most extraordinary."

The second one's colors began to cautiously intensify. "Agreed. That emotion alone accounts for a tremendously wide variance in my calculations. Indeed, their commitments to each other, fueled by their romantic inclinations, proved to be the deciding factor last time. But let us not forget that all that has already transpired can just as easily be undone."

The first concluded, "Let us hope then that love will carry the day. Besides, there is little we can do directly to assist them now. The die has been cast, and certain events have already been put into motion, the results of which cannot be easily altered. And I do not need to remind you that the Hierarchy has likewise forbidden any further interference on our part for the moment, for fear of creating any further unforeseen situations. So let us observe what transpires, and hope for the best."

The portal began to close, leaving each alien lost in his own thoughts.