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Chapter 1: Just another Normal Day at Camp-Half Blood

Annabeth's POV

The day started fie and like it always does at Camp-Half Blood. I was sitting by the Canoe Lake watching the Naiads weave baskets, waiting for the conch horn to blow signaling breakfast. As I sat and waited, I felt someone push me in the lake. As I went underwater, I saw the face of the one and only Percy Jackson, son of Poseidon, my boyfriend.

He was smiling down at me and laughing. He jumped in shortly after me and pulled me out of the lake. He started to dry me, but of course he was already dry.

"What was that for Seaweed Brain?" I asked him as I chuckled.

"I just wanted to surprise you Wise Girl. You know? Have some fun," He said as he was wearing a big, goofy smile.

"I thought that you were Travis or Conner at first. They're the ones with all pranks," I said.

"Yeah but I wanted to see you Wise Girl. I also wanted to do this," he said as he leaned in for a kiss. I let him kiss me, and what I thought was going to be a sweet little hello kiss, was a deep and passionate one. We were there for minutes, hours, whatever. We sat there until we heard the conch horn blow, and we pulled apart breathing hard, with red, swollen lips. I realized that we just had a full blown make out session, and I hoped that nobody saw us.

We walked hand-in-hand to the Dining Pavilion where we joined the other campers who were staring at us. I let go of Percy's hand and walked to the Athena table where all of my half brothers and sisters were staring at me. Some of them (mostly boys) were glaring at Percy. They started to make me nervous, and I blushed. When they saw my blush, they decided to go back to their conversations and leave me and Percy alone. They made me wonder if they had seen me and Percy kissing.

A few of the girls sitting across from me asked, "What were you and Percy doing?" They said his name as if he was some kind of juvenile delinquent.

"We were sitting and talking by the Canoe Lake," I answered them.

"Uh-huh. Sure," They all said in unison and went back to eating.

As we were eating breakfast, Percy and I kept glancing and smiling at each other. He winked at me and I slightly blushed and looked back down knowing that the other campers were staring at us.

After breakfast, Percy and I decided to take archery together. We walked down to the archery range and suddenly heard a loud screech. Percy and I glanced at each other with fear in our eyes because we instantly knew what it was.

It was a drakon. We had dealt with these monsters before but with other campers. The others seemed to notice the monster and ran towards us as fast as they could, pulling out their weapons and charging. As soon as they were within twenty feet of us, they were thrown back. It seemed as if they were hit by a gigantic, invisible brick wall.

I knew that we were not going to have help during this battle, so Percy and I started yelling our battle plan to each other. I would put on my magical Yankees cap (which I coincidentally had in my back pocket) while Percy tried to get its attention. I slipped on my cap, and Percy started throwing rocks at the drakon.

What I did next was one of the most stupid, heroic things (after taking the poisoned dagger for Percy) that I've ever done. I sneaked behind the monster and jumped on its back. It was caught by surprise and stood on its hind legs, and I instantly flew to the ground.

Percy's POV

While we were fighting the drakon, I heard a yelp and saw the drakon throw its head back. I looked around me and saw Annabeth on the floor right next to me, her Yankees cap lying on the floor right above her head.

She didn't look so good. She was pale, and her arm was bleeding. She looked lifeless as she lay on the dirt path winding down to the archery range.

Chiron was trying everything he could. He tried shooting arrows at the barrier, hitting it with a sword, and stabbing it with a dagger. He even tried launching himself at it with still no luck. He suddenly took off to the Big House and yelled something inaudible. The next thing I knew, Mr. D came out of the Big House. He walked toward the barrier and started chanting.

I was trying my hardest my hardest to keep the drakon away from Annabeth as I slashed at it with Riptide. We had been keeping the constant fighting up for five minutes, and I knew that I couldn't go on much longer.

The next thing that happened went by in a flash. I saw vines with ripened grapes on them sprout from the earth, and they grabbed the drakon. The vines started pulling the drakon down as it was struggling against them. When the drakon was flat on its back, it made a choking sound and disappeared in yellow dust.

The barrier broke and the campers started rushing towards me and Annabeth, making their way through the vines. I wanted to make sure that Annabeth was okay, so I checked her pulse and was relieved to find out that there was a pulse. She still looked terrible though, and I yelled at the Apollo cabin to bring its best healer. They hurried away while Chiron and Mr. D came up to us. Chiron put Annabeth on his back and ran to the infirmary. I followed shortly behind and said a silent prayer to Athena and Apollo. Please let her be okay I thought to myself as a tear ran down my cheek.

Author's note: I hoped that you liked the story so far. I know that it was a bit short. I will try to update as soon as possible. This is my first fic. Thanks for reading!