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He remembered her brown eyes.

They were warm, and his brother had said that they always reminded him of chocolate. He and his brother both had blue-green eyes, but his Ellie had brown eyes. Not hazel like their father, not blue like their mother, but dark brown.

She had light brown hair like their father. He and his brother had received Mother's dark tresses. She was pretty, like Mother. She was smart, like Tommy. She was tough, like Father.

He'd only seen her cry a few times. When their parents died. She'd been with Tommy at the time. They'd evacuated when the plague hit home, but their parents had already been quarantined. They died within a week. She's cried for another.
She cried when he had left for Venezuela after a one-day leave for her birthday. She'd been right- when he came back he'd been in a wheelchair.

She'd shed a few tears when they showed them Tommy's body. She'd turned away, unable to look at him. He'd kept a firm grip on her hand and a stony look on his face. Their brother, their champion, the genius- was no more.

Yet she didn't cry when he'd left. Or she did a good job at hiding it. She was ten years old at the time, a tender age. She knew he had to go, and he'd promised to return. And he wouldn't be gone for fifteen years. No way in hell, he'd promised.

Now, as he stood on the branch of their new home, barely a month after the battle that had changed his entire life, his existance, he couldn't help but let the few tears slide down his cheeks. The pain in his heart was starting to get to him. He'd promised to come back and he'd broken it.

Gentle footsteps caused his ears to perk up. He turned. His mate was waiting expectantly. Guilt suddenly hit him. She didn't know about the family he'd left behind. How could he count on himself to raise a family with this woman whom he loved so much when he couldn't even take care of his parents, his brother…his sister?

"Za'u yawne?" She said gently. He smiled, getting into the habit of speaking in her native tongue. "Oe ma, Neytiri. 'Aw swaw."

She nodded and smiled, turning back to the people. He turned, looked at the sunset one more time. He couldn't help but think how much Ellie would love the sunset here. She loved color. She said many-a times that it was all she had.

He finally tore his gaze away and went with his mate, knowing that he would return to that spot, again and again for years, trying to remember, and cherish the memories he had while imagining the life she must have been living in his absence.
She'll be fine.


Za'u, yawne- Come, love?
Oe ma, Neytiri. 'aw swaw. – I am, Neytiri. One moment.