Everything About You

I pushed open the doors to the chilly hallway that lead to his room. The house was empty, apart from the dim light that reached its way towards me from underneath his door.

I knocked gently before opening the door and peering around the room seeing him, shirtless and just slipping on his plain black T-shirt. I smiled to myself at his tanned, fit body and went and sat on his bed.

"hey Anna, how's it?" Zayn asked casually.

"my parents are out and I was bored, so I thought I would come over." I said. He smiled knowingly. Both of our parents worked long hours so we usually ended up hanging out till late at night.

"are you excited for tomorrow?" he nudged my arm. I rolled my eyes, tomorrow was our first day back at school for the year and no, I was most definitely not looking forward to it.

"does my mum enjoy picnics?" I joked. He laughed at my comment. One year for their anniversary, my dad tried to take my mum out on a picnic and she threw a tantrum and they nearly got divorced.

"I am, sixth form baby!" he gave me a hi-five. We were finally not the 'babies' of the school. Zayn had always been popular, he was good looking, funny, nice, charming and cheeky and he often had lots of the older girls going after him as well as the younger girls. As well as me.

He was oblivious to the fact that i'm pretty much in love with him and he didn't seem bothered by any of the girls at school who threw themselves at him. He used to have a girlfriend but they broke up last year (much to my rejoice) and he's been single ever since. I also had a boyfriend last year called Tony but he cheated on me and when Zayn found out, he broke Tony's nose.

"what time do you want me to meet you here?"I asked him. Every school morning we met up and walked together, one of the advantages to living next door to each other.

"when your ready. Just don't make me late on our first day back." he said. I rolled my eyes and we continued chatting until late.

The Next Morning

My alarm beeped loudly, waking me out of my deep sleep. Ugh. I hate being up at 7:30 am, and its not a time that I've seen in many moons. I jumped out of bed and had a quick shower.

I then changed into my horrible school uniform (white long sleeved top, navy blue tie, blue plaid skirt and stockings). I then straightened my long hair (its my favourite aspect of my appearance due to the fact that I had recently dyed it bright red) and put on a thin layer of makeup with a touch of mascara and lip gloss.

I grabbed my lunch and a bar for breakfast and walked over to Zayn's house. I knocked on the door and he quickly appeared in his khaki trousers, white top and navy blue tie. How did he manage to look so hot in his hideous school uniform? I went inside while he finished getting ready and then we made our way to school.

I could see hordes of rowdy teenagers greeting each other and saying hello. Lots of people waved at us (mostly girls who had a crush on Zayn) and we went over to meet our friends. Jack, Georgie (Gee), Tom and Kristen all greeted us and gave us hugs. We talked about our holidays and what we had been up to.

When the bell rang, me and Zayn said goodbye to everyone and went to homeroom. I could see all the third form girls ogling Zayn and some of the older girls too. We saw that our usual seats were taken by two irritating looking third formers. The two girls had hair that had been bleached within an inch of its life and their faces were caked with foundation.

"can I help you?" one of them said snarkily to me and the other winked at Zayn. He raised his eyebrows and coughed, trying to hide his laugh.

"your kinda sitting in our seats." I said. They looked at us like they were superior and crossed their arms.

"I don't see any names." the other one said rudely.

"well, in that caseā€¦" Zayn said. We dumped our bags on the floor and sat on the desks right in front of them. I heard them muttering incoherently and I laughed.

"nice one" I said giving him a hi-five. Our teacher handed us our class time tables and me and Zayn compared ours. We had five classes together this year.

"nice! We got English, Science, Art, Music and Food Tech together. Oh god, not food tech again. This should be a laugh." Zayn said, probably remembering our many flour fights.

When it was time to go to assembly we stood up (the two girls skirts were so far up their arses that they were practically invisible) and made our way to the school hall. The principle rambled on for ages and talked about boring things and then finally let us go to class.

I had maths first, and sadly I didn't have Zayn in my class this year to keep me company. But when I walked in I saw Tom sitting at the back, doodling on his book and I went and sat next to him.

"hey there." I said winking. Me and Tom had always had a very flirtatious relationship and, well, he was fit.

"hey sexy thang." he said and I laughed. "this year should be a laugh. Me and you might have to have some late night study sessions." he said winking.

"In your dreams babe." I retorted. By then our teacher Mr. Lukkassen had walked in so we quietened down.