No matter how hard Summer tried, sleep wouldn't come. She glanced at the stupid pink alarm clock beside her bed and sighed. 3:57 AM. "Great," she muttered to herself ,"Just freakin' great." Another sleepless night. Well at least it's better than having another nightmare, she thought. She had horrible nightmares.
Summer liked to think of herself as fearless, but honestly right now she was terrified. Tomorrow she would be going to a school for "special" kids. "Special" as in kids whose parents couldn't even stand to look at them any more so they sent them to a fancy school hundreds of miles away so they didn't have to. She was one of those kids.

Her mother had said ", It's for the best sweetheart. They'll fix you all up." Fix me all up. Wow, even my mother wants to change me, she thought. She couldn't blame her, though. Summer was a messed up kid. She had an extreme case of OCD and was slightly sadistic. Although, the sadism part didn't show up until after the accident.

Since, I'm awake I might as well do something productive, she thought. So she got up for what felt like the 52nd time that night to clean her knife and gun collection. There was no way in hell her mother would actually let her have them, so she kept them well hidden behind her hot pink dresser, covered by an untouched pile of Seventeen magazines she's had forever. Summer hated her room. She hated her clothes. She hated everything about this damn house! But she especially, and I mean especially, hated pink with every fiber of her being. So of course, her mother goes out and buys her everything pink. From shoes to rugs to lamps to clothes. All pink. At least that's one good thing about this school, uniforms, a new room, and no more pink.

She must've fallen asleep sometime because the next thing she knew her mother was yelling ", Get up Summer! Today's going to be a big day! ," in her fake cheery voice that annoyed Summer to no end.

"I don't want to go to that damn school! You can't make me!"

" Summer! Don't you dare use that kind of language with me!"

"Whatever. Just leave me alone!"

"Just hurry up and get packed. We don't want to miss your plane, do we?," she said, trying to keep calm but obviously failing.

"Yes," Summer muttered under her breath but threw a couple of the least horrifyingly pink outfits she had in a suitcase, non the less.
She took her time throwing her long dirty blonde hair into a low ponytail and putting on eye liner and a tad bit of mascara. Even though she wasn't girly in the least, she still liked to look good. She supposed she was pretty, well at least that's what her only friend said. Well maybe not friend, more like… accomplice. Yeah, that was the right word. Jaime almost had a big of fascination with weapons as Summer did. Key word: almost. She supposed she would probably like him if she were normal. But the thing is, she's not.

"Fifteen minutes!," her mother yelled, breaking Summer from her thoughts. She took one last glance around her room, put her knife and gun collection back in its hiding place but not before pulling out her favorite throwing knife and a poster of Lil' Wayne she used as a target. He's probably the biggest dumbass in the world, she thought. It was bad enough she had to leave all of her guns behind, all her beautiful, amazing guns. She was not about to go to that hell-hole without something to do.

She grabbed her single suitcase and popped in one of her headphones from her I pod. "I remember when, I remember, I remember when I lost my mind. There was something so pleasant about that place. Even your emotions have an echo, in so much space…" This wasn't really the type of music she would normally listen to, but she felt she could relate. She had the music blasting so loud she almost didn't hear the knock on her door. She quickly stuck her knife in the inside of her jacket and hastily shoved the hole-ridden poster into the half zipped suitcase. Just in time to see a bleach blonde haired Barbie in a way too tight dress and way too high heels. Her sister.

"What the hell do you want?," Summer asked not too nicely. You could definitely say they weren't the perfect family, much to her mother's dismay. Autumn, her older sister, the whore. Summer, the crazy one. Then Zane, her younger brother, the autistic one. She had to admit she did have a soft spot for Zane, although she'd never tell anyone that. Love was weakness and there was no way she would EVER show weakness.

"Mm saysss… time to leeave!," Autumn slurs, obviously drunk. She must've just gotten home from wherever the hell she goes because Summer never heard her get home last night.

"Drunk much?" Summer smiled on of her scary grins that says ", you better run 'cause I just got an idea," and pushed her sister. Hard, might I add. Autumn might've been able to catch herself if she wasn't so drunk and wasn't wearing 6 – inch heels, but she went tumbling. Summer fell into a hysterical fit as Autumn flipped herself from her back to her side and puked all over the hallway outside of Summer's room. "Something to remember me by, whore," she kicked her sister in the ribs and heard a grunt in response. She smiled, satisfied. "Don't worry, you won't remember any of this tomorrow."

"You little bitch!," Autumn said, spitting up a little bit of crimson gold.

"Now, now that's no way to talk to your sister, now is it?" Summer said while wagging her finger in mock disapproval. "Looks like I'm gonna have to show you who's boss, Autumn hunny." She took out the knife from the inside of her jacket and was about to carve little patterns into Autumn's leg when she heard a voice. A very angry voice.

"Summer Nicole Day! Get your ass down here right now!"
Yep, you heard right, her name was Summer Day. Oh the irony, right? And the sad part was she didn't even like summer. Too many happy kids running around screaming like idiots. She'd much rather be in the comfort of her Texan home, cleaning her knives and guns. Yep, she was definitely OCD. "You got lucky this time. Just don't ever forget who's boss. Capisce?" When Autumn didn't respond she kicked her again before realizing she was unconscious. "Whore," she muttered and made her way for the stairs.

Once down, she turned to face her mother who didn't look to be very happy. "Hurry up! Are you stupid! Do You want to miss your plane?" she screamed, more of a statement than question.

"Uhhh… Yes, actually "

"Just get in the damn car," her mother said, sounding defeated. Summer smirked in triumph but got in the car anyway.
A couple of hours later Summer was standing at the front gate of the school that was taking her life from her.

Coates Academy.

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