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Friday nights were always our busiest. After long, grueling weeks of working for a living, everyone immediately flooded to the place where they could drink all they damn well pleased without their wives or husbands or nagging children telling them that they're alcoholics and that they need help. No one is an alcoholic at Shattered Glass. That's just how it goes at my bar.

Even though I technically owned the place, I still bartended there, along with my best girlfriend Camille. She was currently leaning over the bar and nearly shoving her boobs in some guys face as she handed him his third vodka. He wasn't even that cute.

"Camille," I shouted over at her. "Watch it, sweetheart."

She winked her heavily mascaraed eye. "Whatever pays the bills, Maggie."

I just shook my head and turned my attention back to the glass I was cleaning. When you were a girl bartender, you didn't pay the bills strictly from what you earned at the bar, it was mostly the tips you got when you showed your boobs to people. Though, Camille had no problem with that.

Things were in full swing by eleven, as we stayed open till three, and in my opinion it was a pretty good night. No one had thrown up on me, or tried to grope me without my permission, or gotten in a fight, or anything. Maybe I just thought it was a calmer night because compared to New Year's Eve, an earthquake would be considered calm.

I was about to call it a night; head out early and let Camille and Jace take care of things. They were like the golden wonder twins, both with blonde hair and huge egos. I admit, they were both extremely hot, and that's probably where all of our income came from, but neither one were really my type. Too egotistical for me. I preferred people who were a bit more modest, and I didn't know Jace all that well anyways.

Just as I was about to do my routine check over before leaving (pants, underwear, wallet, etc.) I saw someone whom had never stepped foot in Shattered Glass sit down at the bar, right in front of me. I saw in my peripheral vision when Jace slid the guy a can of beer. He didn't even look up, but cracked it open nonetheless, his long black hair covering his face.

"Jace," I said, walking over to him on the opposite side of the bar. "You know that guy?"

He nodded and shoved a beer into some girl's hand so she'd leave him alone. "Yeah, his mom adopted me when I was really lit-"

"Do you care if I talk to him?" I asked quickly.

He seemed taken aback for a moment. "Well no, but-"

"Thanks." I walked off back to where the cute boy was sitting, ignoring Jace calling my name. What he would've told me wouldn't have stopped me from talking to him anyways. "Hey," I said to him once I got there. He didn't even look up, just kept his head down. "Hello?" I tapped the wooden bar in front of him with my knuckles and he jumped out of his skin, whipping his head up to look at me.

"What's your name, cutie?" I asked slyly. He just raised his eyebrows in confusion. "What, I'm not your type?"

He shook his head, opening and closing his mouth for a moment, his eyebrows scrunched together. His pale finger removed itself from the beer and pointed to his deep blue eye, then back to the can of alcohol. Then it went to the draw string of the hoodie he was wearing and pointed to the small knot at the end. His finger brushed his ear and finally pointed at me. It took a moment for me to figure out what he was doing but I finally got it.

Eye can knot ear you.

I cannot hear you.

Oh god, I thought. He's deaf.

Maybe someone else would apologize and blow him off, but now I was interested. I wanted to know his name, his story, how the hell he put up with Jace for so many years, everything. I held up my finger in a 'stay there' kind of way and soon returned with a small stack of napkins and my favorite clicky pen. I scribbled down a simple question and slid the napkin towards him along with the pen.

What's your name?

He looked at it with curiosity for a few moments but took the pen anyways and wrote down a shaky reply, pushing the napkin towards me again.


That didn't seem like a very common name to me, though it was cute.

Is that short for something?

I think Alec was shocked that I was still talking to him because every time he picked up that pen he hesitated for just a moment.


I smiled.

A cute name for an equally cute boy.

He blushed when he read that and shyly smiled up at me.

What's your name?

Jace was watching us from across the bar with mild curiosity, but I wasn't really paying attention to him. I was much too focused on figuring out what shade of blue Alec's eyes were.

Magnus Bane.

He was blushing again.

I like that.

With the napkin in front of me and the pen in my hand, I wasn't sure what to say next. I didn't know if it would be rude to ask him the questions that had been buzzing around in my head. I'd never met a deaf person before.

Can I ask you a question?

You just did.

I chuckled.

You're clever. I just want to know- Have you been deaf all your life?

He bit his lip as he wrote a reply.

It's a Helen Keller sort of situation.

So you weren't born like this?

No. I got sick when I was really young. Fever. Doctors said there was nothing they could do and that I was lucky I could still see.

I thought about what I would do if my hearing was suddenly taken away from me. It brought up a lot of other questions.

Do you remember what it was like to hear?

When I pushed the napkin toward Alec and he read it, his head tilted to the side and his eyes closed. I thought I'd said… er, written something wrong but he was slowly writing something down and handing me the napkin again.

I remember the sound of my mom's voice. That's it though.

Do you use sign language now?


I was about to ask him to show me a few signs but I realized we were out of napkin room and had to grab another one. I officially liked this kid. Alec. He didn't seem to crave pity from others or feel sorry for himself. He was adorable in every sense of the word, with that black hair and blue eyes combo. I was a sucker for blue eyes and his were beautiful.

Can you show me some?

His right hand quickly went through 26 different fluid motions and when I blinked I think I missed about five. Of course I recognized it as the alphabet but the only letters I knew were A, J, and Z.

That's incredible.

And there was that delicious blush again. He was obviously not used to being complimented and I thought I'd use that to my advantage.

Years of practice. The alphabet was the first thing I learned.

Our conversation went on for many more napkins, and the low rumble of the talkative bar dissipated throughout the very early morning, leaving my mind to believe it was just Alec and I in the whole room. He was the sweetest thing I'd ever met, and by far the cutest. I was about to ask him out but I needed to know one more thing.

Are you gay?

He was about to write down an answer when Jace tapped his shoulder and signed something to him. Since when did Jace know sign language?

"Magnus," Jace said. "Will you lock up?"


I looked around and saw that everyone had left, even Camille was gone, and it was just the three of us. I wondered just how long Alec and I had been talking. Writing, rather.

"Yeah, s-sure." He gave me a look and signed something else to Alec, shrugging on his leather jacket before walking out.

Alec waved goodbye to me so I assumed he was Jace's ride home. He was about to get up to leave, but I gently held him back by his wrist and wrote down one more thing.

Text me? 1-561-893-1175

He took one look at the napkin and nodded, folding up the material and putting it in his hoodie pocket. The smile he gave me was one that made my heart do too many things at once and I smiled back immediately, watching him as he left.

I did as Jace asked of me and locked everything up, checking to make sure no one had stolen anything, the usual. Before I left, I gathered up all of our scrawled on napkins and carefully placed them in my pocket, smiling all the way home.

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