Title: In the Tallest Tower
Rating: PG-13
Summary:[Rihito / Miku] His favorite spot to nap is an old, worn sofa.
Rating: PG-13

. o . o . o . o . o . o .

At one time, the sofa must have been a elegant thing – plush velvet, hand-carved mahogany, gilded feet, every inch of it gleaming with a refined sense of luxury. But now, forgotten and stored away in the dusty loft over the academy's library, it was old. The wood creaked. The rich velvet worn, with hints of stuffing leaking through the threadbare fabric in places. Lumpy, tired, scratched, just a wee bit musty...

And, Miku decided after settling herself on one of the ancient, square cushions, it was rather uncomfortable to sit on.

She couldn't understand for the life of her why Rihito liked sleeping on it so much.

Catching her confused expression, the individual in question peered up at her from where he was lounging on the opposite end of the couch. The blanket draped casually about his waist evidence of his prior napping. And, treating her to a particularly lazy smile, Rihito pushed himself up into a seated position.

"Something bothering you, princess?"

"Ah," Miku blinked, jumping slightly in surprise. A soft blush lit her cheeks. "No. It's just... I was wondering..."

She trailed off awkwardly. Her hands twisting restlessly in her lap until he gave her a nod of encouragement, coaxing. "...Wondering?"

"I was wondering why you liked this couch so much." She said, pausing shyly once more before continuing. Slightly more emboldened this time as she straightened in her seat, chiding him with a worried frown. "It can't be good for you to sleep up here. You'll catch a cold."

"Hmm, you might be right." He conceded. One hand stroking over the velvet cushion of the sofa in an absentminded gesture of affection, he chuckled. Amethyst eyes twinkled mischievously. "But, then again, I've grown rather attached to it. It makes for a muchbetter catnap than the chairs in the Student Council room."

"Senpai..." Miku sighed, shaking her head, exasperated and charmed all the same. She glanced pointedly towards the darkened alcove of the stairway – empty, like always, despite the fact that she knew numerous people were combing the campus even now for their wayward student council president. Shaking her head a second time, Miku scolded him softly. "You can't keep hiding up here to avoid council work. The teachers start to panic whenever they can't find you for things."

"It's not hiding." He corrected primly. "It's merely a bit of a break in between tasks. I can always catch up with anything new the teachers have thought of later. Besides..."

Leaning forward, Rihito swept a hand over her cheek. Delighting in the way her eyes widened, he cinched an arm around her waist and closed the gap between them with his fingers. Slowly and deliberately tracing his fingertips along the length of her neck before contenting himself with tangling them in the short cinnamon locks of her hair, he tipped her face up towards his. An almost kiss puffed over her lips.

"...How can give up sleeping on this couch when it grants me all of my dreams upon waking?"