AN: I got the idea for this from the Character Loft on LJ.

DISCLAIMER: I don't own Harry Potter.

Five excuses for not telling:

1. Aunt Petunia said not to.

2. Uncle Vernon would kill me.

3. They're the only family I have left.

4. I deserve it.

5. No one would believe me anyways.

Four explanations for why it happens:

1. I am a burden.

2. I can never do anything right.

3. Freaks aren't worthy of nice things.

4. They're trying to help me. They punish me so I can learn to be good.

Three wishes for the future:

1. I want to be normal.

2. I wish they would love me.

3. I hope that one day I have a family of my own to love.

Two promises to live for:

1. I promise to stop doing freakish things.

2. One day, I will be a good boy.

One secret to keep:

1. My family hurts me.

Harry Potter