Larc and Ryfia stay at an inn after they take a long tour of the new world they come to after 500 years from inside of the Holy land of Noire.


It was morning when the sun just started to rise up from behind the hills in a pale sequence. He rays hit through the inn's window in which it woke Larc up. He got up and his eyes moved to where Ryfia was sleeping, restlessly to even respond the sunlight. He gave a gentle smile towards Ryfia, thinking about the way she slept after a 500 year slumber.

"I'll be back, okay Ryfia," as he started to leave the inn. The sun was brighter than ever before. Larc walked up to the fountain that stood in the middle of the town square. Larc sat down beside the water fountain and stared at his reflection in the water.

'I have everything.' He thought to himself, 'A new life, a new world to explore, peace, and…Ryfia….'

Larc smiled and gave a slight chuckle when he suddenly had a flashback of time….Ryfia saving him from the feldragon and then collapsing right into his arms; the journey to Jada and the good times with his friends.

Larc was interrupted with a familiar voice coming from the inn. "Larc," Ryfia called "there you are. I woke up to see that you weren't there. Did you have a good rest after a 500 year slumber?" Ryfia teased.

'Ok Ryfia enough teasing, lets head to Diamant'

'But that's too far away Larc…' Ryfia said with a concerned face, 'what if we get attacked or worse. It may take days to-" Ryfia was interrupted by Larc.

'Yeah but if anything does attack us, I'll protect you so don't worry okay Ryfia.' Larc winked at Ryfia. 'And plus, I know your plenty strong in front of those monsters.'

'Aw Larc your so cute,' in which Larc was flattered by. Although Larc never liked being called 'cute' by anyone, he liked it when Ryfia said it for some reason.

'What's wrong, Larc?' Ryfia called out. 'You're staring at me like you don't understand me,' she said with a frown.

'I'm sorry Ryfia. So let's get going,' he took Ryfia's hand and led her out to Diamant.

They continued to walk around the plains and around hills and through forests until it became nighttime.

'Larc it's really dark….' Ryfia stuttered.

'Oh come on Ryfia, don't tell me your scared now are you?' Larc started to laugh.

'No Larc I feel like were being followed…' Ryfia whispered.

'Followed?' Larc asked, 'At this time at night Ryfia?' Ryfia gave a small nod serious face.

'You're going to be fine, Ryfia' Larc told her. He put one arm around her so that she didn't feel discomfort. 'I'm here,' he said holding her hand gently with his other free hand. Ryfia gave a gentle gaze into Larc's eyes and gave a slight smile in which Larc smiled back tenderly.

After a while of walking, they both came to a bench in the distance and even farther away, they saw an inn.

'Look Larc, it may take a while but we can get a rest at that inn for now.'

'That was just what I was thinking, Ryfia. Okay let's go.' He went on further while Ryfia followed. Suddenly, Ryfia stopped to hear something. She heard slight footsteps that converted into heavy footsteps. Ryfia was frightened but when she looked back to where Larc was, he wasn't there anymore.

Suddenly, when she turned her back, she saw a frightening monster, larger than her, was ready to pounce on her. He jumped at her with a ferocious growl and as Ryfia dodged that one, she was attacked by his claw which ripped through her arm. Unfortunately, trying to run, she tripped over a rock and fell, rolling on the grass. Her staff also fell far away for her to reach and there was the monster standing just inches away.

'Larc!' Ryfia cried.

Larc looked back. 'Ryfia?' he said. He heard the scream again and confirmed that it was Ryfia…in danger. "Hold on Ryfia!' He ran as fast as he could to look for Ryfia.

The monster came closer, growling violently at Ryfia as she sat there, helplessly, while tears rolled down from her eyes. Suddenly, when the monster jumped, a speed of lightning sliced right through the beast.