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Dear Miss Swan,

Welcome to the Midnight Sun Publishing family….

I knew the email was coming, but it is still a shock to see that I got the job!

I jump as I hear my phone ring.

"Bella Swan." I intone.

A cheery voice replies, "Hello, Bella. This is Kate from Midnight Sun, how are you?"

There is no way I could keep the excitement out of my voice. "Oh, hello. I am fine, thank you. I just got the email."

"I am glad to hear it. There was one piece of information that was omitted."

Oh please don't let her say it was all a huge mistake.

"I forgot to give you the name of our relocation specialist, Jane Waters. She will help you find a place. Just give her a call and tell her what you want."

Holy fuck! You know you hit the big time when you get perks like that. I wasn't looking forward to trying to find a place from so far away.

"Wow that will be great. It sure takes a huge amount of stress off my back."

I scribble Jane's contact information on a bright pink post-it note.

"Once you have a better idea of when you are able to start, just give me a call and we will finalize all the details. Again, we are happy to have you as part of the Midnight Sun family."

"Me too, Kate, me too. Talk to you soon."

With the phone back in the cradle I smile while I count down the days till I am out of this hell and at my dream job.

I turn my chair to look out the dingy window. I do quick calculations in my head and figure I can give Mr. Fuckface three weeks, more than I need to, but, hey I can be generous.

Depending on how fast this Jane chick can work, I could be in Seattle in a month's time.

I swivel back to face my computer, I save the story I was working on and pull up a blank word document. With a mile wide smile, I begin to type the words I've only ever dreamed about writing;

Dear Mr. Caius Santos,

Please accept this letter as a notice of my resignation. My last day at Day and Night will be June 17th, 2011. I have enjoyed…..

Blah, blah,blah. It's all crap and bullshit. I hate every day I've worked for him. Mr. Santos is an arrogant prick whose ideals belonged in the 1950's where women were only receptionists. Reluctantly, he gave me my own stories to write, but they were always the crappy assignments.

No longer will I need to cover food expos, home and garden shows or any other type of cheesy convention.


Soon I will be editing books and dealing with authors and I can't fucking wait.

Good bye Jacksonville, hello Seattle.

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