In the beginning…

When humans were first created by the Sun, Moon, and Earth they were gifted with two faces, four arms and legs. They ran and fought with the strength of two, thought with the sharpness of two minds and listened with four ears. Complete and perfect they soon became arrogant, and with this amazing power they dared to scale Mt. Olympus and attack the gods themselves.

Not wishing to simply destroy his only worshipers, Zeus instead split them in half, sending Apollo to make the repairs to fully separate them. When the humans realized what had been done to them they began to run around franticly looking for their lost half. Seeking them out and clinging desperately together, trying to merge back into one. Sadly the damage had already been done and quickly the creatures fell into grief and despair so deep they nearly starved to death.

Mindful of his need for worship, Zeus sent Apollo to make one last alteration. The god of healing changed the placement of the gender organs, giving humans the means to rejoin temporarily. Thus to this day we still hunt for our missing half, seeking in them the companionship that we lost long ago…

Two halves of a whole

Chapter 1. Blame the Fruitloop

Phantom tightened his arms around the familiar material of a much loved white and red shirt. His green eyes wide with terror that was only beginning to ebb away as he shot through the night sky of Amity Park like a bat out of hell. In his arms the seventeen year old boy shifted. His fingers dug into the black spandex of the ghost boy's suit, clinging with a reflection of the fear that was pushing Phantom to breakneck speeds.

Silently daring himself to look the ghost preformed a quick twist in the air, checking if they were being tailed, but his glance revealed nothing but the empty black sky, lighted by an ivory moon. The street lights of the metropolis sprawling out in all directions underneath them. Phantom relaxed as if a weight had been taken off his shoulders and slowed from his top speed, only to be suddenly spurred back to them as a violent memory flashed in his mind. Unable to move… those bright lights… the horrible pain in his chest so intense he felt like his heart was being ripped out.

He shot forward, his head down and eyes closed as if he could outrun the events of the last five hours. However it wasn't long before rationality kicked back in and he remembered that he had long since escaped. In an attempt to distract himself from his memories and because he needed to come to terms with recent events, he shifted his flight pattern so that the wind wouldn't impede conversation.

Softly he spoke his first name, directing it to the boy in his arms. The word carried with it all he thought of as himself, the very ideas that had been just recently shattered all over the laboratory floor.


Two aqua eyes responded to the sound, glancing up from under a fringe of dark hair. Green and blue irises met and Phantom stopped in midair. It would seem that he was still unable to truly understand what had just happened to him… or them as of now…

The ghost watched the emotion on the human's face, finding it very odd to see it when it wasn't a reflection of his own. He watched as fear changed to confusion then into anger. Danny leaned back in his alter ego's arms and swore loudly into the empty sky. Phantom was a little taken aback by the outburst, until he realized that when the terror wore off he would likely feel the exact same way.

"Stupid… fucking… ghha! Why does he do this shit to me?" Danny finally managed to shout, putting his thoughts into more than just expletives. Phantom sighed, or rather he made the motions, a little distressed when he realized no air was coming from or to his lungs. Ignoring it for now he responded to himself "-Because he's a hopelessly deluded, seriously fucked up fruit loop."

The arms around Phantom's back moved to settle around his shoulders. His human self was regarding him again, a look in his eyes that the Phantasm couldn't read. Somehow the Ghost found this very unsettling, and it took him a few moments to realize why. He couldn't read his own thoughts. He didn't know exactly what Danny was feeling… The knowledge brought forth a sudden pang of loss that was thankfully interrupted by another outburst from the human.

"Ohhhh shit… what am I supposed to do now…" Danny moaned, his piercing gaze shifting to the pinpricks of stars that played witness to this exchange between selves. Phantom, who had so far proved to be the more grounded of the two, (ironic as it was considering he was the one floating) felt the need to try to comfort his human self.

"Stop worrying, we will find a way to fix this... It's not like we haven't had to deal with a few extra of us before." He propped the human up a little, and despite the day they both had he attempted a reassuring smile. Nevertheless the look Danny gave him for this statement was much closer to his 'worried about a math test' face than anything resembling relieved.

"Vlad used the word permanently, twice.." Danny muttered softly. Phantom cringed at the reminder, recalling pieces of Vlad's self-indulgent tirade on just how clever his method of splitting Danny apart had been, and even more disturbingly, how he planned to use it to gain the other as an heir. "So what?" Phantom asserted, "If I had a nickel for every time Vlad was wrong about something-"

A trace of a grin passed over the human's lips at this reflection of his own self-assuredness and he nodded in agreement. Pleased with this, Phantom resumed his intent of getting them both back home safely, the breeze picking up, brushing his white hair back and making the loose bits of Danny's clothing ruffle.

It was almost lost in the rush of the wind, but Phantom heard it when Danny muttered "…but this time it feels different…"

Fenton's grip tightened on Phantom again, a shiver running down his back as he phased them through their bedroom wall. Green eyes checked over the room to make sure it was empty before changing back into visible form, flying over to the bedstead and unceremoniously dropping his passenger onto the mattress.

The human gave a small yelp of protest before realizing that he had landed safely. He propped himself up on his elbows, only realizing after he started moving how sore the nights events had left him. He groaned loudly as Phantom perched himself on the end of their bed. His glowing gaze passed over his human self, concern showing in his furrowed brows. "Nothings broken, is it?" he asked, remembering how susceptible full humans were to injury.

"No.. Just a little sore-" Danny's sentence was interrupted by a loud yawn so wide that Phantom could have counted his molars, "and tired" he finished, slumping back on his bed, eyes half closing and muscles visibly relaxing.

Phantom blinked, only realizing now that Danny had mentioned it how oddly energized he felt. A fact that seemed even stranger when a quick look at the bedside clock told him it was just passed three in the morning. However he did remember feeling like this before, when he had separated into two for the first time and his superhero persona had gained all their powers.

If that was the case, it was likely he wouldn't be able to transform into a human until they sorted this mess out. Glancing down at his gloved fingers the ghost boy decided that he might as well give it a go, just so he knew what he was dealing with. Without another thought, he closed his eyes and summoned the two white transformation rings.

The flash of light snapped his human self out of his half-slumber and when Phantom reopened his eyes he found Danny staring at him in confusion. He looked down at his hands, seeing pure white skin and short cut nails, but no gloves... He fell off his perch in surprise, but instead of dropping like a stone he found himself floating backwards.

He hung upside down for a moment before righting himself, quickly drifting over to the mirror that rested on his dresser. He raised a hand to his cheek, appraising the slightly mixed appearance that looked back through the glass. He still had the snow white hair and glowing green eyes, but his skin was slightly paler than he could ever remember it being and his ghostly aura was dulled.

He was wearing a black T-shirt with white rings on the end of the sleeves and the hem of the shirt, his large D and inner P symbol still displayed proudly across his chest. Not unlike the one he had been given courtesy of the Fenton crammer and his slowly waning powers, but this time his pants were only shaped like his casual jeans. Instead he had Black dress pants and white boots that were a little narrower and more running shoe shaped than his regular butt-kickers.

"Okay... That's weird," Danny asserted from across the room. Phantom turned to him, "You're telling me" He replied, walking over to the bedside and staring pointedly at the human.

"You should try transforming too, maybe it will give us a better idea of how we were split," Phantom suggested. The teenager nodded and leaned back. Spectral rings erupted in a flash of bright light, trailing over the young male's body and turning his clothes into a sleek one-piece covering every inch of his body from the neck down.

Phantom frowned and Danny looked back up at him, his expression silently asking if it had worked properly. To which the answer was a big fat 'not so much'. His suit was the wrong color, or more accurately the right color. The white on black that he had remembered pulling on just over three years ago, before he had walked into the Phantom portal and changed everything. It was even missing the little addition Sam had made to it in the midst of the Desiree debacle. Even Danny's hair was still the normal jet black, and his blue eyes were as dim as any ordinary human's.

Phantom lowered himself to the ground, taking a few steps to see how it felt. When he turned back he saw that Danny had forced himself up, and with a few more growls of discomfort he had wandered over to the mirror to check on the results.

"Do you feel any more powerful?" the silver haired boy asked, taking a few more careful steps over to Fenton. "Not really… I just feel kind of stupid in this outfit... " Danny replied, shrinking away from Phantom a little bit when he gave him a glare for the comment. Phantom rolled his eyes and wrapped his fingers around Danny's black-gloved hand, dragging the teen back to bed.

"This is bad, isn't it?" the more human of the two asked as he was pushed back into bed. Phantom looked him in the eyes again and the grip on his wrist tightened.

"It's different, for one the line between us is not half as clear as it was when we split with the Ghost Catcher." The phantasm mused sitting on the side of the bed.

"Yha, for one I feel like myself… well minus the ghost powers... but I don't feel like I have zero concept of responsibility or want to OD on Cheetos…" Danny added, before trailing off and resting against his pillow. Phantom looked at him for a moment before deciding that reassurance was best for now. There was no way they were going to be able to solve this tonight and the more sleep his mortal half got the better he would be to help him find a solution tomorrow.

"We will find a way to work it out.." Phantom offered, patting Danny on the shoulder. Pulling his hand away for a moment when the energy rings reappeared and took away the human's white suit. The teenager rolled over onto his side facing his other self, letting out a deep sigh.

His eyes were back on Phantom and he started to ask "What if…" before he seemed to think better of it and closed his mouth. However phantom was already feeling slightly wary of the fact that he could no longer share Danny's thoughts and the hero pressed for the rest of the question. Sadly he was unprepared when he eventually received it.

"What if we're no longer two parts of the same.. You know… Person?"

The question struck something deep inside the ghost boy and his first reaction was to push it away. Of course he and Danny were still the same being. They shared a voice, appearance, and memories. They were just temporarily separated, but they were far too compatible to be kept apart for long. You couldn't have Danny Fenton without Phantom. They were one on the most basic of levels, right into the DNA.

He shook his head and almost laughed, assuring his other half that it was not likely. Danny didn't look convinced but he was too sleepy to argue. Instead he closed his eyes and wrapped his arms around his pillow, clutching it to his chest. Phantom wandered off for a moment and returned dragging one of Danny's beanbag chairs back over to the bed. He settled down on top of it and got himself comfortable.

He was about to close his eyes and rest, even if he knew it was unlikely he would sleep, when a soft sound came from the teen on the bed. "Hey, Phantom?" he murmured, his hand reaching out over the side of the bed. The ghost took the offered hand with his own and nodded that he was listening. "Vlad was just talking crazy when he said that if you remained separated from me you would turn evil… right?

Phantom paused, recalling that part of the malevolent man's rant vary clearly all of a sudden. He shook his head, ridding himself of the idea. As far as he could tell he was just as compassionate as he had always been. He was still worried about Danny for one, and he didn't wish to see anyone hurt… well besides Vlad for forcing them into this mess, but that was more than deserved.

"He was, I feel no different now than I did when we were one." Phantom answered, not strictly true but the best way to calm the human. Satisfied with the answer the teen fell fast asleep, seemingly forgetting to take back his hand. Phantom didn't seem to mind and didn't bother letting go as he retired into his own thoughts, listening to the quiet of the night and the occasional echoes of their dad's snoring coming from the room down the hall.


It gets better after the first chapter… it's been I while since I felt the need to write fan fiction so I'm a little rusty. Also I'm looking for a Bata reader if anyone is interested… (And has way too much time on their hands)

also I pretty much wrote this story in between watching episodes from the show, so expect a lot of references to cannon. Especially where weapons are concerned.