A/N: Bear with me everyone, I know this is moving pretty slow but I want it to be realistic as possible. That being said this chapter introduces some Bev/Zig. Thanks for the reviews and favorites, they're much appreciated. (:


I got up around ten o'clock in the morning. I braided my black curly hair and pulled on a baseball cap. I was already sweating—even in the cool cabin—in my sweats so I traded them for a pair of denim shorts. Aunt Lou had left early in the morning with Mr. Sir and two other counselors to do some shopping and business in the city. She was going to be gone the whole weekend. During this special time when there was a lack of authority the boys were more rebellious and daring than usual.

I decided to use this to my advantage. With Aunt Lou gone and the boys out digging, I practically had the camp to myself. First, I had some business to attend to. Pendanski had left to fill the boys' canteens which meant his office was empty. The fool usually left his door unlocked, and luckily it was open today. When I was younger, I found his hidden stash: in the trunk on the bottom left hand side of the bookshelf. I lifted the lid and grinned at the pile of sunscreen. How this man could possibly need so much sunscreen…Oh well. I grabbed two bottles then snapped the lid shut.

My flip flops slapped against the hard dirt ground as I passed A, B, and C Tent. Making sure to hold my breath, I entered D-Tent. It was pretty clean…well I guess they didn't own enough stuff to make a mess. At least their beds were made. I threw my brown leather bag on the nearest cot and reached into it, pulling out the picture I drew of Squid, X-Ray, and Zigzag, and some tape. There was a post that supported the canvas of the tent in the middle of the room. I broke off a piece of tape and taped the picture on the post. Then, I threw the two bottles of sunscreen on the bed. Now that was finished I could do whatever I want.

I stopped at the cafeteria and grabbed some snack bars from the back pantry. The back pantry had all the good snacks and the only people allowed in were the counselors. There was also a mini fridge in the corner that had the best Arizona tea. After stocking up on snacks I decided the visit the notorious Wreck Room.

Inside the Wreck Room it was…well a wreck. The whole room was totally trashed. The only item that was still in relatively adequate condition was the pool table. I played a little bit of pool by myself before I got bored. Eventually I stopped and lounged on the broken couch, sketching the room. In big, graffiti style letters I wrote WRECK ROOM on the top of the page.


Thankfully today it was a littler cooler than usual. I was nearly finished with my hole and was listening to an argument between Magnet and Squid. Magnet was leaning over the edge of Squid's hole taunting him in Spanish.

"Hombre, eres un idiota!" Magnet yelled at Squid.

"Dude, this is America, speak American!" Squid shouted back from his hole.

X-Ray started cracking up. He lifted himself swiftly out of his hole and spat in it. "Yo Zig, you done?"

"Just about," I wiped my forehead. After a few shovelfuls I had my 5 by 5 hole done, spit and all.

"Come on Magnet, leave Squiddy alone," X poked him with his shovel as we passed.

"Ay man, he got what was comin' to him," Magnet hopped up and followed us in tow. The long walk back was agonizing, though not as terrible as digging.

Once we reached our tent I could sense something. There was a lingering smell in the air; it was light and fruity, like a girl. We shuffled inside.

"Hey!" X pointed to the post in the middle of the room. We crowded around it. It was a picture of three guys—X, me, and Squid, washing a car. "This must be the picture that Sketch drew of us."

Sketch. Oh he meant the Warden's niece. I still wasn't too sure about her. Caveman was assuring me that she in fact was not a spy, just a guest. But why was she in our tent when we were gone? I inspected my bed and found two bottles on it.

"What is this?" I asked, holding one up.

"Can't you read, dog?" X-Ray snatched it out of my hand. "It's sunscreen! Hey, Sketch probably brought this for us!"

"Oh, sweet sunscreen," Magnet grabbed the other bottle. "Now my poor face will be protected,"

"Hey, this is for all of us." X snapped.

"Yeah man whatever. I'm gonna go take a shower," Magnet handed the sunscreen over.

"I think I'm gonna go watch some T.V." I said.


I must have zoned out for awhile because I heard feet shuffling and voices coming from outside.

"Shit," I cursed and quickly stuffed my things into my bag. It wasn't fast enough.

In entered the infamous Lump, a camper from B-Tent, and his iniquitous gang of friends. I've heard stories about Lump from the counselors at dinner. Apparently he was rotten to the core, a pathological liar, and kleptomaniac. If anything turned up missing at Camp Green Lake, you could find it somehow through Lump. Lump walked with the proud stride of royalty, and held himself strong with authority. He had a villainous aura that surrounded him. From his scuffed boots, to his slicked back chestnut hair. His jumpsuit was undone and tied around his waist, exposing a black muscle tank and strong arm muscles. He was the type of "bad boy" girls swooned over.

"Well, well, well," his chapped lips turned into a coy smirk. Most of Lump's friends scattered throughout the room, claiming different toys (A/N: For lack of a better word :p ). Two stayed behind him to see how this would play out.

I started to leave. "Whoa, girl, where ya goin'?" Lump stepped in front of me.

"I'm leaving. Wasn't that obvious?" I snapped. I was not about to be bullied by these boys.

"Oooh," Lump's friends taunted.

Lump laughed. "Alright, alright. C'mon girl why don't you take a seat with us here," he nodded towards the couch.

"No thank you," I replied. "I was actually just heading out—"

"Ehey, what's the rush?" he eyed me hungrily. Dr. Pendanski had made it very clear that I was to be wary around these boys who haven't seen a girl in months.

I took a step forward as did he. His friends chuckled and moved closer to get a better view.

The door opened and slammed shut very loudly. The B-Tent boys looked over their shoulders to see a curious Zigzag standing in their doorway. He moved carefully around us, keeping his eyes on the scene in front of him.

"Listen…" Lump reached out and I stumbled away.

"Don't even think about it," I warned.

"Hey—" he started to raise his voice.

I felt the warmth of someone very close to me. I was scared out of my wits before I realized it was in fact Zigzag.

"How about you go sit there by yourself?" Zigzag challenged Lump. As big as Lump was, Zigzag was even taller, though not as stout he was just as strong. The testosterone in the air was overpowering. Lump didn't say anything, he just bit his lip and stared back.

"Come on," he got a strong grip on my arm and led me out of the Wreck Room. My crazy haired knight in shining armor.

Once we were outside he let go of my arm. "Thanks," I said cautiously, looking up into his piercing eyes.

"Thanks for the sunscreen."


As much as I still didn't like this girl, I hated B-Tent even more.