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She needed to ask for help.

The instant the thought passed through her somewhat blank mind, Rainbow Dash felt the color drain from her face. It wasn't even a suggestion, or a way to make what she could do cooler or better. It was a major requirement, with all the knowledge of utter failure that it held behind it's accursed doors, waiting to release it the instant she attempted to say no. And that very fact tore her apart. The angry half of her wanted to refuse out of spite, to let her fly and then consequentially fall on her own, breaking every limb she had in the process. But the other half wanted to do the absolute best for her friend. Correction, her marefriend.

Correction correction. To her possible marefriend.

That fact alone would take some significant getting used to. She was no longer responsible for just herself and tank, but the feelings of a single pony, one who would, in theory, complete her. Or, well, complete more of her. And, if that continued, the question would then be if she would become Rainbow Sparkle, Or if Twilight be Twilight Dash.

Oh, she knew in her soul that she would fight to the death for Twilight Dash.

Before she could continue on that train of thought, the conductor, AKA her newly found brain, decided that her ticket was expired, and booted her off.

'Oh, Right. Need to ask a dating guru for help. Got it.'

Mentally smacking herself, she looked over to the only mare she knew with considerable dating experience. Applejack.

After all, while Rarity was the romantic, she was... well, picky. She knew all she knew from theory, not from practice.

Plus, Dash knew that she wouldn't be able to stand another one of her lectures on dating.

"Umm... Applejack, Can I talk to you outside?"

Applejack, who had been looking at Twilight's medical chart and prentending to know what she was reading, raised a very noticeable eyebrow, but nodded nonetheless, and trotted outside the room, maintaining eye contact the entire time.

Rainbow felt herself swallow, and, feeling the eyes of Rarity and Twilight, followed her out. When she finally, after what felt like several seconds, exited the room, she slammed the door behind her and turned to her orange friend.

"Umm, Applejack? You know how you're always saying that you've dated tons? Well, I kinda, sorta, really, really need help."

Applejack stared for a second, before crafting herself the largest grin Dash had ever seen. "Well well. Miss Dash here needs... how would Rares say it? Oh yeah, *ahem* Miss Dasheil requires a undetermined amount assistance in the various forms of courtship and romance, and wishes for me to be the purveyor of such indispensable knowledge."

"Umm, Yes... I think. And don't do that! You know it creeps me out when you use your fancy voice! It's all unnatural and stuff."

Applejack felt herself roll her eyes, and nodded. "Fine, fine. But what do ah get for helpin' y'all. Mah services don' come cheap.

Wait, She wanted payment? "What? You expect me to pay? What happened to friends stick together, and all that junk you always tell me when you ask for help?"

"Well, I wanna get a slice of some pie. If'n you catch mah drift."

Dash felt her eye twitch. Was Applejack serious? Was she actually asking her to help her get some "pie"? "Um, I think I have some, well, ok, a few... fine, a ton of problems with helping you get some... Yeah, I don't even feel right calling it pie."

Applejack raised her eyebrows for a second, before immediately groaning. "Ugh, no! I mean' I wanted you to help me sneak one of 'dem zap apple pies from granny, not... ugh. I see where y'all have your mind. Perv."

Rainbow Dash felt herself blush a bit. How was she supposed to know that? There was no reason for Applejack to go all wiggily eyebrow for stealing pie. Heck, Dash did that once a week. And granny hated her for it. But It was definitely not wiggily eyebrow worthy.

But... something seemed off. Applejack could always just ask for a pie. And, she didn't even like them. "Wait... Didn't you say you hate Granny Smith's zap apple pie?"

Applejack grinned weakly, and shook her head. "No, Erm, I jus' dislike the flavor, and texture, an', well, all of it. It tastes like somepony shoved a rotten apple in mah mouth. But it ain' for me."

Ah. That made more sense. But nonetheless, Rainbow Dash thought about it for a second, before feeling a grin grow. She knew one tidbit of apple lore that Applejack didn't, and she felt that now was the time to use it. And then bend it a bit. And possibly break it. After all, it was all in the name of comedy. "Well, I think I remember Twilight saying that Zap Apples can help in the... heh, romance department. So, who is it for, eh? I won't help you unless you tell me."

Wait. That felt too weak. She had to up the ante a bit. After all, she was not one to go halfway when it came to teasing Applejack. "Wait... Is it for Rarity?"

"What? No! It's, erm, for my brother. Yeah."


Rainbow Dash felt her smile increase. Forget what she had earlier, Now the possibilities for teasing were endless. It was as if she was given a voucher for a prank store, and she got all she wanted. So, now the only question is which option she should use.

Should she use the tried and true classic of hinted brother love? It was a good one, and Applejack always got flustered when she used it. Or should she go for the throat, and call Applejack out for lying? If there was anything that bothered Applejack the most, out of all the things she had done before, it was calling her a liar.


Weighing the options, Dash chose the first one. After all, she needn't go too far, seeing as she still needed her help. "So, you plan on using a romance pie on your brother. I really don't know what to say. I mean, honestly, I'm lost. Wait, I think I got something. Ok, Um... Eww?"

Applejack felt herself turn from a slight pink to a deep red. "What? No, no!"

"So, you do want to use it on Rarity? Well, she's... pretty, I guess. Not my type, though. Just a hint too snobby."

"It's not for Rarity either!"


Before she could continue the teasing, her brain, with the subtlety of a thousand angry flying squirrels armed with dull spoons, reminded her why she was even outside, using the most effective method it possessed.

It's direct control over the bladder.

Feeling her suddenly screaming bladder, Dash was forced to realize something. No matter how funny it was, it was not worth wetting one's self in a public area to tease Applejack. So, using her skills of deduction, she decided that the best way to avoid this was to cut the teasing short. "So, I get you some Zap apple pie, and I get help setting up a date. Fair?"

Applejack stared at Dash for a second, before blinking. "What? No more teasin'? That ain't the Rainbow Dash Ah know. You must really care for Twiligh' if'n y'all are willin' to give up. Fine. You get me a Pie, and ah help you set up an awesome date."


"Deal. Now, I really gotta go, so bye!"

Without another word, Dash rushed down the hallway. She figured that she could work out the details later.

*cough cough*

Twilight swore that she could feel a physical representation of awkwardness in the room. After Dash and Applejack left, It was just Rarity and her. Which, normally, wouldn't be so bad. However, Immediately after the two more... blunt mares left, Rarity decided that the time was right to bring up the topic of romance, and, more importantly, what Twilight personally preferred. In all honesty, Dash could take her to a green field and fly around in circles for five hours and she would be happy. But, as Twilight learned, that wasn't a great answer to give Rarity.

In fact, it was a horrible answer.

"I'm sorry Twilight, But you have horrible taste." Was what she got after she said that. Apparently, Twilight found that she wasn't allowed to have a preference in what she liked, and, ironically, when it comes to a subject that constantly tells you to be yourself, she found that there was a disturbing lack of actual self expression, and that there was more insincere behavior and deception than politics had, all nestled inside what seemed to be a cute and little package.

Within the course of five seconds, Twilight was told that her opinions stank, and immediately after that, she was given a long lecture on the proper expectations of first and second dates, as well as socially acceptable returns for dates. Such as allowing Dash to walk her home on her second date, as well as saying goodnight. Not a goodnight kiss, just a "goodnight, thank you for spending money on me!" goodnight.

The worst kind of good night.

Correction, the second worst kind.

And, if that wasn't the worst part, According to her very limited knowledge on the subject, she knew that that was the right way to do it. All the books she read told her to do this, from the most generic of romances to the most complex and intricate dating assistance books. And she hated it. She already kissed Dash twice, and, well, she loved it. She didn't want to stop already.

But, she didn't want to do this wrong. She only had one chance, and she wasn't going to mess it up.


However, that didn't mean that she wanted to sit through Rarity's lecture. It was, as Dash would say, really dumb.

"So... I would recommend putting on a nice outfit for your first date. It adds a aura from you that says that you are serious with the relationship. But nothing too nice. If that happens, then you may seem like you are above what your date has set up for you, and that you are better then them. And we both know how self conscious Dash is."

Twilight rolled her eyes, and rolled over in bed. She would do anything to get out of this. She would even help clean Spike's bedroom...


"Um, Rarity? I don't want to interrupt, but...Where is Spike?

"Hellooooo? Anyone here?"

Emptiness. Echos.

Not a single soul in the library.

And worse, there was no one to help him get the jar of gems from the top of the refrigerator.

"Helloooooooo!? Twilight? Rainbow Dash?...

Not a single answer.


Immediately afterward, Spike heard a single, groggy response come from upstairs.


Alright. So he wasn't completely alone. He had a groggy owl, which meant he could get the gems, if he asked nicely. But still, Twilight was gone, and the library was open. And while He had been in charge before, there usually was a warning beforehoof... beforeclaw. But this time, Twilight was gone, Dash was gone, And he was alone. It was just him, owlyscious, and that strange old mare that kept to the dark corner of the library and grumbled.

Spike did not truly know what fear was until he found her while he was coming back the bathroom. At three in the morning.

Thank Celestia that Twilight decided to change the library hours after that.

Spike, after deciding to start his unwanted job, grumpily walked over to the librarian's desk and sat down. Today was going to be one of those days, and he hated those days. Last time he had one of those days, he was turned into a moose.

It took Twilight a the better part of three hours to change him back, and even then, It took him three months to get over his very rational, yet crippling fear of asparagus.

Asparagus, with their... greenness and stench of evil.

"Um, is the library open?"

Wait. Spike recognized that voice. He would have to think about his asparagus accident later. "Scootaloo?"


Spike smiled. Today may not be so bad. After all, he didn't have to receive every letter he had ever sent this time. All at once. While ponyville was being destroyed. "Back here!"

Scootaloo quickly trotted into the room with a echo-ey sound, and Spike gave her a large smile. "Hey Scoot, whatchya need?"

"Well, Sweetie Belle is busy today, And Applebloom has chores. So, I was wondering if you wanted to pla- Er, I mean, Hang out?"

Spike felt his smile disappear. There went any chance of today not sucking. He might as well turn back into a moose. "I want to, but I have to watch the library today. Twilight's gone."

Scootaloo's smile shank a bit for a second, before returning. "Well, We could always play-, er, hang out, inside the library..."

Spike sat there for a moment, the gears in his head moving for a second before realizing that, like always, Scootaloo was right. "You're right! What should we do?"

Scootaloo grinned, before scrunching up her face to think.. "We... er, we... We can play house! I'll be the mom, you be the dad, Owlowiscious will be the creepy uncle-"


"And Mrs. Glower over there can be the baby!"

"I ain't been no baby since firty free!"

Spike sat there for a second, expressionless. The more he thought about it, the less he liked the idea. After a very long second, he decided he had to speak up.

"That... sounds... kinda dumb."

Scootaloo's expression, unexpectedly, fell like a stone, but Spike continued. He was going to say what had to be said.

"I mean, Owlysicious is so much easier to put in a diaper then Mrs. Glower. I think he should be the baby, and she can be the creepy uncle."

"I ain't none yo uncles, you yukules!"

Scootaloo's soul crushed frown turned into a full blown smile at this, and she happily nodded immediately afterward. "You're right. But what am I going to do with this adult diaper?"

Spike shrugged. A few thoughts went through his head, such as curiosity in regards to where Scootaloo even found an adult diaper, or why she kept it with her, but those seemed... dumb. A more interesting line of thought was found in wondering how he would use the diaper. After a few seconds of thinking, he found the answer. "Well, We can always have her as a even creepier, bed wetting uncle!"

Scootaloo smiled, and she went upstairs. "Alright. I'm gonna go grab the 'baby'. This is gonna be so awesome!"

Spike nodded, and went to the supply closet. "Oh, Scootaloo! Watch out for the baby's talons! He aims for the eyes!"

"Alright. So, All I gotta do is go get the reservations?"

Applejack smiled and nodded proudly, and Dash was handed the address. "Eeyup! Oh, and be careful, that place charges a ton, so you better bring a lot of money, or Y'all will have a bad time. It's like, seventy five bits for one foodstuff there, so In reckon y'all should save up."

Rainbow Dash coughed. Seventy five bits? That's what she used for a week's worth of food for her and tank! But, then again, it is the nicest restaurant in all of fillydelphia, and apparently it was awesome or something. She sighed inwardly, and shook her head. For Twilight. Only for her.

Hopefully they would become a special something, or at least not mess everything up. Or else she would be wasting enough money to go to three Wonderbolt's shows in style.

"Urk! Well, I guess I'm gonna be broke for a month. Can you keep Twilight company for a few hours? I'm gonna fly down... er, up, and get the reservation."

Applejack nodded, and smiled. "So, Y'all gonna spend five hundred bits on your first date? You must like her. That, or Y'all want to get her..."

"Finish that sentence, and I'll teach Applebloom how to use a blowtorch. And she's been asking. Now, I'm going like, right now, so tell Twi I had to go do something, and I'll be back in a half hour."

Applejack smiled and nodded. "Alrigh'. But hurry back, Or I'll be the one to give, Twi a goodnight kiss."

And with that, the door swung open, and Rarity, like the angel of divine fury, stepped forth from the room.

"You will do no such thing, Applejack! I'm appalled at your suggestion too do such!"

Applejack jumped a good five feet and turned bright red. "Oh, er, hi Rares, How's it going?"

Rainbow Dash smiled. As much as she would absolutely love to watch Applejack squirm under the painful looking glare Rarity was giving her, She had to leave, or else she would be stuck there.

Watching Applejack getting her flank kicked.

And laughing at her.

"And lastly, Twilight is with Rainbow now, Not you. So, you go and keep her company, and if I so hear about one tiny attempt at a kiss, I'll use that stunning spell Twilight taught me, and I'll make you into my own personal dress mannequin! Now, I have to go check up on Spikey Wikey, due to somepony not telling him that Twilight is hospitalized, so you behave."

Rarity quickly made her way out of the hospital, and continued towards Twilight's library. She was still seething when it came to Applejack. However, She had a duty, and she wasn't about to let Applejack stop her from fulfilling it.

She quickly found herself at the front door, and, with a practiced ease, opened it.

However, she found that Twilight had a very good reason to be worried about spike. Immediately upon opening the door, she was greeted by a sight that could only be described with a single phrase.

Mother of Faust.

The Library, if it could still be called such, well, wasn't anymore. The shelves were all tipped over, the books looked like a rampaging rhino tried to make a bird's nest, and happened to be missing an eye, and never once truly seen an bird's nest.

The tables were either broken, tipped over, or, in the case of the smaller one that happened to be located in the dark corner of the library, on fire, and it looked like somepony had a pillow fight from the rafters, using fishing nets filled with feathers as pillows.

She looked to the other side of the room, and found a local pony, know by the name of Timeturner, waving and pointing desperately.

"Watch out! Demon Baby!"

Rarity turned her head in the direction he pointed, and saw something she never thought she would see. Owlyscious. In a diaper. covered in orange feathers, and holding what looked like a severely oversized stalk of asparagus. Which was aimed right at her face.

She had enough time to voice one errant thought.

"Why asparagus?"

He sometimes hated his job.

After all, it had crappy hours, it paid horribly, and it was nearly impossible to raise a family due to the hours.

However, it still held it's surprises. After all, when his date was interrupted, he thought he would be doing some saving the world thing. Or at least something timey wimey.

Instead, he learned why a Pegasus and a dragon should never reproduce. When he entered the library, he was greeted by the spawn of Satan himself, all wrapped up in a ball of rampaging owlish fury.

It's too bad that not a soul even knew who Satan was here.

At least the universe was kind enough to provide some comedic relief, because the demonic "baby", if it could even be called that, was dressed in nothing but a diaper, and wielding nothing but a small stalk of Asparagus. However, judging by the way the two parent's reacted towards the asparagus, he had to assume that it wasn't natural.

So, doing the one thing that was stupider then trying to force a owl into a diaper, he used his screwdriver on it. Looking back, it was a horrible idea. After all, even if a unknown object is being used as a weapon, that does not mean that said object isn't... different in the eyes of reality. It was a rookie mistake, to be honest.

That small piece of asparagus? Well, it grew. It was now the size of a medium sized tree. And, apparently, it somehow gotten lighter in the process. Which meant that he now had to deal with an angry demonic baby owl wielding a magically enhanced asparagus stalk that carried unknown effects without any thought on what damage it may cause. Or any problems swinging it around as if it was a foal's first baseball bat. After all, it must have weighed roughly an quarter ounce before he accidentally enhanced it. Knowing his luck, It probably weighed half that now.

So, he went to plan B. He took cover. After all, he couldn't do much if he lost his head, now could he? And worse, he finally managed to ask out the mare that had been assisting him. He wasn't wanting to screw that up. So, he hid behind some table, while the demon spawn rampaged without abandon.

And there, he planned. Well, that's not true. He would have, except the universe, in all it's bad taste in comedy, decided to introduce a new player in the game. A white unicorn, one whom he had minimal interaction with, entered the library. And, within a record five seconds, she met the receiving end of the asparagus stalk.

And she quickly was changed into a moose.

Rage. Blistering Fury.


And a strange craving for revenge.

Owlowiscious felt all of these things. After all, He was woken up in the middle of the day, and, by some strange orange filly, forced into a old diaper. And normally, that would just be a normally irritating occurrence. After all, the same pony dyed him somewhat pink before. But no, she then took him downstairs, all while restraining him in a infant's blanket, and force fed him leafy greens. Which, as many would know, is not a major staple in an owl's diet.

In fact, It wasn't even fully edible to them. After all, Owls are carnivorous, and leafy greens are not something that happens to be meat.

After this indignity, he was, as they would say, angry. He hooted and shrieked, hoping to get the attention of Twilight or Spike. But, after a full three minutes, All the leafy greens were gone, and he was sporting a wondrous stomach ache. This orange filly, nay, this orange demon, then picked him back up, and took him to the main floor. And there he saw, in all his purple and green glory, was Spike.

He did what he thought was best at the time. He cried out for help. And, to his relief, he removed him from the dark one's grasp. And there, he was...

Given a bottle.

He didn't know what to feel at first. Surprise? Astonishment?


Heck. He felt all of these things. And, while he knew that he was an owl, and therefore lacked the emotional spectrum of ponies and dragons, he still felt that he deserved to feel betrayal. After all, He not only allowed the demon to torture him, but he was in league with her.

He betrayed him.

After that, he decided that he would get revenge. That he would make them pay the only way he knew.

By clawing them.

In the face.

However, before he could free himself, and thus bring down his well deserved fury upon their unprotected corneas, he saw something.

The door to the lab was open.

After a few seconds of mental debate, he decided that there were much more effective ways of punishment. Such as bringing up Spike's greatest fear.

So, he quickly bit Spike's finger the instant he had the chance. And, as he predicted, he was dropped, and he was freed from his cloth-like shackles. And so, he shot into the lab, and found the one item that Twilight never manged to truly destroy. Even though she had tried. Repeatedly.

The cursed stalk of asparagus, which was one of Twilight's most spectacular failures. No matter what she tried on it, the stalk was immune. And it had adverse reactions to magical creatures. Such as Dragons. And Pegasi. Therefore, it the perfect weapon.

All he needed was the key from the keyhook, and his rampage of revenge could begin.

"Alright... Buckingham street, check. Ummm... Now, where is this stupid place?"

Dash was, as the average pony would say, lost. However, she preferred the term, 'In relocation.'

It was one of the more blatant lies she told, but it made her feel better.

However, it wasn't working right now. After all, she had been looking for the same place for roughly an hour, and she hadn't found coat nor mane of the place. It was almost as if the restaurant no longer existed.

"Hey, um, unicorn! Where is the... what was it called, The gilded mare, or whatever?

Immediately after she shouted this, a colt jumped, and turned around. "Oh, umm... It moved. I think it's on... what, Princess Platinum street? I'm not really sure."

"Oh, ok. Thanks. Now, where is that?"

The colt shrugged. "I don't know, that way?"

Dash grumbled. She was hoping for something good, like 'go down the street for 1,475 meters, and take a fifty seven degree turn left, then continue north for a quarter mile.'

Without another word, she trotted in the direction the colt pointed. She hoped the platinum street was close, or she might be late coming back.

"So, umm... Hello sugarcube. I guess Ah'm gonna keep y'all company?"

The situation was awkward. The position, Awkward.

The chaffing hospital gown she had on. Awkward.

The fact that Applejack was talking to her through the bathroom curtain?

Uber awkward. She had thought that she was alone, so she decided to take a shower, just to clear her head. Instead, she was in the bathroom for three seconds, and, again, she was interrupted. She didn't even have enough time to disrobe and turn on the shower. But at least this time, the interruption was polite enough to introduce itself.

"Um, cool. So, um, can I... shower?"

Applejack nodded and quickly left, leaving Twilight alone with her thoughts.

Such as what she was going to do. She had gotten what she wanted, A special somepony, and the one she had her eye on. She managed to get Rainbow Dash. And now... Now what? She didn't know how to date, and she certainly didn't know enough about Rainbow Dash to be sure that they would get along. She was going in blind.

'What am I going to do?' She grumbled to herself as she took off the gown. She quickly threw it over the curtain, and shook her head hard. Which was a mistake. She felt herself grow dizzy, and she grabbed the nearby shower bench for support. She forced herself to sit down on the bench she held, and she waited for several seconds before she regained her sense of balance.

She sighed weakly as she sat there, sitting on the cold hospital shower bench. She was stuck. She got what she wanted, but she didn't know if she could keep it. Or deserved it.

Or even if it was really what she wanted.

But she couldn't be sure of it anyway. She was currently sporting a nice head injury, and was probably not thinking clearly. however, she knew one thing. Rainbow wanted her enough to ask her out. Or felt guilty enough to ask her out.

"Why can't anything be clear?!" She shouted to absolutely nopony. She felt the urge to hit something, so she aimed at the shower wall in front of her.

Swinging her hoof, she hit the shower knob, and it retaliated in kind, spraying ice cold water on her. The cold water jolted her mind into a startling clarity, and she realized two important things. One, she was freezing.

And two, she realized that, no matter what, she should try. And try. And try again, and again. Try until she figures out what she wants. Whether it be Rainbow, or some cute colt that walks by and winks.

And until that happened, she would try.

"Watch out, Rainbow! I'm gonna try my hardest!"

"Good for you, Twi! Now, stop shoutin'!"

Twilight felt herself blush, and sat down and turned up the warm water.

Now, all she needed was Rainbow Dash.

"Is... Is that...?"

The colt smiled. "Yes. Yes it is. We serve true Apple family cider. We ship it in from Appaloosa."

Dash felt herself drool. True, bonafide Apple family cider. Six months out of season. The real McCoy.

And it was served at a singles club. Which meant guaranteed flirting and offering of drinks.

But... it wasn't disloyal, was it? She wasn't there for the colts and fillies, after all. Just for the cider.

"I... Umm... Is it possible to get a bottle to go?"

The crier grinned, and shook his head. "Nope. All drinks must be consumed inside the club. Company policy."

Dang. There went that idea. Now, she was torn between two choices. Staying out of the singles bar, or getting some Apple family cider.

"Umm, how much is a glass of the cider?"

The crier smiled. "75 Bits per glass."

Seventy. Five. Bits. To hay with that.

"It's really go... Wa-wait! Miss, where are you going?"

"I'm going to go somewhere cheap, like the gilded mare."

Two hours.

It took her two whole hours of looking. Down every street, Up every alley, and everywhere in between.

And, after two hours, she found it in the opposite direction that she was told. Getting the reservation was easy enough, she had them take her name, the amount of ponies, and was told that the soonest they could serve her was within a week, at seven thirty. So, she had a date.

And now, all she needed to know was how to get home.

"Excuse me, sir? Do you know which direction is Ponyville? I need to get home."

"Oh, of course. It's due north. Oh, and a word of advice. This establishment is formal wear only, so I would recommend getting a nice dress for yourself, and possibly a nice suit for your coltfriend."

Well, crap. "Oh, Umm, Ok. Would two dresses work, instead of a suit?"

"It... would. However, If this is a date, I will have to ask you to act more civilized, and refrain from displays of affection. Two mares would disturb the other customers."

Rainbow Dash felt a pang of anger. So, she wasn't allowed to hug or kiss, huh? Did the ponies of fillydelphia have a problem with mares with mares?

"And, if you'd please excuse me, you are holding up the line."

Dash looked behind her, and saw a long line behind her. This would have to wait for later.

"Alright. Thanks."

And with that, she left, and started on her way home.





"Ugh... Wha...? Huh? Spike, can you go check what that was?"

No answer.

Twilight slowly sat up in her bed, and realized something. That she wasn't in her bed. "Oh yeah... Hospital."




That, and she was hooked up to what must have been the most obnoxious heart monitor.

She rubbed her eyes, and, after her vision cleared up, looked around, and found that she could still see absolutely nothing. "Hello?"


Twilight felt a hint of fear. She was alone, in what she guessed was the middle of the night.

In a empty hospital. In the dark.


The door. Something was coming through the door.

Twilight felt her heart speed up, and she pulled the covers up a bit.



Twilight jumped, and hid. It was here for her. She knew it. She should have let applejack go home, especially when she offered to stay the night here.


Twilight felt her ear twitch. She recognized that voice. Slowly, she lifted her head up from under the covers and looked back to the door cautiously. After all, something might just be imitating her friend.

She focused her eyes, and saw...

Rainbow Dash. In hind sight, it should have been obvious. She forcibly sat the rest of the way up, and looked to her friend. "o-oh, um, Yes, Dash?"

" I just got the date set up. Are you free the same day next week, at seven?"

"Uhh... It's the middle of the night, Dash. Can't you ask me tomorrow?"

Dash sighed, and shrugged. "Fine. Let me think." She thought for a second, before realizing something She did have something planned then.



Twilight sighed. Was a surprise visit that important? After all, this was her first real date. Shining armor could wait a day for her to visit. After all, it was supposed to be a surprise, anyway. What he didn't know wouldn't hurt him.

"Oh, ok..."

She closed her eyes and sighed, and a second later, she felt something hit her face. She opened them back up, and she found herself seeing bright blue. Or, what she thought was bright blue. After all, it was still dark.


She was getting another kiss. To be honest, She was hoping for this. She didn't expect it, but still, it was nice. It was warm, and moist.

And it tasted like Dr. Blast. But, like all good things, it had to come to an end.

Pulling back, she gave Dash a smile. "Thanks for the kiss..." She mumbled, blushing lightly. She flt giddy, yet sleepy at the same time. She almost regretted asking for sedatives.

Rainbow Smiled, and gave her cheek a kiss. "No prob Twi. So, I guess I'll let you get back to sleep."

"Wait, umm... Wanna to stay the night?"

Rainbow stared for a second, before grinning goofily. "Sure."

Twilight smiled back. "Alright. I, er, they set up a guest bed. It's right over there."

"Guest bed? Oh, um, right." Dash nodded weakly, and moved over to the bed. To be honest, she was hoping Twilight was offering for her to share a bed, but that was probably too fast for her. She really needed to slow down.

Crawling under the covers, Dash made herself comfortable. "Night Twilight."

"Night Dash."

Rainbow grinned, and sighed. "Lov-... Sleep well, egghead."