Chapter Eleven

Shawn got Parker's hand out of the rope, looking over to see Gus working on the feet and Juliet working on the other hand.

"Thank you," said Parker.

"Oh, you talk!" exclaimed Shawn. "I was starting to think she'd chopped out your voice box."

Parker chuckled a little.

"She didn't do anything like that, did she?" asked Shawn. "Smash your foot with a sledgehammer?"

Parker smiled. "Thankfully, she doesn't take after Kathy Bates." He rubbed his wrists as Juliet got the other free. "How did you find me?"

"Well, my friend, you have the luck to live in a town whose local authorities employ a psychic," Shawn told him.

Parker frowned. "A psychic? What?"

"Shawn is a psychic," said Gus, nodding towards Shawn as he untied the other foot.

Parker's brows raised in interest. "A psychic? Do you have premonitions, sense things or is it more of a seeing ghosts thing?"

"I touch stuff, and then I see things," said Shawn. "That's about it."

"Really?" said Parker as he sat up. "How did you get that ability?"

Shawn began to answer when Gus suddenly spoke up.

"He was born with it," said Gus, giving him a look.

Shawn glanced over at Juliet, who nodded a little. He looked down at Parker. "Yeah, I've had it my whole life. You see, everyone is born with a minimal amount of midichlorians."

Parker frowned. "Isn't that from Star Wars?"

Shawn nodded. "Yes, it's true. George Lucas stole it from research he was doing about psychic powers. In truth, midichlorians are present in every living being."

Juliet and Gus rolled their eyes at each other, smiling fondly at Shawn's story.

"There are very few people born with a higher midichlorian count than normal human beings, except instead of allowing that person to access 'The Force,'—" Shawn made air quotes, "it causes psychic abilities to come forth. I call it phsysics."

"Phsysics…" said Parker. "Right…" He stood from the bed. "You know, I'd love to talk to you sometime on how your process works. You see, I'm working on a book about a psychic drawn into a police investigation."

"Well, that sounds original," said Shawn. "They've only done about a dozen movies about it."

"No, no, my book will be completely different," said Parker. "See, the book starts out as the psychic helping the police out. But at the end of the book, it's revealed that he wasn't a psychic all along. He'd been faking it the whole time. He was just wicked smart, like Sherlock Holmes."

Shawn, Juliet and Gus all exchanged looks and secretive smiles.

"Oh, yeah, that is original," Shawn told him. "Let me know how that turns out."

Shawn helped Parker up and out the door, taking him to Gus' car. Parker climbed into the backseat of the Echo.

"Shawn!" Juliet called.

Shawn turned as Gus got in the driver's seat. "Yeah, Jules?"

Juliet walked up to him. "You, uh…you did good in there." He put a hand on his arm.

Shawn's field of vision was filled with images of the two of them kissing on that overlook in Canada. He smiled at Juliet. "Thanks."

Juliet smiled at him and turned to head to the squad car where Lassiter was waiting. Shawn watched her go before turning and getting in the Echo. Gus pulled the car away from the cabin and back towards town.


Shawn walked into the station, approaching Lassiter's desk, where he was hard at work.

"Lassie!" Shawn exclaimed.

Lassiter rolled his eyes, looking up at Shawn. "What do you want, Spencer?"

Shawn frowned, throwing his arms out. "That's it? Not even a 'good work, partner'?"

"You're not my partner," said Lassiter. "You're my never-ending nightmare."

"Aw, Lassie, I get all tingly when you say such nice things about me."

"Go away, Spencer," said Lassiter, looking back down at his computer.

"Not until you finally acknowledge that I'm a psychic," said Shawn. "Come on, Lassie. I know it's on the tip of your—"

"You're psychic," said Lassiter. "Now, go."

Shawn stared at him for a moment. "Wow. You actually said it. That was amazing. Okay, now run into the chief's office and bark like a dog."

Lassiter stood abruptly from his chair, glaring at Shawn in irritation. Shawn quickly left his desk and walked over to Juliet's desk.

Juliet shook her head good-naturedly at him. "You know, one of these days, he's going to snap when you do that."

"Do what?" asked Shawn, feigning an innocent frown. "All I said was that he was the best head detective in the southwestern California area. Somehow, he took that in a bad way."

"Yeah, I'm sure," said Juliet.

"So, Kara confess why she kidnapped Parker?" asked Shawn.

"Just the same thing she keeps saying," said Juliet. "That she was helping him write. But we found out that she has a history of mental illness: delusional disorder. Her doctor had her on medication, but it looks like she either stopped taking it or her body quit responding to it. He has her on a different medication now in a short-term mental facility."

"Wow, she really was crazy?" asked Shawn.

Juliet frowned. "You didn't see that in any of your visions?"

"Well, in the visions when I was in her shoes, I didn't feel anything was wrong—other than wanting to kidnap Hill," said Shawn.

Juliet shrugged. "Well, someone with a delusional disorder feels that whatever their delusion is, is normal, so you were probably influenced by that."

Shawn shrugged. "Maybe."

"Mr. Spencer."

Shawn turned to see the chief at her office door.

"I need to see you in my office," said Chief Vick.

Shawn waved a hand. "Be right there."

Chief Vick turned and disappeared into her office.

Shawn quickly spun towards Juliet. "Okay, what did I do?"

"Well, it can't be anything too bad," Juliet told him. "I mean, you just stopped a psychotic kidnapper for the department."

"True," said Shawn. "Wish me luck."

"Good luck," called Juliet as Shawn made his way to the office.

"Mr. Spencer," said Chief Vick as he walked in. "I just wanted to give you our thanks for your help on this case." She handed him a check in an envelope. "Good work."

Shawn accepted the check. "Thanks, Chief. See ya around." He turned to head out.

"One more thing," said Chief Vick, sitting down at her desk.

Shawn slowly turned back to her. "Yeah?"

"I can't help but notice that your visions lately have…evolved," said Chief Vick. "They seem to have grown extensively."

Shawn shrugged. "Well, you never know what the spirit world is gonna bring."

Chief Vick nodded. "Uh-huh…Is there anything you wanna tell me, Shawn?"

Shawn stared at her for a moment before rolling his eyes. "Who talked to you? Gus? No, it was Lassie, wasn't it? I knew it."

"No one talked to me, Mr. Spencer," said Chief Vick. "I am capable of deductive reasoning."

Shawn sighed. "Do I really have to?"

"That depends on you."

Shawn hesitated for a moment before walking up to the desk. "When I was attacked and went to the hospital last week, I, uh…I woke up in the hospital…with psychic abilities."

Chief Vick frowned. "You what?"

Shawn sighed again. "I never had psychic abilities before the attack. It was all an act. Lassiter was gonna throw me in jail for calling in tips, so I had to make up a story. He wasn't believing me when I said that I just figured it out."

"You've solved all these cases through honest detective work?" asked Chief Vick.

"Yes," said Shawn.

"So…you lied to the department," stated Chief Vick.

Shawn nodded. "I know you have to follow through with some…disciplinary action or whatever, but please leave Gus out of it. He didn't want any part of it in the first place. This was all me."

Chief Vick was silent for a moment, and Shawn's heart began to pound.

This is it, said Shawn. I'm going to jail. My father will be so proud.

"Well…" said Chief Vick, "I did say hinderinga police investigation was a criminal offense. Under the terms of Santa Barbara law, you have never actually hindered an investigation."

Shawn's eyes widened. "I'm free to go?"

Chief Vick gave him a smile and nodded. "You're free to go."

Shawn smiled. "Thanks, Chief." He turned and headed to the door, looking back at Chief Vick one last time.

Chief Vick gave him another smile as she went back to her work. Shawn walked out the door as Juliet stood and headed over to him.

"Well?" asked Juliet.

Shawn shrugged. "She wants to give me the key to the city."

Juliet smiled as she sighed. "Only the mayor can do that, Shawn."

"Oh, well, I'll wait," said Shawn, smiling at her. "No, uh, she…she knows."

Juliet frowned.

"About me not having psychic powers and then having them," said Shawn.

Juliet frowned further. "Did Lassiter tell her?"

"No, actually, she figured part of it out on her own," Shawn told her.

"Oh," said Juliet.

"Yeah…" said Shawn.

"So…" said Juliet, looking at him expectantly.

Shawn nodded awkwardly, not sure what she wanted. "So…"

"That vision you had in the cellar," said Juliet. "You wanna tell me what you saw? You seemed pretty upset by it."

"No, no, no," said Shawn quickly. "Not upset—definitely not upset. Just, uh…surprised…" He stared at Juliet for a long moment.

"Well?" asked Juliet, smiling at him. "Was it about me?"

Shawn smiled at her slowly. "Yeah…"

"And?" asked Juliet, raising her eyebrows in anticipation.

Shawn stared at her for a while, thinking it through. Finally, he smiled at her. "You are gonna make a great mom some day."

Juliet smiled. "Really? I had a kid?"

Shawn nodded. "Yep."

"Boy or girl?" she asked.

"Aw, Jules, you know I can't spoil something like that," said Shawn.

"Well, did you see who the father was?" asked Juliet. "Or was it…was I not married?"

"Well, you were wearing a wedding ring," said Shawn. "But, no, I didn't see who the husband was."

"Well, with any luck, he'll be the kind of guy I deserve," said Juliet.

"Let's hope so," said Shawn. "Maybe he'll be a ruggedly handsome guy with a sociable personality and snarky comments who helps catch bad guys."

Juliet smiled at him. "Well, I could never be that lucky."

Shawn looked her in the eye for a moment or so, his smile lingering fondly. "You never know, O'Hara."

They shared a smile for a moment before Shawn began to head for the front door.

"See ya, Jules," he said quietly.

Juliet waved at him before going back to her desk. Shawn turned and headed for the door, descending the stairs to the street. He smiled as he glanced back at the station real quick. Part of him had wanted to tell her, but he had thought better of it. Maybe—just maybe—if he tried not to change too much, things would still play out the way they were supposed to.

The End!

Hope you enjoyed!