"What the hell?" Artemis screamed, clutching her seat. "M'gann? What was that?"

"I don't know. I think someone's attacking the ship."

"What do you mean attacking?"

"I mean, someone's throwing bombs at us Artemis!"


The whole ship shook, convulsing in midair. The archer nearly screamed as they started plummeting, her heart in her mouth.

"M'gann," Aqualad warned, almost like he was afraid she hadn't noticed their sudden decline in altitude.

"I'm working on it," the Martian muttered. She bit her lip, eyes closed in concentration.

And then they were flying again.

"Well…that was close." Kid Flash had fared less fortunately then Artemis when the bomb had exploded, and he was now halfway across the ship. Jumping up, he groaned and rubbed his head.

"No shit," Artemis spat, unsympathetic towards the bruises. He could've been thrown across the Grand Canyon for all she cared. He was still annoying.



Ms. Martian yelped in agony as her ship trembled and swerved.

"They're not giving up very easily," Kid Flash chuckled.

"Are you enjoying this?" Artemis screeched. Another bomb went off and the ship almost flipped over as it curved around the fireball. No other planes or jets were visible in the sky. So either they were being attacked from the ground, or there was an invisible aircraft just next to them. In the superhero world, either was plausible. "Why aren't they giving up?"

"Because we're not dead yet." The speedster's words shut her right up.

"Aqualad," Ms. Martian yelled, "She can't keep this up much longer." Right on cue, the ship tipped forward, darting downwards, before leveling again.


"What do we do?" Superboy spoke up for the first time. His eyes were steady, unnervingly calm, and he was staring right at their leader.

The Atlantian said nothing. He was lost.

"Aqualad. What do we do?" Superboy repeated.

Aqualad uttered a single word, staring down at his feet.

"What?" Artemis, M'gann, and Kid Flash said at the same time. Surely they had misheard him. Surely he meant something else. Surely he was not telling them to land.

"You heard me." His cool grey eyes hardened, and he turned directly to Ms. Martian. There was no hesitation as he repeated his orders. They could not afford the time if the Martian ship was destroyed. "Land the ship. If they want us, they'll have us."

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