Author's Note: This is a short story – it's meant to read like an NCIS TV episode. So enjoy and I'll update weekly. I don't own any Harry Potter or NCIS character!

Abby Sciuto exited the doctor's office with a smile on her face and raised her face and hands to the sky. "Yes! Now that's the way to start a day! A perfect bill of health from the doc!" Her pigtails flapped as she turned towards her hearse which was parked on the side of the road. Abby pulled her purse up as it had slipped a little too low for her liking and started to fish for her keys.

"Abby Sciuto?" A male voice asked from behind her.

Abby turned, her hand still in her purse as she paused in her groping. "Who wants to know?" She eyed the three big men in black business suits standing behind her.

The one who she assumed had spoken dug in his pocket for his wallet. He pulled it out and showed it to Abby now. "FBI ma'am. You need to come with us." He gestured to a black SUV behind them.

Abby eyed the three with suspiciously. Ever since the FBI had made her help in that project which had turned out to be a lie, she had a distrust of everybody who claimed to be of one of the many different combinations of letters that made up alphabet soup town. She craned her neck around the three beefy men to look at the SUV and had a feeling of distrust overwhelm her. "I have to call my boss to tell him that I'm needed with the FBI." Abby started to explain and headed for her car.

A vice like grip closed around her arm and Abby looked up startled. The man had moved incredibly fast, they had been standing no less than six feet from her a second ago. Abby looked around in surprise. "I'm afraid you need to come with us now Miss Sciuto." The leader said tucking his wallet back in his pocket and nodding to the man who was holding Abby's arm. She was literally pulled toward the SUV and escorted inside. A man sat on either side of her while the leader took the front and only then did Abby notice that there was also a driver, making it four men to her one skinny and scrawny Abby.

The car started moving and Abby's feeling of unease increased. "So where are we going?"

"You'll find out when we get there." The man answered her tightly.

"It's just that I like to know where I'm going so that that way I know how long I expect to be in the car for. Sometimes when I'm nervous and anxious and I don't know where I'm going I tend to get car sick."

No one said anything to her ramblings so Abby tried another tactic. "How long are we going to be driving for?"

"You'll find that out as well." He answered tersely.

"You know last time you guys did this to me I was at least allowed to call my boss. Can I call my boss now to let him know that I'll probably not be coming in today and not to worry?"

"No you may not." The man told her in a clipped tone.

Abby narrowed her eyes at the men. If they didn't want her making a call to Gibbs, then why hadn't they taken her cell phone and purse yet? Perhaps they were rookies and just looked intimidating. "You know this is really rude. You could at least make me feel comfortable and not on edge."

"We're not here to make you feel comfortable." The man told her rolling his eyes. Abby decided to call him ugly since he was ugly and had not introduced himself as of yet. As the thought occurred to her, Abby got even more suspicious. Even the last FBI agents who picked her up had introduced themselves when they were in the car and on their way.

"What did you stay your name was again?" Abby asked leaning forward a little.

"I didn't." Ugly answered turning around and shooting her a glare.

"I want to get out of this car right now. Let me out." Abby said moving to open the door even though the car was still moving.

"You are needed for our project Miss Sciuto." Ugly told her while his men blocked her access. "Your country needs you." He added.

Abby rolled her eyes. "Oh please, that's all you can come up with? Your country needs you?" She imitated his voice before continuing. "I help my country out enough at NCIS thank you very much. Get the next guy on your list to help you out."

Ugly glared at Abby in such a way that Abby felt a tremor of fear roll down her spine. His eyes were cold and hard. They were the eyes of someone like Ari or the other ruthless killers Gibbs and his team had hunted down. They were the eyes of professional mercenaries. Abby backpedaled quickly wondering what she could do now. They were still well within DC and she knew that if she could get away from them, she could jump on the metro and ride it somewhere safe and call Gibbs. She still had her purse and phone after all. Ugly turned back to the front, his eyes scanning the streets as they drove.

Abby started talking. She started jabbering on about everything and anything she could think of, jumping from one subject to another at random. She knew that it was annoying her company which would lure them into a false sense about her. While she talked, she stayed on the lookout for her chance. Finally, she spotted it at the traffic light up ahead. It had just changed from green to red and the SUV was coming to a stop. Abby visualized her actions in her head to make sure she timed it right before acting.

"Ohh, that such a cute puppy!" Abby exclaimed leaning over the man on her left and acting like she was about to press her nose against the window. The man was surprised at first and leaned away from her as she leaned over him. His action opened some more room for Abby. "I would love a puppy like that!" She carried on as she balled her left hand into a fist and then rammed her elbow into the man's groin. As the man clutched his groin in agony, Abby scrambled over him and sprang from the car. She quickly started running for the sidewalk and the pedestrians that were there walking. She was drawing attention not only because she jumped out of the car but because of her Goth clothing style.

Abby chanced a glance over her shoulder and saw that the car was swinging around to drive after her while Ugly and his other uninjured man were running after her. She knew she had only seconds before she was caught again so she did the only thing that made sense, she reached into her purse and grabbed her cell phone. Abby pressed the number one speed dial on her keypad and prayed that Gibbs would answer.

"Yea," came the usual greeting.

"Gibbs!" Abby was panting as she was running and her tone made it clear that something was wrong. On the other end of the phone, Gibbs straightened up and took notice. "Help! Tall beefy men, balding, blue eyes, brown beard, mercenary." Abby started listing off all the traits she thought would help as she attempted to keep running but her talking and digging for her phone had slowed her down and the men had now caught up to her.

"I'll take that!" Ugly tore her phone from her grip. He and his cohort each grabbed an arm and brought her back to the car kicking and screaming. "Cuff her and inject her." Ugly ordered getting tired of the theatrics. He looked around at the crowd of people who were watching, some of the braver ones starting to come forward. "FBI business!" He shouted. "Go back to yours!" He ordered and the authority in his voice made everyone obey without question.

"He's lying!" Abby tried shouting but she had already been injected and her words came out slurred and quiet. Ugly and his man tucked her into the car where her hands were cuffed behind her. Only when she was in the car did Ugly take note of the phone he had pulled from Abby's grasp. He saw the light on that meant that it was connected to someone. Ugly put it to his ear, listening. On the other end, Gibbs was doing the same, listening to the entire thing unfold and getting madder by the second. Gibbs heard the sound of breathing suddenly, meaning that someone was on the line.

"You harm one hair on her head and you're dead!" Gibbs threatened.

Ugly just smiled before he held the phone in front of him like a radio. "Good luck." He dropped the phone and stomped on it sending a burst of static through the other end and making Gibbs tear it away from his ear at the unexpected sound.

*cue NCIS theme music*