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Ljubica groaned as her phone rang. She groaned again when she noticed it was three in the morning.

"What the fuck, Manny," she grumbled, moving away from Johnny and his wonderful embrace.

"Boss," Manny said sharply. "Reports are coming in that some new group is attacking us all over Stilwater, but it seems to be centered around the cemetery."

"Fucking shit," Ljubica growled. "Assemble the crew at Purgatory."

"What is it?" Johnny asked sleepily, reaching for his glasses. He plucked them from the nightstand, already rolling out of bed.

"Manny said some assholes are attacking us all over, get dressed," Ljubica told him, hanging up. She took a moment to admire the view.

Johnny didn't ask any more questions, and Ljubica felt herself smiling softly in appreciation. Johnny Gat could be as stubborn as anyone, but he also knew when it was time to just do as she said.

"He said it seemed to be centered around the cemetery," Ljubica went on, pulling up her riding pants. Freeing her Mamba riding jacket from the tangle of their clothing pile, she pulled that on before starting on her boots.

"If even one chip is taken out of Aisha's tombstone..." Johnny growled dangerously.

Ljubica fought off a pang of jealousy. She knew that no matter what, Johnny still loved Aisha and always would. She didn't like it, but she could accept it.

But he cares about you, too, she told herself sternly. Out loud, she said, "The crew will be here soon." She took a moment to pull her sleek, black hair into a pony tail, bangs trailing along her cheeks to frame her face.

Johnny was already loading weapons and stuffing them into a large duffel bag.


"Manny," Ljubica began, standing with the Saint of all Saints at her back. The turnout hadn't been as good as she'd hoped, but they were Saints and would make it work. "Since you know where the smaller pockets are already, take as many Saints as you need to sweep the city. Oleg, go with him."

Manny nodded, motioning for people to follow him to the parking lot.

"Of course," Oleg said, and turned to leave.

"Kinzie," Ljubica went on. "Monitor the traffic cameras and keep Manny informed of any changes in the situation."

"Already on it, Boss," the hacker replied, tapping away at her laptop with one hand while putting on a Bluetooth headset with the other.

Ljubica nodded, pleased. "The rest of you, you're coming to the cemetery with me."


Ljubica and her entourage arrived to see a dwindling group of Saints fighting for their lives, using a mausoleum as cover. Tires squealed as their various purple and gold vehicles screeched to a stop, and a purple Oppressor wheeled overhead. She and Johnny got out of her purple Torch convertible, and he was already raising a Tek-Z to his shoulder, scanning for threats.

The enemy was clothed all in black leather, lace, and bits of fishnet, with a sickly, pale orange, thinly drawn circle emblazoned across their backs. The emblem glowed eerily in the darkness. They favored long, medieval-looking swords and some kind of repeating crossbows for weapons.

"Saints!" Ljubica shouted, striding purposefully towards her people. "Let's show these fuckers who owns Stilwater!"

There was a cheer, and the remaining Saints renewed their fighting in earnest.

Ljubica pulled her purple-plated Shepherd, and began firing at a group near the mausoleum. Several of them fell in a bloody heap, bodies twisting as the force of her special explosive-tipped ammo hit them.

Then one of them got up. Then another. And yet another picked himself up off the ground, rushing towards her. Ljubica now knew why her Saints were in such a desperate fight.

Johnny's SMG rattled next to her, mowing her enemies back down, and this time they stayed down.

"The fuck!" Ljubica drawled, almost wistful-sounding.

"Guess we gotta kill 'em twice, Boss!" Johnny shouted, sounding all-too eager. He slammed in a fresh magazine, grinning, and started shooting again.

Ljubica dropped her own empty mag and replaced it, and she and Johnny worked their way towards her beleaguered gang members. She placed a call to Manny.

"Manny, you have to kill these pigs twice!" she shouted, firing several times.

The Saints finally began to gain some ground, pushing the enemy back, but the rank and file still took heavy losses. As the last Saint died, Johnny left the cover of the mausoleum, sending a withering barrage of lead down field, and Ljubica couldn't help but grin as she watched him, stepping away from cover herself. She felt regret at losing so many of her own, but they had managed to turn the surprise attack into a victory.

Johnny chanced a look over his shoulder. "'Bout time you joined me out here," he teased. "I was beginning to think you'd gone soft on me."

"Can't have you thinking that," Ljubica retorted, shooting a fresh body on the ground to make sure it stayed down.

Seemingly out of thin air, a figure cloaked entirely in tattered black appeared behind her, holding a long, serrated, and just plain wicked-looking knife dripping with some sort of foul ichor. He stabbed Ljubica in the lower back, giving the blade a twist before ripping it out of her.

Ljubica cried out sharply, stumbling as she turned, and raised her pistol.

"Mission accomplished," the figure moaned, voice otherworldly and androgynous. Lightning suddenly flashed, and thunder boomed in the darkened sky. A torrential rain began falling from the storm that had moved in over the city during the fighting.

"Ljuba!" Johnny cried, and with a roar tackled the assassin. Consumed with rage, the fight was short, and he nearly twisted the creature's head completely off when he snapped it's neck.

"Hey," Ljubica drawled, sounding strained. "I... h-had him..." And then she collapsed to her knees, before falling over onto her side.

"I'm here!" Johnny said earnestly, scrambling over to her side. He tore his shirt off, trying to pack the wound to stem the flow of blood, then dug her phone out. He hurled it against a tombstone when he saw it was dead, broken in the fall.

"Hang in there, babe," he told her, picking her up as gently as he could.

"Don't... call me babe," she muttered, laying against his chest.

"Deal," he replied. "Just so long as you promise not to die on the way to the fuckin' hospital."

Ljubica's voice was pained, eyes going wide as the agony of the poison coursing through her body grew stronger. "B-bargain... struck."

Johnny rushed to the parking lot, jerked open the passenger door of her convertible, and carefully placed Ljubica in the passenger seat. He slid across the rain-slicked hood and hopped in to the driver's seat.

Then he realized her car was a manual transmission. "Fuck!"

Ljubica rolled her head to one side, eyelids fluttering as she fought to remain conscious. Her accent was thicker, voice slurring. "One day I will teach you how to be driving stick."

"Ain't it supposed to be the other way around?" he joked. "How hard can it be, anyway?"

Johnny tried to start the car, and nothing happened.

"Clutch p-pedal... in," Ljubica managed.

"Which one's the fuckin' clutch?" he asked heatedly. "Fuck! We ain't got time for this!"

Johnny angrily flung open the door and saw a purple Criminal nearby, gold wheels glittering in the flashes of lightning. "That fucker's gotta be an automatic," he said to himself, hopeful. "Not like the owner needs it anymore."

Johnny smashed the driver's side window out, ignoring the sting of cuts on his fist and forearm, and looking into the footwell he saw only two pedals. "Now we're in business!" He rushed back to Ljubica's car.

"Come on, Ljuba," he urged, lifting her out of the vehicle. "Stay with me."

Ljubica grimaced, gritting her teeth, but a whimper escaped her anyway.

"Sorry, but I gotta move you to something I can fuckin' drive," Johnny told her. He couldn't understand why she was so hurt, the Boss was practically made of steel.

Ljubica shook her head. "Not the fault of yours... hurts... e-everywhere. Getting shot feels not as bad."

Johnny frowned as he jerked open the truck's passenger door. Her english was getting worse, and that didn't strike him as a good thing. He set her down as gently as possible, but quickly, and then ran around to get in on the other side. The Criminal roared to life, and he floored it, bouncing over a curb and median, and out onto the streets of Stilwater.


Ljubica woke up to the feeling of being rushed along on her back, strange masked faces hovering over her. She did recognize one face and it's worried-looking brown eyes. She tried to offer Johnny a faint smile, but a wave of agony seared through her, and she cried out instead.

"Hang in there, Boss!" Johnny urged as her gurney was pushed through the ER doors.

"I have been surviving worse," Ljubica managed.

"Damn right!" Johnny shot back, intense. Then, turning to the head surgeon, his voice was low and menacing. "If she dies, so does every last mother fucker in this hospital."