AN - Wow, this is it. This wasn't some 100k+ word epic, and it can use some work, but it's done.


Ljubica shivered against the cold wind, long black coat blowing along with it. It was day time, so Lin was asleep, and she wanted to be here alone. She stood in the same place she'd stood all those years ago, the first time she died.

But she'd been the one to kill her this time.

Aisha. They'd never been terribly close, but if the RnB singer had ever needed her, Ljubica was there. She'd blown up Kingdom Come Records to free her, saved her little sister from the Vice Kings, even tried to talk her out of living in Ronin territory while being seen with a known Saint. None of it mattered, like any woman associated with the Saints or it's members, she was tough, stubborn.

"I am being sorry, Eesh," Ljubica mumbled. And she was. She knew through Carlos that Aisha had been inside the dark shadow of herself.

And she'd killed her anyway. She could blame instincts, heat of the moment, passion but at the end of the day, Ljubica had killed Aisha.

The Russian woman had an inexplicable feeling she wasn't alone in the graveyard anymore. She turned, and saw Johnny holding a bouquet of flowers, sitting leaned against a tree and looking at the sky. He suddenly looked up, that same instinct pulling his gaze towards her.

"I ain't here to start a fight," he growled. "Just payin' my respects to the dead."

Ljubica nodded, and Johnny got up, walking over to stand near her. Neither of them were willing to start a fight in a cemetery while honoring the dead.

"Johnny," she said quietly. "Johnny, you are having no idea how sorry I am…"

Johnny wouldn't look at her. "Sorry don't bring Eesh back."

"She was my friend, too!" Ljubica told him heatedly. "You are thinking I am not feeling terrible?"

Johnny shook his head. "No, I don't," he said flatly. "You're a remorseless bitch without a fuckin' soul."

The accusation stung, but had a ring of truth to it.

"I am not being sorry for having to kill her," Ljubica finally admitted to herself. Survival was one of her strongest traits. "It was being her or me. But it is wounding me to my very depths to have killed Aisha, Johnny. You must be believing me…"

Johnny was silent for a moment. "But even if I believed you, Ivana, that don't change what happened."

He'd stopped using her name. At that moment Ljubica would have told the whole world just to hear him say it, but she remained silent.

"Every time I close my eyes," he went on. "Every fuckin' time, I see you cutting' off Eesh's head. You, Ivana! Not Jyunichi any more! You!"

Ljubica flinched. She'd hurt him deep, maybe too deep to fix. She didn't know. "Johnny, we can be bringing her back like you…"

"No!" Johnny roared, standing in a rush. "Just let her fuckin' rest, damn it, like you shoulda let me! Now get the fuck outta here before I change my mind on that fighting' thing. And don't try to find me after today, you won't."

Everything inside her screamed to meet his challenge, but instead Ljubica only nodded and turned away, glad he couldn't see the tears welling in her eyes. She walked away from the only man she'd ever truly let herself love, and that she'd let love her back, refusing to give in to the sorrow. She left Johnny Gat alone in Mourning Woods Cemetery and hoped that some day he would forgive her.

Damn, what a sad note to end this one on. I think I owe these two for what I've put them through this story