Chapter 01

"You want me to do WHAT?" Harry Potter, student of Sixth Year, seeker and Captain of the Gryffindor Quidditch team, Chosen one and Boy-Who-Lived, asked in a shout to Albus 'I-Have-Too-Many-Names-And-Titles' Dumbledore. The teen turned to his Head of House and asked her: "Has he been too close to Snape's Potions again?"

"I'm not so sure." The Deputy Headmistress said with a sigh.

"Of all the crazy ideas and you've had quite a lot, this wins the first fucking prize!" Harry shouted to Albus, who smiled to him.

"It's not so bad." The Headmaster said to both with his usual twinkle.

"On this one, I agree with Mr. Potter, Albus. This is not a so good idea." Minerva said with a new sigh.

"Do you prefer Delores again?" Dumbledore asked both seriously.

"That's blackmail!" The student shouted him. Then he asked: "As stupid as this suggestion might sound: why not Snape?"

"The only decent replacement for him is not available." Albus said with a sad sigh.

"And you want me for this?" Harry asked seriously, while trying to think more arguments to say no.

"At least temporarily till Christmas Holydays." Dumbledore said with a nod, seeing that he had chances of convincing the teen.

"I'm not so sure, give me a while to think this." Harry said standing to leave. When Albus was about to protest, he said: "One thing is what I've been doing since last year, and another is what you are asking me."

"I would need it before Monday if possible." Albus said with a nod to his request of time to think. Harry nodded to both and left the Office. The old wizard turned to his old friend and said: "Ten Galleons that he agrees."

"Deal." Minerva said with a nod and a shake of hands.

… … … …

Harry Potter returned to the Gryffindor's common room thinking in the proposition that the Headmaster had just done: Teach Defense to the whole School.

The last Professor had been fired after leaving Hogsmeade during an attack of Death Eaters just 2 weeks ago, leaving the students to defend themselves against the Dark Wizards.

Fortunately, among the present students were Harry Potter and almost all the students from the DA of the previous year, including the twins who had recently opened a shop at the city.

Harry Potter had wasted no time and started shouting orders to everyone followed them to heart.

"Ernie, Susan, gather the third and fourth years! Fred, George, send them back through the floo! Everyone else form teams of 4 or 5! Ron, take the left flank! Neville, take the right! Luna, Hermione watch the students retreat! Everyone else follow me!" The Gryffindor shouted to everyone.

Rosmerta, from 'The 3 Broomsticks', started to send the students that were on her place through the Floo immediately. Some of the oldest clients had stood at the door firing curses against anyone who tried to enter there. Once the students present at the bar were evacuated, Rosmerta and her clients joined the battle and helped the students that were still being evacuated through the Twins' shop.

"Go there, we handle this!" The old woman shouted to the 2 redheads and the students watching the youngest ones, taking their positions. The twins immediately joined Harry's side.

For when the Order and the Ministry showed up, the fight was almost over and the few remaining Death Eaters left in a rush.

Once they were gone, Harry assumed the leader's role once more and started shouting orders again: "Katie, Fred, George, Luna, start checking students! Heal what you can and leave the rest for Pomfrey and the other Medi-Wizards! Everyone else go back to the School!"

"SIR, YES SIR!" Everyone shouted giving him a military salute. The teen ignored that, while joining his friends and checking the injured students, while the rest of the fighters went back to Hogwarts.

Among the arrivals were Dumbledore, Kingsley Shacklebolt, Tonks, Moody, Amelia Bones, Fudge and some other high ranked Ministry Officers and Aurors. Soon Medi-witches started to arrive and joined the teens on their work.

"You 3 start identifying the Death Eaters!" Harry shouted/barked to the 3 Order's Members without stopping his work.

"You heard him!" Amelia shouted to the trio when they looked at her as asking instructions. That set them in motion and moved around the fallen Dark Wizards, neither of them having intentions of pissing off neither the head of the DMLE or the teen

"We need a Portkey for this one!" A medi wizard shouted next to a seventh year. Harry whistled and a second later, Fawkes arrived next to them.

"Take them to the Hospital and come back!" The teen ordered the Phoenix, who left with the doctor and patient a second later.

None of the adults said a word or disturbed any of the people working there, as a little distraction in their work could be the difference between the life and the death of someone.

When all the injured students had been healed or sent either to Saint Mungo's or the School's Infirmary, Harry and his 4 friends had a moment to relax. When the adults moved towards them, Harry made them a signal to give them a few moments to recover as the 5 were covered in blood.

The group went towards Rosmerta's and asked her a place to wash themselves. The witch nodded and took them to a private bathroom where they spent almost 40 minutes before leaving.

"Go back to the School, I handle this." Harry ordered the 4 and pointing to the adults. His friends nodded and left. The twins went to Dumbledore and asked him permission to stay at the School that night and the Headmaster nodded to the request.

"Ask the Password to Professor McGonagall or to any student." The aged wizard said with a nod. The redheads nodded back and left in silence.

Everyone sat down and Rosmerta brought drinks for all of them. She left a bottle of Fire Whiskey in front of Harry and smiled to him before leaving them.

"Either we start now or I call my lawyer and you deal with him. And if have to do that, I'll stop being a friendly witness." Harry told Amelia very seriously.

"Let's start then." Madam Bones said, not needing/wanting/wishing to piss off someone who had just defended the whole place and was responsible of few students getting hurt. And she didn't need to be a genius to know, that if he became a hostile witness, the rest of the students would become too.

"I have 2 conditions to speak." Harry said. When they nodded, he added: "The first is simple: You let me talk till the end without asking questions. When I'm done with the story, you can ask whatever you want."

"What's the second?" Albus asked as all the adults nodded to his first condition.

"You don't lift their charms." The teen said before casting a silencing spell on Fudge, Percy and Umbridge, who had just arrived and joined the group.

"Start when you are ready." Amelia said to him with a smile and a nod, ignoring the Minister and his goons who looked furious and ready to use their wands. Amelia summoned them and threatened to use more charms on them if they didn't stop. Fudge and his companions stopped struggling but still looked very furious.

Harry took a deep breath and started to speak, retelling everything from the moment he saw the Death Eaters arriving till the moment he sent his friends back to the School. He listed all the charms he remembered using, the orders he had given, the masked wizards that he recognized and everything else he could think about.

Everyone realized the reason of the first request as he jumped from one matter to the other in seconds and they realized that he was still in some kind of shock. It was obvious that he needed to tell the tale on his times and if someone asked questions, he could lose track of it.

"That's all I can think of." Harry said after 2 hours of talking and refilling his glass.

"Do you need a doctor, Mr. Potter?" Amelia asked concerned about the teen that shook his head and dismissed her worries.

"I just need a good night of sleep and a long, hot and calming shower." Harry said with a tired smile. Then he added in a low voice: "I wonder if Hermione could give me the password for the Prefect's bathroom."

"Green Pine." Albus said in a whispered smile, and Harry thanked him with a nod.

"We need to give us your wand." An Auror said seriously. As all answer, Harry burst out in laughter and the man repeated his order in a very angry tone of voice.

""I have a Dark Lord, his servants and Merlin Knows who else wanting me dead. Do you really think I'll surrender my wand?" Harry said standing face to face to the Auror, who almost wet himself at seeing the power emanating from his eyes.

"Potter, sit down! Dawlish, get out!" Moody shouted to both, pointing his wand to both.

"I'm not the young child you met last time, Moody!" Harry shouted to the scarred Auror, before tuning to the other one, with his wand pointed to his chest: "If you want my wand, get ready to fight for it!"

Then everyone heard a shot and they turned to see Rosmerta holding a 2 barrel shotgun. She pointed it to Moody and Dawlish and informed them:

"Mr. Potter is a friend of this place! If either of you ever point a wand against him in my place or presence, you'll find out what is felt to be shot with one of this! Am I clear?"

"Yes, Madam!" Both men said backing away from her and holding their hands in surrender.

"Now leave!" Rosmerta ordered them, and both ran from there.

"I never thought that I would see a Pureblood using one of those." Harry commented to Rosmerta with a twisted smile.

"You have no idea of the people you see around here after midnight, Mr. Potter. And I need to take care of my business. A friend of mine introduced me to the Muggle weapons and I fell in love with this sweetie." The witch said laughing before returning to her spot behind the bar.

"Shall we continue?" Albus asked everyone else, trying to calm down the moods.

"Please, ask any question and I'll answer the best I can." Harry assured everyone.

The questioning began they took turns to inquire him about the strategy he used, charms, Death Eaters that he could recognize and some other matters that he teen answered as best as he could.

When someone asked why he had taken the students to the fight and risking their lives instead of waiting help, Harry went ballistic. Several glasses and bottles exploded and his anger continued rising. Most of the adults around the teen started to back away from him, as the explosion seemed something unavoidable. And when it happened, the things went out of control!

"Listen to me, you little piece of shit!" Harry shouted to the man and he shut up in fear. "If it wasn't for me and the people who followed the orders, we would be talking about dozens of dead students! Before you complain about what I do or I don't, start to answer why wasn't there Aurors stationed here today! Also you could explain why only TWO shops at Hogsmeade opened their floo connection to send students back to the School!" Here he turned to Dumbledore: "As we talk about it, where were the Professors that you assured that were would be here to defend and watch us?"

"I had stationed Professor Millen here. I never heard of him about the attack. I found out as soon as students started to leave the fireplaces in huge numbers." Dumbledore explained Harry very seriously.

"How funny, I didn't see him at all, and I was in one of the first carriages." The teen said with sarcasm.

"I'll check that matter as soon as we are back at the School." The old wizard said with a serious nod.

"We'll return to that matter later, rest assured." Harry told Albus, without intentions of forgetting it at all. When he saw Tonks entering the bar and going towards Amelia, he barked: "Do you have any fucking list?"

"It's not complete yet." The Auror said giving him a copy, and understanding that he had more power in that moment than anyone else.

"Holly mother of God!" Amelia exclaimed seeing some of the names: it seemed a 'who is who' in Voldemort's inner circle: both Lestranges, MacNair and some names of suspected high ranked Death Eaters.

"Not too bad for some teenagers, right?" Harry asked with sarcasm to Fudge and his goons who paled seeing the names. He turned to Amelia and Dumbledore and informed both: "From this moment, I inform to both of you in conditions of the Head of the DMLE and the Wizengamont that I consider myself as hostile witness and to talk to me about this incident or anything related to it, you'll have to get in touch with my lawyer. Also I consider safe to assume that the rest of the people who were involved on the fight, will be following the same lead." Without another word, he stood, took the Fire Whiskey bottle and left.

This had happened the week before and now the whole DA and its members considered themselves as hostile witnesses. No one could approach them to question them about what happened without them invoking their rights to have a lawyer present. Albus had stopped trying to talk to any of them after the first day.

"We fought to save Hogsmeade and you want to make us look like we are guilty of something?" Hermione asked the Headmaster with an arched eyebrow when he tried to make her some questions. He had no rebuttal to that.

Of course, the Ministry taking claims that they had saved the day and the Prophet ignoring the students actions, had not helped at all. And now, Fudge was getting a lot more of problems coming from the families of all the students that had been at Hogsmeade that day. At the top of that list were some of the more important Pureblood Families as the Longbottom, MacMillan, and Jordan. Casually, the 3 families had a member at the DA and had been at the first line of the fight with Harry.

But Harry Potter took a page of Fudge's book and used the same tactic that the Minister: the media.

The Quibbler printed a special edition 2 days after the attack with exclusive pictures taken from several Pensieve memories provided by the students and Rosmerta. On them it was clearly seen the truth of what had happened: Harry Potter leading the counter attacks of the students with no help from anyone but Rosmerta and her clients. Also pictures of several of the duels. Pictures of the Death Eaters arrested. Xeno Lovegood had to reprint it less than 36 hours later as it sold out immediately.

Amelia Bones decided to not get caught in the middle of the upcoming storm and revealed something that few people knew: her Department had received an order from Fudge to not post Aurors at Hogsmeade that weekend. The Minister had left the city unprotected and no reason had been given.

Fudge, whose place as Minister was still shaky after the scandal of the Ministry Atrium at June, started to blame everyone outside his Office and claimed that it was a plot against his person.

Harry Potter's answer didn't take long to arrive, at a letter on the Quibbler:

'Just a plot like the one of last year? Minister, you claimed that I was a delusional teenager and the time proved who was right and who was wrong about LV being back. You should remember that next time you speak.

Last year you took my name through the mud. Be careful or you might find yourself in the same place.'

But the war between the teen and the Minister was far from being over and the next battlefield turned out to be Hogwarts.

After Dumbledore fired the DADA Professor for leaving Hogsmeade and the students unprotected, Fudge tried to place Umbridge again on the spot.

He claimed that Delores was responsible of the high grades that lots of students received during the exams of the previous school term.

The students' answer didn't take too long. The whole student body from Gryffindor, Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff, plus more than half from Slytherin had informed their Head of Houses in more than very clear terms the next:

"If she returns, she'll teach the class to herself! We won't be there!"

That caused Albus to come up with his latest idea: find a teacher that the students could trust and knew what he taught. The answer was only one: Harry Potter.

He had commented the idea to the rest of the staff. Besides some protests and critics from Severus Snape, he had received lot of support and he had called the teen to suggest him the idea.

That led to that day and Harry entering the Common Room to find a new argument between Ron and Hermione. He shook his head and sat down next to Katie who read a magazine about Quidditch.

"What happened?" The Chaser asked seeing his face.

"Dumbledore spent some more time near Snape's new experimental Potions." Harry said, using the magical version of someone smoking drugs.

"What did he suggest this time?" Neville asked him, having heard him and joining the duo along Ginny, Dean and Seamus.

"Our estimated Headmaster wants me to teach DADA." Harry informed his friends and rubbing his eyes.

"HE WHAT?" Ginny asked shouting, before Neville clamped a hand on her mouth to avoid getting everyone's attention.

"Using his words, it's that or Umbridge. It seemed that Snape can't find a replacement for Potions so he can't teach it." Harry said before he added: "I asked why not our greasy slimy Professor wouldn't take the job."

"You agreed, right?" Katie asked seriously.

"Not yet, I'm not so sure of that." Harry said with a sigh before he explained, seeing everyone's confused looks: "One thing is teaching you and the others at the DA. The group is reduced, I know most of the members and I know everyone's potential. Teaching to EVERYONE would be more classes, planning and problems, especially because not everyone will be so glad to have me as Teacher."

"The Slytherins you mean." Ginny said seriously, and Harry nodded.

"When do you have to answer?" Hermione asked, having the stopped the argument and listening his friend's chat.

"He needs to know what I'll do on Monday." The black haired boy said before he addressed his friends and said very seriously: "I don't want this being spread out. I'll take my decision with no outer pressure. Am I clear?"

"Clear." Everyone said promising to keep it quiet.

"I'll be at the ROR if someone looks for me." Harry said before leaving the Tower alone.

"Am I the only one who finds it curious that he spends there too much time?" Dean asked the others.

"What are you suggesting, Mr. Thomas? Do you think that Mr. Potter is doing something illegal?" Katie asked mimicking McGonagall's voice, and causing everyone to laugh at the good imitation.

"No, Professor! How could I think something like that?" Dean said acting as if he was offended. Then he added on a conspiracy tone: "I heard a rumor that says that our good friend has a special friendship with someone from Ravenclaw."

"Luna?" Everyone asked shocked and confused with the news.

"Someone else. It seems that she's on fourth or third year but no one knows for sure. You know how the rumors are around here." Dean said ironically pointing to Lavender and Parvati, who were trying to eavesdrop what they were saying in a not so discreet way.

"Good for him if it's true." Hermione said seriously and happy for her friend. Then she added looking at everyone: "Harry had more right to keep a relationship hidden than anyone to bother him about it. If he wanted everyone to know it, he would have said so."

"I agree with that." Ginny said with a nod, and everyone had to admit it was true: Harry had every right to do whatever he wanted without having to ask permission to anyone.

… … … …

No one saw Harry for 2 days, neither in the tower nor during meals. McGonagall had asked his friends about his location but the only thing they knew was that he had gone to the ROR after meeting Dumbledore on Friday and no one saw him since.

On Monday's morning, during breakfast, Fudge and Umbridge arrived to announce that she was back as teacher. Ignoring everyone's look of hate she went to sit down among the teachers and stood to speak. Before she opened her mouth to say a word…

"Hem-Hem." Everyone turned to see Harry entering the Hall with a wide smirk on his lips. The teen went towards the High Table and told Albus: "You win, Dumbledore. I'll teach Defense."

"YES!" Harry's group of friends shouted in cheers at hearing the news and they high fived each other.

"Hem-hem, please keep some manners. This is a school, not a muggle bar." Harry said to them with a smile that caused them to burst out in laughter.

"Is it true?" Someone from Ravenclaw asked the teen.

"From today till Christmas, I'll teach DADA." Harry announced to the Great Hall with a wide smile.

"Why not the whole year?" Someone else asked.

"First, I have to see if I reach alive till Christmas. Then, who knows?" Harry said before he added: "The Headmaster asked to teach till then. When the Holydays are over, I'll see if I continue or not. If the Headmaster is not glad with my job, it'll give him some time to find a replacement."

"YES!" More students shouted this time, joining the Gryffindor's group.

"I have the feeling that I'll regret this." The new Professor whispered to the Headmaster, who chuckled. Then the teen turned serious and gave him a folder, explaining what it was: "Those are my conditions to teach. From the first to the seventh point, they are not negotiable. The rest can be discussed."

Albus made a copy for Minerva and both read them quickly. The main points were to have right to expel anyone from his classes; to give or reduce points; assign detentions.

But the most important one was the first: on his first class with all the years he would give the students the right to leave the classroom if they didn't agree with him being teacher. If any of them left, they couldn't get back.

Next to the explanation, in capital letters and underlined was written 'NOT NEGOTIABLE AT ALL!'

The other points was the request of a private quarters, a payment and the permission to continue on the Quidditch Team, or at least to be able to train as Gryffindor had already played the first match against Slytherin (and won it) and the lions wouldn't have to play till February.

"We find them acceptable." Albus informed the teen before making copies and giving them to the rest of the staff.

"Do you have plans for classes?" Minerva asked seriously and taking the role of Deputy Headmistress.

"I'm still working on that. I need 2 or 3 days to finish them." Harry informed her before turning to everyone and announcing: "Due to the fact that I took this decision only 2 hours ago and need to make plans for my classes, today there won't be DADA. The classes will return to normal schedule tomorrow as I'll have something to work on with each of the years."

"Noted." Dumbledore nodded to him in agreement. You couldn't start to teach without something to teach and a day would give him enough time to have that,

"If you all excuse me, I have job to do." Harry announced before going to the exit, and ignoring Fudge and companions who looked more furious than ever now.

Then Harry stopped suddenly and walked towards Ravenclaw. He stopped in front of a girl, took her hand and made her stand. He led her to the front of the hall, and to everyone's surprise, he kissed her deeply on the mouth, Kiss that was returned immediately with the same passion.

"You are a very bad boy, Mr. Potter. You didn't tell me of your decision." The girl, a fourth year named Aileen Holster, accused him in a mocking tone.

"It's Professor Potter to you, Miss Holster." Harry said laughing before turning to Luna and touching his chest with his closed fist and signaling to her. The girl smiled and bowed to him.

Immediately a lot of girls started to ask questions to both.



"For how long…?"

"It's no one's business!" Aileen shouted to everyone before taking her backpack and leaving the Hall.

"I was right!" Dean shouted at Gryffindor's table to his friends.

"I can think of someone who won't be happy with the news." Ginny commented to Katie and Hermione suddenly.

"Your mom?" Hermione asked curiously arching an eyebrow.

"No, the twins." The redhead said before she explained: "They started a betting pool to see who would become Harry's girlfriend, and someone unknown was not even considered."

"Actually it was." Luna said going towards them with a smile. Then she explained: "I betted for that option and they made the odds 20 to 1."

"How much?" Katie asked almost laughing.

"I bet 10 Galleons for me and 10 for Harry, as he couldn't bet himself." The blond Ravenclaw said laughing along the 3 girls.

"How long have they been together?" Hermione asked her curious.

"For about a month. They mailed each other last summer through me. Both sent me their letters and I sent them to the other. If either of them received some letters from someone no one knew it would raise too many questions." Luna said with a smile.

"But no one would suspect anything if both got mail from you." Katie said understanding the procedures that they had used.

"They are more similar that you think. Both of their past is too heavy. And I'll do anything I can to see them happy." Luna assured the 3 Gryffindors before she entered Flitwick's classroom and took her usual seat.

"If he's happy, don't expect me to do anything against that." Hermione assured her friends before heading to Transfigurations. Both Ginny and Katie nodded to each other, agreeing with them: he deserved the chance to be happy and anyone against it, would face all of his friends!