Chapter 18

Filius Flitwick had gathered his students at the common room and explained them the situation at the School.

"How bad is the situation, Professor?" Cho asked him.

"Right now, the Weasley twins are trying to bring peace to the Gryffindor Tower for third time in less than 24 hours. And no one believes that they'll succeed." The tiny Professor said before he explained them which were the feelings at the Lion's House. Then he added: "So I'm afraid that the situation is bad with capital letters."

"The classes will remain cancelled?" Someone asked and the Professor nodded.

"At least, till Monday there won't be classes. Of course, Hogsmeade is cancelled. If someone needs anything from there urgently, tell me and I'll try to get that ASAP."

"What will happen with Defense and Potions?" Someone else asked.

"The Headmaster is still trying to find a good Potions Master, but he had no luck so far. For Defense, he was able to convince Remus Lupin to take the post once more till the break." Filius announced to the House, waiting for the protests about him being a werewolf.

"When is the next full moon?" Cho asked the Professor, who informed her that it would be before Christmas.

"So he won't be here during his transformation, right?" Someone else asked and the wizard nodded once more, and with that ended the protests.

"Do you know what he'll be teaching?" A seventh year asked suddenly.

"As far as I know," Flitwick said seriously: "Mr. Potter made his plans for the classes, based on Mr. Lupin's old ones and put them his own style. So I think it's safe to presume that their lessons won't differ so much, except on their way of teaching." Then he added: "And before you ask, it was Professor Lupin who taught Mr. Potter to cast the Patronus, so the lessons on that matter won't be stopped."

The sighs of relief that were heard, told him that the upper years were happy with the last news. He knew that they wanted to get the Patronus mastered and feared that with a new teacher, the lessons would end.

In that moment an Elf popped in next to him and handed a note that only said: 'He's awake.' He recognized the handwriting as Neville Longbottom's.

"Let me know if anything happens." The Professor instructed the Prefects, after announcing the news to everyone that cheered with it.

… … … …

The same speech was given at Hufflepuff and Slytherin. The news of Remus returning was taken in a pretty similar way than in Ravenclaw. Some snaked said something about a new boycott but that chance died right after it was suggested.

"The last boycott you tried, failed so badly that no one supported it, Malfoy." A seventh year told the blond with a sneer that caused most of the House to laugh hard.

At Gryffindor, the situation wasn't so good and the twins tried really hard to not use their wands and curse a lot of their housemates.

"WHAT WILL YOU WIN WITH THAT?" Fred asked someone with a shout, as he started to lose his patience once more.

"To prove we are not cowards!" Someone shouted back.

"AND YOU'LL DO THAT KILLING THEM?" Katie shouted, starting to understand why the twins were always so angry when they returned from the Tower: this was a test for even the biggest defender of the diplomacy!

"Next time we send Hermione!" George whispered to his brother and teammate.

"Do you think that they'll listen to her more than to us?" Katie asked arching an eyebrow as Fred got in a new shouting contest with someone.

"No, but she'll know more and better curses to use!" The redhead said with a twisted smile.

"For that, we call 'Mad-Eye'!" The other twins said, before a note popped in their hands. It only said: 'He's awake.'

"Let's not reveal it yet." Katie whispered as they showed her the note.

The redheads nodded and once more tried to bring peace to the tower, without the usage of their wands!

… … … …

Dumbledore was having another meeting too: this time with Rufus, Amelia, Percy and Kingsley. Minerva joined it in the middle and shook her head to the Headmaster, who sighed heavily.

"The things don't look any better. It's a miracle that they restrain themselves from using their wands." McGonagall explained the old wizard.

"We have the Weasley twins trying to cool the things at the Gryffindor Tower." Albus explained them, before telling them what was the general thought at the Lions' den.

"That's pretty bad." Kingsley said, summing what the others thought too.

"How can it be solved?" Rufus asked worried,

"With Mr. Potter leaving the Hospital wing within the next few hours and being at the front of his classroom on next Monday." Minerva said with a sigh.

"Do you have any other better possibility?" Amelia asked, knowing that the chances for that were VERY low at the moment.

"The Weasley Twins are our other best chance." Remus said, joining the meeting and giving something to Albus, who nodded with a smile.

"Was there any problem?" Minerva asked seeing the papers: his official permission to teach once more.

"Nothing to worry about. Now if it has to be extended, there might be some." Remus said before he explained: "It will last till the break. That's the best I could get."

"It'll work for the moment." Albus said with a nod, and then he informed the rest: "He'll teach DADA till we know what Mr. Potter will do about the classes."

"What do you mean?" Amelia asked arching an eyebrow.

"The possibilities are 3." Albus said before he listed:

"First: Mr. Potter will be on conditions to teach after the break, so the situations will be the same as for now.

"Second: His recovery will take too long to worry about anything else than it,

"Or third, he decides that he wants to be a student once more and not a teacher.

"As the 3 are very possible, I need to be ready for any of them. Remus will work for a short replacement, but I need to think further." Dumbledore said with a sigh. Then he added, before Rufus could suggest someone: "This year, Rufus, I hired someone under the pressure of the School's Governors and the Board of Exams. It turned out to be a massive disaster. So I won't accept any other suggestion from anyone. Am I clear?"

"It's very clear." The Minister said with a nod.

"Hogsmeade is cancelled, right?" Amelia asked seriously, trying to change the topic.

"We'll work on another visit before the break. Even, if we have to do it during a weekday." Minerva said with a nod, knowing that the owners of the shops would complain about the cancelation, as it would represent a loss of money for them. Then she asked: "Any news about Snape's search?"

"Obviously he went to hide with YKW. We searched in every possible location and no results so far and Gringotts has orders to stop him if he goes there." Amelia said seriously.

In that moment, a note popped in Minerva's hand and she read it quickly. She snorted and gave it to Albus. It said: 'Will you punish us if we use the wands? Fred and George.'

"Do you think that this is a good idea?" Percy asked when he read the note.

"No, but the best people to pacify the Tower is a student. Unfortunately, the only other student who could do it, right now is handling another sensitive matter: making sure that Miss Holster doesn't suffer a breakdown. So our ONLY choice right now is the twins." Minerva said seriously.

"Potions?" Amelia asked Albus.

"I'm still trying to convince Horace." Albus said with a sigh.

In that moment, an elf popped in the room and took Remus with him. Right after they were gone, another 2 popped in and gave notes to Albus and Minerva. Both heads read the note and left the office in a rush,

Amelia took one of the notes and read it, before running out of the Office with the others. It read: 'He's awake.' No one needed to ask who was awake: Harry.

… … … …

Outside the Infirmary, everyone waited till Poppy left with news, and Ron and Neville told them the news with more details.

"Fawkes showed up next to him, sang a few notes, cried a few tears and then he woke up." The redhead summed the whole story.

"Where are the twins? Were they informed?" Luna asked not seeing the duo.

"They were having a new negotiation at the Tower. Probably, they decided to not leave it for now." Hermione said seriously, before Pomfrey left and everyone turned to her.

"He's completely healed now. The Phoenix's tears healed the most important injuries. He still has some minor ones, but nothing to worry about." The nurse said seriously, before she let them in.

"Harry!" Aileen shouted running to hug and kiss him.

"Hey, baby! Did you miss me?" The boy asked with a smile after they broke the kiss.

"Prat!" She said smacking his right arm.

"I'm an injured patient! Be careful!" Harry said laughing, before the twins and Katie entered, with the redheads trying to calm the Chaser.

"She used the wand?" Minerva asked the twins, who nodded.

"You go next time!" The trio told Hermione very seriously.

"It's that…" Fred said.

"…Or we call Moody!" George finished.

"We quit!" Katie said, still furious.

"What's the matter?" Harry asked his friends, very seriously.

Hermione sighed and told him what was going on at the Tower. Then she thanked the twins and Katie for trying it, assuring them that the 3 had done the best that could be done given the circumstances.

"No, next time I do it! I can't believe how idiots they are! I spend a month teaching that violence is not the way and they do this?" Harry shouted furious. Then he asked the nurse when he could be released.

"Not till the weekend at least." Pomfrey told him very seriously, before she added: "And if you try to leave, I'll tie you to the bed!"

"Ok, not till the weekend." The teen said with a nod. Then he asked Dumbledore: "The classes?"

"They have been cancelled till Monday." Albus said before he asked what he planned to do with them from now on.

"Are you looking for a replacement already?" Harry asked with an arched eyebrow.

"He looked for and found it already. And with the same speech that he used with you." Remus said with a smile.

"Ok, I'm sure that we can work something out between the 2 of us. I won't mind having some help." Harry stated very seriously.

"Everyone out! He needs to rest!" Poppy shouted, shooing everyone out of the Infirmary in that moment.

"I'll come in the morning." Aileen said kissing him, before the group left.