Chapter 34

Disclaimer: I don't own Transformers. They belong to Hasbro and Takara. I am merely taking them for a short spin.

Hot Rod transformed as he rolled into ops. He wasn't alone. Not surprising, nor were the reactions. Ratchet glared, nodding at Kup, expecting him to take care of the problem. Hot Rod rolled his optics at the medic, and Kup grabbed the young mech by his spoiler, yanking him along with him. Struggling in vain at first, Hot Rod stopped, letting Kup drag him into the bowels of the base, letting him go when they were far from prying optics and audios.

"Why didn't anyone come after me?" Hot Rod asked.

"Figured you needed a little time apart," Kup said. "What's got you so wound up?"

"Nothing," Hot Rod said.

"Liar," Kup retorted.

"Really, it's nothing," Hot Rod said.

"Must be something if Springer came back in a black mood, Ratchet is in a snit because Ironhide is angry you two didn't finish your patrol," Kup said. "I can understand slacking off a little, coming back early together, but it must be something if you and Springer aren't talking."

"We are talking," Hot Rod said.

"Maybe that's the problem," Kup quipped. "What were you two discussing?"

"Springer is butting in where he shouldn't," Hot Rod said.

"Your genius tactical decisions or something else, like your private life?" Kup asked. I've noticed you're spending a decent amount of time with Optimus."

"That's the problem," Hot Rod said.


"Because he's Prime, and, and his memories. . .He won't remember, and that's not fair," Hot Rod said. "And he doesn't remember. Can a Prime even have a relationship?"

"It's a deterrent, but not forbidden," Kup said.

"What if he gets his memories back, and he forgets?"

"What if he remembers?" Kup said. "Are you just gonna wait?"

"I don't have a lot of choice, do I?" Hot Rod said.

"There's always a choice, lad," Kup answered. "And there's something else to consider. What about Blurr?"

"I don't know," Hot Rod said. "I care about Blurr, I really do, but. . ."
"But what?" Kup said.

"I can't have both," Hot Rod said.

"Ever heard of a trine, youngling?" Kup said.

"You're crazy," Hot Rod said.

"Stranger things have happened," Kup said. "What happens, happens. Sometimes, despite the choices you make, all you can do is hold on for the ride."

"Something you learned from experience?" Hot Rod said.

"How else would anyone learn?" Kup said. "Feel better now?"
"A little. Thanks," Hot Rod said.

"You're welcome. Ratchet'll probably have something to say when we get back, but let him have it, and go on about your business," Kup said. "Carrying hasn't improved his personality."

"Can you imagine what it's going to be like with a little baby Ratchet running around?"

"It's half Ironhide," Kup said. "Don't forget that."

"Ultra Magnus is going to love that," Hot Rod said.

"What about Prowl?" Kup said. "He'll glitch."

"When doesn't he?" Hot Rod said. "Hopefully he won't glitch when he learns Knock Out and Breakdown are here, and about their sparkling."

"I doubt he will," Kup said. "Considering the circumstances. C'mon. We should head back. Don't want to begrudge Hatchet his lecture, do we?"