At the end of the first Resident Evil movie, I think it's too sad how Matt's part ended. This is how I wished it had ended. I own nothing in the Resident Evil Series, both games and movies.


We climbed up the stairs quickly. Alice was ahead of me, taking them two at a time. I was too tired to go any faster than a slow walk. My limbs felt full of lead. It was a struggle trying to move one foot in front of the other. Even breathing was more difficult than it used to be.

That's when I heard the cracking noise from above. A large door was coming down from the ceiling. Surprising myself, I found the last of my dwindling strength to hurry to the mansion level before the door could trap me. A loud thud behind me echoed through the halls as the entrance to the Hive was sealed off behind me. We had escaped hell.

Once in the mansion, I glanced around nervously, looking into all of the dark places. Searching. I expected one of the infected Umbrella employees to come rushing at me and try to eat my face off. But there was none.

Still, my nerves danced around like cut electrical wires as unused adrenaline pumped through my veins. It didn't seem natural for my body to calm down and relax after all the horror I had seen in the last three hours.

Ahead of me, Alice was wobbling uneasy of her feet. She began to stumble, her shoulder hitting roughly into the stone wall. Before she could fall, I caught up to her, catching her in my arms. Unable to hold her in my weak condition, we both fell to our knees. I was sure to keep a hold onto her so she wouldn't hit her head against the ground. I held her tightly to my chest as I landed heavily on my knees.

The impact reverberated up my legs with a throb. I kept Alice close to me for a while before noticing how it wasn't the most casual of positions. I let her go slowly, my eyes scanning her to ensure she hadn't passed out. Eventually, I only kept a hand on her knees, my hand barely brushing the bottom of her soaked dress that clung to her in a way that made me uneasy. The red dress made it look like her body was soaked in blood instead. I had seen enough blood to last me a lifetime.

I kept my hand there. I wanted her to know I was there for her, that she wasn't alone. At least, that's what I told myself. In truth, I had the pure selfish need to touch her. In the short time in the Hive, it was hard to understand what was real and what wasn't. As I felt Alice, confirming she was solid and alive, it allowed me to know that it all wasn't some sick and horrid dream.

Alice dropped the case at her knees. She glanced at it as if it were the most disgusting thing she had ever seen. It contained both the T-virus, the cause of all this hell, and the anti-virus, the only known cure we had for the T-virus.

"I failed." Alice said as her voice cracked. She continued to look at the case. "All of them." She paused, before repeating, "I failed."

I took her by the shoulders then, forcing her to look at me.

"Listen. There is nothing you could have done. The corporations guilty here. Not you." I forcibly told her. She began to look away from me, her greenish-blue eyes meeting the floor again. I shook her arm slightly, getting her attention. Her eyes snapped back to mine.

For a moment, I forgot how to breathe. I had never seen such intense eyes before in my life. They were clouded over with tears, but still their brilliant color seeped through, capturing me. It took me a moment before I was able to think again. I swallowed as I tried to find my voice.

"You were amazing in there. So brave and courageous. I've never seen anything more beautiful in my life." I said before realizing I hadn't meant to say that last sentence. I tried to think of something else to say, to distract her from the statement. "Without you, I would have died numerous times. Thank you." I said slowly lowering my hands from Alice's shoulders.

"You saved my ass in there as well." Alice said, a hint of humor in her tone. She gave a little smirk before she became serious again. "Thank you." She whispered, her face barely inches from mine.

I couldn't take it anymore. I leaned in, closing the distance between us as I captured her lips with mine. The kiss was intense, brusingly so. It was like we were pouring all our fears and hurt into it, turning it into something else. Something strong and passionate, something that broke down our barriers, letting us crumble onto the debris of the fallen walls.

I put one hand behind Alice's neck, my fingers tangling in the curling ends of her blonde hair as I brought her face even closer to mine. My other wrapped around the small of her back, molding us together. Her arms curled under mine as she held the back of my shoulders.

That's when I started to feel it. My left shoulder burned under Alice's cool fingers. Soon it was unbearable as I broke away from the kiss. I took in a shaky breath to settle myself. It didn't work as I spasmed from the pain. I groaned as the pain only got worse.

With a cry, I fell backwards, hitting the cold marble floor. I held onto my left shoulder. I could feel the three slashes from the Licker. They seemed to have their own pulse as they bulged under my hand.

"Matt!" Alice cried in alarm. "You're infected. But it will be ok. I am not losing you." She said, going for the case and beginning to open it.

Suddenly, the room went white. My eyes closed from it, blinding me momentarily. I heard numerous footsteps as people filled the entry way of the mansion. They came at me. I tried to fight them off, but I was too weak from the pain. I heard Alice yelling for me. The men in fully bodied radiation suits were surrounding her as she tried to make her way to me. She punched with all her strength, but there were too many for her. They were also hitting her. Anger flashed through my overwhelming pain. If they hurt her, I was going to kill them.

I was surprised. I had never been a violent person. I didn't like fights and I always hated bullies. But seeing them attacking her created an almost animalistic rage within me.

I was soon distracted by those thoughts as they placed and strapped me onto a gurney. That's when I felt it. Something was crawling underneath my skin. It felt like worms crawling just under the surface, igniting every nerve. I screamed as my back arched upward from the gurney.

A man in a mask came to look over me. "He's mutating. I want him in the Nemesis program." His words cut through me worse than a bullet could. Mutating. My mind instantly tried to deny it, but I couldn't ignore the tentacles beginning to emerge from the Licker's cuts on my arm.

They started to wheel me away. I looked as we turned the corner to see Alice surrounded by men.

"MATT!" she screamed as I lost sight of her. As I started to pass out, the echo of Alice screaming my name bounced in my head. Finally, the world went black.

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