Swan Queen Fanfic – Princess and Villains

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Chapter One - Opposite Sides

She could hear the voices. They were too loud, and they always said to her that she was not worth it. She could hear them saying how terrible she was. She knew they were whispering that she was a bad mom, and a bitch that can't do anything right, even her job. And when someone keeps telling you something over and over again, you start to believe it. And so she did. She did some mistakes in the past, as Evil Queen, but now Regina just wanted to be happy! She just wanted to take care of her own son and live her life. But she couldn't do it anymore, no with Emma Swan in the town.

She felt like she could fly away. That was a good feeling. That kiss, that awesome and desire filled kiss. She was biting and kissing Emma Swan lips and that was good as hell, if she could make such a comparison. A shiver ran all down her back, telling her that she was feeling like never before. The blonde's right hand was holding her waist, and the left hand was scratching her neck. She moaned against Emma's lips.

Then she pulled Emma away feeling totally alone again. The blonde had a confused look in her face.

"No. It can't happen." She said in a wracked voice.

"Why? Didn't you like?" Emma asked concerned.

"Of course I did!" she laughed of frustration. "I haven't feel like that in ages!"

"So what's wrong?" Emma had a little smile on her lips.

"Us. You and I. It's just not right." She rolled up her eyes and tried to focus on Emma's again, but it was hard since she had some tears appearing to blur her view.

"Why not?" Emma insisted.

"Because you're the princess, and I'm the villain." Regina said with a deep breath.

"Please don't start this shit again!" Emma grumbled.

Henry's stuff was starting to seriously affect their lives, and Emma couldn't let that happen. For example, she did not believe that Regina was a bad mom. No matter how evil she was and how evil she could ever be. Regina loved Henry and never could do something to hurt him. He was the only thing she ever owned in this new life, and maybe because of it she was so afraid of Emma taking him away.

"Those are just stories of an old book and we both know that!" Emma tried to hold Regina's arm, but she pulled away.

"Don't touch me. I don't care about that damn book!" her eyes reflected some odd things. Emma couldn't explain what she saw in that dark irises.

"So what's the deal? Why are you so worried about this fairy thing?" Emma asked crossing her arms in front of her chest.

"You can't understand. It's not that simple. I'm not who you think I am."

"So explain it to me! Make me understand!" Emma yelled opening her arms again.

"Don't insist Miss Swan. Just do what you do the best and go away! From me, from Henry and from Storybrooke. You don't belong here! You don't fit here, can't you see?" she tried to convince herself that she was doing that for Henry's good.

"Are you serious?" Emma couldn't understand how Regina could be so lovely in one minute, and so naturally indifferent in the next.

"Do I look like I'm joking?" now Regina was serious and she had that familiar cold air.

When Emma didn't answer, she kept talking, "I don't care if you'll stay or not, as long as you get the hell out of my way."

And by saying that, Regina turned on her heels and entered into her Mercedes. Emma stood there, still surprised by the mayor's actions, but after a few minutes she was gone.

Alone again, Regina allowed herself to cry, silent. Her tears were falling into her red cheeks, and she was cursing for being such a fool. How could she truly believe she could ever be with someone like Emma? Even for a minute? That poor woman couldn't ever understand how bad she was. How the things were screwed up.

Regina remembered of all the curses and all the bad things she ever did. How she was so jealous of Snow and so many people! How mean and cruel she could be to get what she wanted. How she could play with a person to do whatever the hell she wanted to, in a painful or pleasurable way. And the worst thing? She did not regret any of it.

Anyway she already understood that they belonged in two opposite sides. She was the bad girl, the evil queen, the villain, the witch. And Emma was the good girl, the heroin. She could want things Emma could never give. She could see how hurt she could get if she gives Emma a chance, and Emma gives her up for being so bad, creepy or evil. She was used to being dark and dirty. And to be true with herself, she could not stand any disgusting look on Emma's face after them being together.

The car started to work and Regina drove away to her house. It was already night out there and she needed to cook dinner for Henry.

"Mom, are you okay?" Henry asked while drinking more of his orange juice.

"Yes dear, why?" Regina smiled gentle to him, trying to actually look fine.

"You look… distanced tonight." He kept eating while she answered.

"I've had so much work today, so I'm very tired. Just finish your dinner." She was serious again and then she kept quiet.

The dinner time was always like that. She just allowed a few times to give him lovely answers like any other mom, and then she said to him to watch his own business and to not meddle in hers. When they both were done, Henry got up and walked to the stairs.

"Go to your room and get ready for bed, I'll be there in a minute." She said without turning her head. Henry grumbled something like "Okay" and ran up stairs.

She was alone again with her own thoughts.

Regina went upstairs and tucked Henry into his bed. She kissed his forehead and said goodnight, closing the door after she left. She went to her own room, making sure to lock the door after stepping inside.

She undressed herself, putting on her black nightgown, and lay in the bed. Too many things ran across her mind for her to sleep. She touched her lips with her long fingers. She could swear she was feeling Emma's lips on her own.

Closing her eyes, she could imagine Emma all over her body. Her nipples were pretty hard and she didn't give a damn about that. How much pleasure would she feel if Emma's lips were all over her boobs, her stomach, her… Yes. She touched herself between the legs, feeling her center. She was already wet. That wasn't the first time. She had been dreaming about Emma for a long time, but her pride couldn't let her fantasy come true, until now.

She gave pleasure to herself, touching her body and satisfying her desire. That desire could drive her crazy, and she knew that. She knew she had an intense lust and she needed so much to satisfy it! When she was the evil queen, she could have what she wanted so easily and without being questioned about the reasons of that. She had her own pet. Now she was alone without Graham who was a good one to obey her. But she wanted more. She wanted someone she could not just command, but someone who could surprise her and just confront her. She wanted someone very different from her. She wanted Emma. Deep inside her, she knew it. And deep inside her soul she would do anything to get it.

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