Here I am! It's the 5th chapter of this story! It took so long because I took a while to write it, and then I sent it to my beta, and it took a while either. But here it is! It's a full sex chapter! You are aware of this fact! I hope you guys like it! Please tell me what do you think of it! I would appreciate it! Enjoy the reading ;)

She almost hit people twice in the streets. Emma was kissing her neck, too turned on to pay attention on what Regina was saying. Regina quickly parked her car in the garage. They both entered inside the house in a hurry. Emma pulled Regina against her, kissing her lips lustful. Regina just shut the door behind her, and she kept walking with Emma holding on to her neck.

They entered into the living room, and Regina pushed Emma against the couch. She sat on Emma's legs, and kept kissing her, until the blonde pull them apart.

"Wait! What about Henry?" she took a deep breath.

"He's not here. I said he could sleep on his friend's house for tonight." She smiled. "Do you think I'm that stupid, Emma?" she smirked.

"No, I think you're pretty smart." She smiled back, and bit her lower lip.

"Alright, enough talking."

Regina kissed her again, deeply. Then she suddenly got up. Emma was confused. The brunet smiled to her, calming her down. She started to move slowly. She lifted her dress a little, with her both hands. She could hear the music playing on her head in repeat. The glance she gave to the blonde was enough to realize they weren't drunk enough. She needed to do some things that Emma wasn't ready to understand yet. So she smiled to the other, and walked to the kitchen.

She grabbed two glasses and a bottle of wine.

"Let's go. I want you in my bed." The brunet took her hand.

"I bet your bed is everything I need right now."

The brunet leaded them both to her bedroom. She locked the door after they got in. Emma's glass was full, but was empty quickly. Regina pushed Emma to her big bed. She drank more of her wine. She was on her knees, and her dress was lifted. Emma could see Regina's thighs. She bit her lower lip. She couldn't help the desire burning inside her. She touched the brunet's legs, and they were warm. She got closer and bit the right thigh. Regina couldn't help a loud moan.

As soon as Emma's glass was empty, Regina filled it up again. Emma already drank three glasses of wine, and she was pretty tipsy. Regina decided it was enough, so she took the both glasses and put it on the bedside table. She straddled Emma's hips and captured the blonde's lips in her own. It turned into a hot and lustful kiss, and Emma was breathless when they got apart.

"What are you doing?" Emma asked a little confused.

Regina took the blonde's right hand and handcuffed it to the bed. She did the same thing with the other hand. She smiled and kissed the other woman to calm her down.

"Shh! don't worry about it. It's just… a game." She smirked.

She lifted her right hand, and with a quick wave, the whip that was bonded to the wall came to her hand. She held the whip and started to pass it slowly across Emma's belly. The blonde had a smile on her lips, and a raised eyebrow. She was curious about what Regina would do with that. For just a second, Emma wondered how the hell the whip came straight to Regina's hands, but her thoughts were interrupted by Regina's words.

"I don't like your behavior, Emma…" the brunet started talking.

The view of Regina on top of her, passing the whip all over her body was one of the biggest turn on's for her.

"Do you remember you once asked me what I would do to you? Do you remember the word you used at the time?" She smiled.

Before Emma could answer, Regina whipped her on her thighs, not too hard. The blonde let a little moan escape. The brunet did the same thing on the other side.

"Will you punish me? Yes, I think those were your words, Miss Swan." She bit her lower lip.

Emma couldn't think straight, but she loved it. "Yeah… I said it… And I don't regret it," the blonde said. She watched Regina bend to her. She kissed her neck, giving little bites there.

After some minutes, everything started to spin around. She didn't know what was happening, if it was reality or if she was too drunk. Regina was different. She had some dark make up, even darker than what she used every day. But she was pretty beautiful and way too sexy. Her dress was gone too. She was wearing a dark, tight blouse, with a plunging neckline. Regina started to talk, and her voice suddenly seemed too low and rough. Maybe she was hallucinating or something.

"You don't regret it? So I'll punish you Miss Swan. You're a very, very bad girl. And do you know what I do with bad girls, Emma?"

"No… What do you do, Regina?" Emma asked amused.

"Mistress." Regina hit her with the whip.

"Hey!" Emma cried out, but there was a smile on her lips. "Alright… Mistress. What do you do?"

"I make them beg…" She waved her hand, and suddenly Emma's jeans were gone.

"What…?" The blonde was pretty confused. "What… Wait… I…"

She wasn't able to think right, but she didn't finish the sentence. "Fuck!" Emma cursed out loud. Regina' head was suddenly between her legs. She had bit Emma's left thigh, and that was the cause of the Emma's scream. She was teasing, approaching Emma's sex. Then she just concentrated herself in the middle of her legs, and started to breathe really close to there. Emma could feel Regina's breath really close. It turned her on even more. Regina scratched Emma's thighs really hard this time. The marks were pretty red.

"Oh my God… Please… Fuck me, eat me. I need you here." Emma tried to move her hand, but she couldn't. She moved her hips back and forth instead, trying to approach Regina.

"How did I ask you to call me, Miss Swan?" Regina slapped her leg.

"Ahhh I mean Mistress… Fuck me mistress." She cried out desperately.

Regina smirked. She started to lick Emma's clit slowly. She tasted so good! She was taking her time to lick every single piece of Emma, while her hands passed over Emma's body. After some minutes, her hands stopped on Emma's hips, and she held her really tight. She started to lick faster, without taking off her mouth. Emma was crying out Regina's name, curse words, anything that passed through her mind...

"Oh my God! OHH! Regina! Oh my God!" Emma was screaming.

The brunet kept eating her until Emma's body start to shake. When Emma's climax came, she was shaking. She wasn't thinking. She didn't know if it was because she was drunk or what happened, but she was out of her mind. It was too amazing to be true. After her cum, all her body was tingling and she was pretty sensitive. Regina kept licking all her cum, until she was satisfied.

"You… are- fuck. I can't even say…" Emma said.

Regina got up from the bed and took some steps until she hit a chair. She sat there. With another wave from her hand, the handcuffs were gone. Emma was suddenly able to move her arms, her hands, without understanding how it happened. She was amazed, but confused.

"Come here, my little pet. I know you are hungry."

Emma sat on the bed. She didn't care about anything. She just looked at the woman sat in that chair. She was so fucking hot. She was addicted. She needed Regina so badly! She got up of the bed and got on all fours, crawling on her knees to the brunet.

"What do you want, Emma? Tell me," Regina commanded.

"I want to fuck you mistress. I want to lick you until you cum on my mouth," Emma obeyed.

Regina smiled. She took off her pants, and Emma set herself between Regina's legs. Emma started to lick her sex, tasting for the first time the Mayor. It was so good! Fuck, how she could be so hot? So good? With another wave, the whip came to the Mayor's hand. She was looking at Emma, watching the other woman eat her.

"Faster!" she whipped Emma on her back.

And the blonde obeyed. She started to lick faster. Moving her tongue faster, making circles. Regina put her head back, starting to moan slowing. Emma was good.

"Fuck me! I want your fingers inside me. Come on!" she whipped Emma's back again.

Emma moaned against Regina's sex. Then she inserted two fingers inside Regina. She started to move them back and forth, faster and faster while licking her. Regina started to moan again louder. It was so good! Her body started to shiver. It got intense. Her moans got louder and longer. When she reached the climax, she cried out Emma's name. Her body was shaking.

"You're a good girl, Emma." She passed her hand over Emma's hair, caressing her.

"You taste so good Gi… I mean, mistress…" Emma smiled, still cleaning Regina's cum.

Then she got up and kissed Regina, making her taste herself on Emma's lips. Regina kissed her back, deeply and bit her lower lip.

"It's not over, sweetie." She had a new shine in her dark eyes.

After she got up, she went into her wardrobe and took a candle from there. She had an evil smile on her red lips. She took a leash and approached Emma. The blonde got up and stood there quietly. Regina put the leash on Emma's neck, and then she stepped back.

"Now you're mine, only mine." Regina pushed her to the bed again. "Let me show you who you need to obey, and who you really need to love. I'm your owner."

Emma made no objections. She was accepting everything from Regina. She was addicted. She wasn't thinking straight. And she didn't care. She just wanted Regina so badly, and now that she'd had a taste, she wanted more. It was like poison. She did everything that Regina asked her to, and she didn't regret a thing. The night inside Regina's bedroom- or it should be said, the Evil Queen's bedchamber- was very long.