Author Note

Hi people! I making a new story and I can't wait when I do it. It's about my classmates well some. There one person that NOT in my class so yeah. The story is going to call Crazy Hood Kids. Is it awesome? Anyways it's going to be funny so yeah. I'm making the story on Friday. Every Friday because Saturdays is not the really good day to write my stories, and Sundays well you don't need to know. So yeah I'm going to name the cast some I still figuring out. There 12 people in it. There is Candy, Blowpop (I think), Mrs. Princeton, Selena Gomez, Crack head girlfriend, Ezel, Crack head, Jasmine, Mrs. Princeton's best friend. Those are the characters they going to be. I'm Jasmine (as usual) so yeah. I thinking to put them in my story call Seven days before Christmas. Oh and that boy who NOT in my class I kind of like him. So yeah and I forget about Justin Bieber. So yeah I hope you like it! Plus I going to ask more people if they want to be in it. also I going to make Fool (this ugly gay boy in my class who just answer that lol) be in it and that going to be his character name ha! I hope you have a great laugh and I see you on Friday! I thinking for 2 people I think. Ok see you!