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Dark Pleasure

Amu awoke with dizzy head. She blinked a few times to adjust the lamp light inside that place. She found herself in a wide white room, nothing inside except for a king-sized bed which she use that time and a dark blue sofa across the bed.

Amu was confused, she remembered that she was walking with her boyfriend, Tadase, after their part-time work. They had been in relationship for almost a year, they met when they was in the opening ceremony of their school. At that time, Tadase was giving the freshmen speech and Amu fell in love right there. His gentleness and warming smile made her heart beat fast. Amu then found out that they worked part-time at the same café, it made they became closer. A month later, he confessed to her. They relationship was growing slowly, their first time was just a week ago.

Suddenly, she felt cold breeze run across her body and she saw that she was topless unless for a black bra. Her jean that she wore before had gone and was substitute by black skirt mid-thigh. She looked her surrounding to find something that could cover her body, but she found nothing.

Amu moved to a door which was in the right side of the room and found that it was a bathroom with a bathub and shower, she search for a towel and found nothing. She shut the door and walked straight to the other door. She tried to opened it but found that the door was locked, she suddenly felt a tremble run her body as she heard some noise came straight to the room she was in. She felt panicked at her state that no clothes that hide her upper body.

She just could stand on her place when the door suddenly opened and revealed two men who had shocked face on their face. But the shocked became pervert smile when they saw Amu's state.

"Well, Nagi, what do we find here?" the brown haired man with green eyes came to her while the purple long haired man was shutting the door and locked the door back and placed the key in his pocket.

Amu ran to the bathroom but her attempt was stop by the brown haired man. He stood on the door way and made her effort was useless. Amu's glanced run between the two man who closed her ways to escape

"Kukai, I think the boss will let we play with this girl for a while, though he is the one who send us here right?" the purple haired man said, walked to Amu's place. He grabbed her wrist, "Don't be afraid, sweet. We won't harm you if you not bite… too much" he winked at Kukai before let his gaze run towards Amu's breast as if he wanted to devour it right away.

Amu gasped when she felt a warm hand hugged her from behind. Kukai's hand held her bare stomach tightly. His hand made her shiver and she struggled to let herself free. "No, please let me go! Help!" she cried in agony. She kept struggle, but she didn't strong enough to let herself from Nagi's grip. Suddenly she felt her body going limp, her hands couldn't move like her mind told to. Her whole body couldn't move anymore but her conscious still remain in her.

"Look like the drugs have work," Nagi smirked and then took her in bridal style to the bed. He seated Amu in the edge of the bed. Her feet touch the cold floor, while her body was rested on the bed.

She felt a horror ran through her body, she was going to be rape but she has no power to fight against that. Her tears fast down her rosy cheek. "Please, don't do this…" she pleaded when she felt Kukai was already behind her and squeezed her breast from behind.

"Don't cry, babe. We will give you pleasure and I bet that your body will love it," Kukai whispered on her ears and licked her ear lobe sensuously. His hands kept busy to squeeze her breast through the lacy black bra, feeling the roundness of her breast in his palms. He kissed her neck and sucked the skin there. His hand became impatient, he unclasped her bra and found her hot mounds against his palms. He stroked her pink nipples with his thumbs, trying to make it hardened. He pinched her nipple lightly and got a soft groaned from the pink haired girl. "Just as I say, right? You will love it." Kukai continued his ministration with his mouth and hands.

Nagi who had enough patience to let Kukai play with the pinkette by himself then lowered his body. He stroked her bare stomach and licked her navel, it made a shiver run through her body. Nagi licked her way down and stop at her skirt line on her hips. He then slipped his hand inside her skirt, he touched her bare tight and caressed it few times before he touch her most sensitive place that hide by black lacy underwear. He touched it lightly and stroked her clit vertically, his eyes kept stare at the girl's face. He saw that she still let tears down her cheek but her breath became uneven and her soft lips let moans passed her lips. He smirked and decided to made it further, she undone her skirt and ripped her underwear into shred.

Amu gasped in horror, now she was exposed and two men was going to rape her. She felt hopeless when the men kept touch her body freely. She couldn't do anything about it. She cried at her state being raped but her body responded in the opposite way. Her body felt pleasure at the men's touch. Her back now lay on the bed. Kukai's hands pinched, caressed and groped her breast, while his mouth began to suck on her other nipple. His teeth bite her nipple softly and licked at it, made her nipple hardened. Amu found her body wanted to feel that pleasure more.

Nagi's hand now pinched her clit and he inserted one finger to her core. He began moved his finger in and out her core and let his palm teased her clit to add the pleasure. Her moans became more frequently heard and Nagi felt her juice slipped down his finger. He inserted another one and another to her core. Now she had three fingers in her core.

"No, ahhh… uhhh…" she moaned harder when she felt Nagi's tongue licked her clit, he then sucked her clit and made her juice out more. He fucked her with his finger faster and made her in the pure bliss.

"Aaahh… no…aahhh.." she moaned again as she felt her body cried in need at the men's touch. But her moans was shut by Kukai's mouth. Kukai kissed her hard and without warning he bite her lower lips and slipped his tongue in her mouth. He teased her to move her tongue with him, and his hope was granted. Her tongue danced with him in sensual motion. Kukai then sucked her tongue and her caressed on her nipple became hotter. He pinched and squeezed it. Nagi's finger and tongue moved faster.

Amu felt that she was going to climax. But before she reached her climax the ministration on her body was stopped. Amu felt confused at Nagi and Kukai's action. She opened her eyes to see the men were stared at her with smirked on their face. Their hands were now on their sides. Amu stared at them confusedly, trying to relax her body from the sudden action.

"Sorry, babe. But we couldn't continue our playing unless…" Nagi hang his words and pinched clit suddenly.

"Aahhh…. W-what d-do you want?" she moaned, her body still sensitive and her unsatisfied pleasure made it worse.

"Unless you beg us to continue," Kukai said and bent her head to lick her nipple for a moment.

"Uhh… no… I don't want….aaahhh" she felt Nagi's pinched and Kukai's lick on her body. She didn't want to continue their rape on her. But, her body became restless with need. Wanted to feel their fingers and lips on her body, wanted the unsatisfied pleasure to be filled. Then with one lick from Nagi on her core, she lost. She couldn't think straightly anymore.

"Aaah… please…. " she pleaded.

"Well, please what, girl? What do you want? We don't know what you ask for," Kukai chuckled and his breath caressed her nipple.

"Say it bluntly," Nagi added and continue his teasing.

"Please, give me pleasure," Amu saw that the men disapprove at her words and added quickly, she didn't want this to stop. She needed pleasure, although she felt guilty when she remembered her boyfriend Tadase. She couldn't hold it anymore. "Please fuck me, now!"

That answer made the two smirked. Then they switch their position. Kukai devoured her womanhood and Nagi got her breasts. Kukai and Nagi took off their clothes hurriedly. They didn't want to held anymore. For all along their teasing on the pink haired girl they had kept her from took her right away, but they wanted to girl to beg first. It was what they always do to the other girl before her.

Kukai seated his throbbing member on her core and thrust his length in her core. She moaned hard. His member was as big as Tadase's but the pleasure that she felt now was more because there was another man who played with her breasts. Nagi then became horny when he saw that Kukai was pumping her core. He plunged his own member in her mouth. Amu was shocked at Nagi's member entering her mouth. She gagged for a while, she never do this with Tadase. But, Nagi didn't give him his mercy, he kept pumping his member in her mouth. Amu then adjusted his member and felt pleasure run through her body. Kukai stroked her clit and pumping her faster, it made Amu moaned harder. The vibrated that was relased by her mouth added the pleasure on Nagi's member. He also pump her faster, his hands groped her breast and squeeze hard.

Amu kept moaning, Kukai's hand on her clit and Nagi's on her breasts made her lost. She reached her climax and her body trembled hard. But, Kukai and Nagi didn't stop right there. They didn't get their climax yet. It made Amu getting horny and her pleasure was built again. They then reach their climax together, with Amu for the second time. Kukai let his seed in his condom, Amu didn't realized that Kukai was wore it. Nagi let his seed on her mouth, made her gulped it but some of his was out of her mouth and run through her neck. She was chocked for a while and tried to regain her breath.

Amu thought that was ended and felt relieved at that. She felt regret at what had happened. She was let herself being raped by strangers, and she even begged for it. But Amu suddenly felt Kukai's hand made her set the doggy style and washed the thought. She felt shiver in panicked run through herself, she didn't want it to happen again. One was enough for her.

"No… please. I don't want that again… please.." Amu begged as Nagi lifted her hips up and pushed her back down, Amu's breath touched the cold floor, make her still sensitive bud hardened.

Nagi didn't ignore her. He groped and squeezed her ass and licked her ass. He teased her clit with his thumb, made her wet. "O, girl. You said that but what I found here…" Nagi said as she kept teasing her clit, made her juice came some more. "You already wet, haha…" he slapped her ass.

Amu felt the hot came again, her body was horny again by the teased. Her breasts was played by Kukai. He squezzed her right breast hard and pinched her left nipple. Her lips explored her back slowly. He licked and sucked her skin. Amu was certain that she had a lot of kiss marks all over her back.

"Please… no, aahh… please ah..-don't-ahh.." instead her pleaded, her hips bucked back, tried to make Nagi's tongue thrust into her core. But Nagi kept teasing her by licked her around her lips. Amu couldn't held her body reaction, she didn't want the raped came again, but her body was being horny. She didn't know what had happened to her body.

Finally Nagi thrust his tongue inside her, he thrust back and forth, feeling her wall contracted. Kukai kneed in front of Amu's face. His member had hardened. "Suck it" Kukai commanded and pushed her head to his throbbing member. But Amu turned her head so that his member was pressed to her cheek. She felt his warm member was hard like steel. Kukai grunted in frustration, he closed her nose. It made Amu couldn't breathe and gasped to take air, but that was Kukai wanted. He thrust his member inside her mouth, made her chocked. She tried to let his member free, but Kukai held her hair hard and pressed his member more till Amu felt like it touch her throat.

Nagi held her hips up and thrust his member to her core. He groaned in relieved when finally he had a chance to feel the warmth of that sexy girl. He thrust back and forth slowly at first, he wanted to feel the friction between his member and her wall. But it became faster and faster, leading to reach the climax.

"Ahh.. Uhh.." Amu moaned unstoppable. Her core was burned in need by Nagi's member. The sound of their make out was unbearable. Her moaned sent a vibrate to Kukai's member, made it better for him. He groaned and thrust his member faster. Amu couldn't help herself, her two hole was did by Nagi and Kukai. She never felt this pleasure before and just let it happened again. Her pleaded to stop them was being ignored. Kukai and Nagi make out with her for hours. She didn't know how many times she had reached her climax.

Kukai and Nagi finally let her free, but she couldn't do anything. She was too fainted to know that Kukai and Nagi had already gone. Her core was burned in pain, her body was sore enough to make her couldn't move even one finger. She then dive deeper in slumber, hoping that all what had happened was just her dreams and she would back to her room.

Little did she know that there are two people who watched her being raped through the mirror on the wall. One of them smirked at the sight that the pinkette was fainted. Her naked body lied lifelessly, he could see sweat rolled over her delicious body. His sight roamed her slim thigh, the curl on her womanhood, her flat stomach, rounded breasts, pink nipple and her plum lips. Her breath was back to normal and her face was so peaceful that made her look like an angel to him.

"This just begin, my girl. You will feel the real pleasure from me," the man walked away from the mirror. He pressed button on the wall and there appeared curtain that hide the sight of the pink haired girl. He was leaving the other man who stared blankly at the mirror that was closed by curtain.

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