A.N. Ok so lately I've been making a lot of daddy Bats and Robin fics, but after seeing this picture on Deviantart

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In my Fic, robin calls Batman dad and Superboy will too after a while.

And just to be safe I'm making the characters act OC, but I'll try to keep it as canon as possible.

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Superman isn't my dad

Mount Justice: Training room

Conner was in the training room of the mountain and was furiously beating the crap out of a modified punching bag that could stand his super powered punches. He was punching and kicking like mad in anger and nearly tore the bad of its chain.

"Huff, huff, huff," went the clone in exhaustion as he took a break and went to sit at the opposite side of the room grabbing a bottle of water and drinking from it. He sighed and just sat there thinking.

"I would advise not staying in one position too long" came a voice out of seemingly out of nowhere. Conner turned around and saw Batman right behind him. 'How did I not hear him?' thought the young clone.

"If you stop too suddenly from a work out like that your muscles will cool to rapidly and can cause strain to your body latter" continued Batman as he came around so Conner could look at him properly.

"Right" sighed the boy "I'll remember that" he said as he got up, but before he could walk away Batman had placed a hand on Conner's shoulder keeping him from moving. "Your mad" said Batman not moving his hand away.

"No" said Conner as he looked away from the older hero. "Do you want to talk about it?" asked Batman in a tone Conner never heard before. "No" he said again but this time looked up at Batman with his eyes saying "yes".

"How about we go someplace more private" it wasn't exactly a question but Superboy nodded anyways and said "okay". He followed the older man to the counseling room that Black Canary had their sessions with each individual team member.

"What's troubling you?" asked Batman but he had an idea that he already knew what it was. "I-it's Superman…" hesitated the young clone. Yep Batman was right, "what happened?"

"I was in Metropolis, with sphere and Wolf when I heard something coming at me at a fast speed, I thought for a second it was Superman, but then this robot with kryptonite in his chest bombed right on top of me and made me and sphere crash to the ground" said the clone.

"Metal-O" said Batman waiting for Conner to continue. "I tried to fight him but whenever I got near him, I felt like my body was boiling over. And then Superman showed up in a lead suit and took care of him." Superboy was wringing his hands and a look of defeat was on his face.

"When he was taken care of I asked Superman if I could help out with anything and he just said to come back here and to stay out of trouble" finished Conner with his head down.

Batman had a neutral look on his face but on the inside he was furious. Couldn't the damn farm boy get over his discomfort long enough to see if the boy was ok. "I guess I'm more trouble than I'm worth. Maybe I should have stayed in that Cadmus pod" said the sad geno-clone, in a soft almost inaudible voice.

At this Batman got up walked over to Conner. The boy's shoulders were hunched in as if trying to make himself disappear. His head was down and his eyes were brimming with unshed tears. Batman knelt down till they were looking eye to eye.

"I don't care what that hard headed, overgrown Boy Scout thinks of you or who he thinks he is. He had no right in what he did and weather he knows it or not you are an important and valued member of this team…this family."

Conner looked at Batman in surprise and relaxed a bit when he felt those big hands on his shoulders. "Despite his attitude, you are wanted Conner, by the team and by me."

'I'm wanted?' thought the clone, as a single tear trailed down his cheek and to. "Thank you…" smiled the teen.

Batman and Superboy had regular sessions after that and the clone continued to open up. Robin knew what was going on and helped Conner out too with cheering him up. The two became like brothers and Batman was happy that the both of them were happy.

After Batman chewed out Kent for not taking responsibility for what he did, he decided it was high time Conner got some proper male guidance and became his father figure. It wasn't official on paper or anything but it was agreed that Superboy was a part of the Bat family as a son and it didn't take long for him to start seeing Batman as "dad".


"Hey wait up Conner!" Yelled Robin in his civilian disguise as he ran past the crowed trying to catch up to his brother. "C'mon, we're going to be late for the movie" Conner shouted back as he made his way through the midday rush. They barely made it to the front doors of the theatre when Conner tilted his head.

"What's up?" asked the boy wonder as he pulled Conner to the side of the building. "I hear a fire, just a couple of blocks down from here" he said as he looked down the street. "Then let's go help" Robin said as they ran into an ally and changed to their hero suits.

They made it to a burning apartment complex and went in, getting everyone they found out of there. All the residents were safely out when a gust of wind blew at the building and put the flames out.

Superman appeared from the gust of wind and touched down in front of Robin and Superboy. "Are you two ok?" he asked looking at Robin, still feeling uncomfortable looking at his clone. "Yeah we're good" said Robin as he tried whipped some soot off of his face. Conner snorted when he only made it smudge over his nose.

"Hey I wouldn't be laughing if I were you, charcoal boy" Robin retorted as he pointed out Superboy was also as messy as he was. Conner just shrugged and asked "Think we can still mae it to that movie?" as he and Robin started to walk away.

But before they could move to far away from Superman a bunch of reporters rushed them and asked had microphones in there face. "Superman, Superman, how do you feel about letting your son work with you in keeping crime at bay in Metropolis?" asked one news woman.

Before he could answer though, Superboy cut in with "Superman isn't my dad." This only caused a flurry of more questions and confusion and Superman was actually left not knowing what to say. "If Superman isn't your father then who is?" asked another reporter.

"Batman" said Conner with a duh sound in his voice. The shock before was nothing compared to this and people were left with their jaws on the floor at how that was possible. Robin took this moment to jump on Conner's back and said "I'm bored, let's go get some pizza." And with that Superboy took a giant leap and disappeared from their view.

Superman super sped out of there and tried to think of if it was possible that Conner was a clone of him and Batman. It wasn't possible, was it?