Disclaimer: I am not awesome enough nor am I old enough to own Kill Bill Vol. II...nor could I ever manage to execute such fight scenes. They make me shudder and also smile. That is disturbing. The point is: I don't own. Sob.

200 word drabble. I was too lazy to make it something more. And besides...what more can you write? Just askin'.

"How do I look?"

"You look…ready."

—The Snake Charmer and Black Mamba.

She reached for his hand, briefly touching him. She remembered him. She remembered every part of him, and she had loved him and left him and it shouldn't hurt this bad. And he shouldn't have been "ready". He had had a life. A terrible life, to be sure. A life of killing and shooting and hurting and causing pain, but it was a life nonetheless, and more importantly, it was Bill's life.

Bill had been the one constant in her world for so long. He had taught her, and loved her, and haunted her. He had destroyed her and put her back together again.

And she had never stopped loving him.

She pulled away, and she could see his fingers flexing, reaching out for her now that she was gone. That was Bill; always wanting what he couldn't have. Masochist. He had made her the same way, damn him.

Oh, but she loved him.

And she had killed him.

She would take what she had. She had one more love to mourn, one more thing lost. Her life was a bittersweet tragedy, always had been. And she could cry later.